preaching by hedongchenchen


									  2012        Time of      July         July        July         July         July        August       August      August       August        Sept          Sept        Sept        Sept         Sept
              Service      1st           8th        15th        22nd          29th          5th         12th        19th         26th         2nd           9th         16th        23rd         30th

              10.30 am   SPENCER     TRICKER      Kenwood     SPENCER       BENNETT      SPENCER      S. Baxter   Richards     SPENCER      SPENCER      COATES          L/A      SPENCER       Whyte
                            S                                                               S                        AA                        S                                                 HF
                                     SPENCER                                 3.00 pm.                                                                    SPENCER
Church                       -         Cafe           -            -                         -            -           -            -            -          Cafe           -           -
              4.30 pm                                                       ROBINSON
Barnstaple                            Church                                FAREWELL                                                                      Church
EX32 7BU
              6.30 pm    REJOICE !   Bishops      Gregory     PILLINGER         -        Edwards      TRICKER     SPENCER       W/L 2       REJOICE !        at        SPENCER    HURLEY       ROBINSON
                                     Tawton          S                                                               S                                   Sticklepath      S                       HF
                                                                            3.00 pm.
              6.30 pm    SPENCER         -            -            -           at        BENNETT          -           -            -        BENNETT           -           -           -            -
EX31 4TS                    S                                               Barnstaple                                                         S
Goodleigh                                                                                                                                                11.00 am
EX32 7LU      9.30 am      MAY       SPENCER      Ministry      MAY         SPENCER        MAY        TRICKER     Ministry       MAY        SPENCER        MAY         Ministry     MAY        SPENCER
                            FS          S          Team          S                          FS           S         Team           S            S            FS          Team         S

Bratton                    Team                                             11.00 am                                                                                                             Team
              9.30 am                                                                    WINSTANLEY                            WINSTANLEY   WINSTANLEY                            WINSTANLEY
Fleming                   Service     AUSTIN      SPENCER      AUSTIN         Team                       FS       SPENCER                                    FS        SPENCER                  Service
EX31 4SB                                             S                       Service                                 S                                                    S
Christ                                                                                   10.30 am.
Church                   TRICKER     Measures     Gregory     COPPARD        Chitty      COPPARD      ROBINSON     Elders      Reardon      MANNING      Richards      MANNING    MANNING      BENNETT
Braunton      9.45 am       S                                    AA                       and Price                                            S                         AA
EX33 2ES
Marwood       11.00 am   Burgess        Ley       10.00 am     6.30 pm      TRICKER        G.         Edwards     10.00 am       Bolt       Parsons      MANNING       10.00 am   MANNING       Hudson
EX33 2LY                                          COPPARD     COPPARD           S        Harding                    US @                                    S           US PC       US
                                                   AA US          PS                                              Muddiford
                                                              Edwards                                                                                                                          MANNING
Loxhore       10.00 am   T.Harding   Richards     Sillifant                 COPPARD      Measures     Prentice     Telfer      ROBINSON       Bolt          L/A        Reardon     Martin          HF
                                                              6.30 pm. at      S                                                   S                                                           T. Harding
EX31 4SY                                                       Marwood                                                                                                                             HF
              10.30 am    Telfer      PERRY       Martin       PERRY           Ley       T. Harding   Richards      Bolt       TRICKER      Prentice     HURLEY          L/A       Study         Chitty
Fremington                              S                                                                                                                  S                       Group
EX31 3AZ                             at Bishops                              3.00 pm.                                                                         at
              6.30 pm        -        Tawton          -            -            at           -            -           -            -            -        Sticklepath      -           -

              10.30 am      L/A      Reardon      Prentice    Richards      S. Baxter    Reardon      Doonan      T. Harding    PERRY       ROBINSON     SPENCER         Bolt     Edwards       Martin
Sticklepath                             S                                                   S                                                               HF
EX31 2DL                             at Bishops                              3.00 pm.                                                                    TRICKER
              6.30 pm        -        Tawton          -            -            at           -            -           -            -            -         HF US           -           -            -
2012          Time of       July            July       July        July       July        August        August     August      August     Sept       Sept         Sept        Sept        Sept
              Service       1st              8th       15th       22nd        29th          5th          12th       19th        26th      2nd        9th          16th        23rd        30th
              11.00 am    PC        US    Wilson      SPENCER   COPPARD     Parsons      ROBINSON        L/A      SPENCER       Ley     PC US      Harding       Prentice   HURLEY       Edwards
Bishops                                                                                   US       S                                                                          S
Tawton                                     A4C                              3.00 pm.
EX32 0AL      6.30 pm.
                               -         TRICKER         -          -          at              -           -          -          -         -           at           -           -           -
                                            CS                              Barnstaple                                                             Sticklepath

    High      11.00 am
 Bickington               Reardon        Edwards      TRICKER      G.       Prentice        L/A         Telfer    Reardon     Gregory   HURLEY     J. Baxter       T.       Richards      Bolt
EX37 9AY                     S                                   Harding                                                                  S                      Harding

                                                                            3.00 pm.
              6.30 pm.         -         at Bishops      -          -                          -           -          -          -         -            -           -           -           -

Ebberley                                                                                                                                                                    TRICKER
Lodge         11.00 am    Edwards        T. Harding   Reardon     Bolt       Martin        Telfer      Reardon    ROBINSON    Burgess   Hudson     Prentice      Parsons      HF         HURLEY
EX38 7JT                                                 S                                                S                                                                   PM           S
                                                                                                                                                                            G. Harding
                                                                            3.00 pm.
Hiscott       3.00 pm.     PERRY             -           -          -                    COPPARD           -          -          -      HURLEY          -           -           -
                                                                               at                                                                                                           -
EX31 3JS                     S                                              Barnstaple      S                                             S
Newport       10.30 am     PERRY          Hudson       PERRY    PILLINGER    PERRY       TRICKER        Collier   Powell       W/L 1    Measures      L/A        HURLEY     Harding      Webber
EX32 9BE                     S                                                              S                                                                       HF
                                                                            3.00 pm.                                                                             Harmony
              6.30 pm.         -         at Bishops      -          -          at              -           -          -          -         -           at         Choir         -           -
                                          Tawton                            Barnstaple                                                             Sticklepath      HF

                                                                            Richards                   BENNETT                          GROSCH                              BENNETT
Emmanuel                  BENNETT        G. Harding   BENNETT   ROBINSON                 BENNETT       6.00 pm                Edwards   -MILLER    Gregory         L/A         HF        COATES
Ilfracombe    10.30 am.      S                           FF                 3.00 pm         S          BENNETT    J. Baxter               and                               8.00 pm.
                                                                               at                        SOP                            BENNETT                             BENNETT
                                                                                                                                           S                                HF SOP

Combe         10.30 am    Parsons           L/A         T.      BENNETT     Reardon      Richards      Martin     Sillifant   BENNETT     G.       TRICKER       BENNETT    Reardon      Prentice
Martin                                                Harding      S                                                             S      Harding                     S
EX34 0JF                                                                    3.00 pm.      3.00 pm.
              6.30 pm          SA           SB        BENNETT   BENNETT        at         BENNETT      SB SOP     BENNETT     BENNETT     SA       BENNETT       SB HF       SA HF         TBA
                                                        SM        UB        Barnstaple   Beach SOP                SM SOP        UM                   SM

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