Poem 2 Four Corners by hedongchenchen


									“Four Corners”

Traveling east to west, you enter the”boondocks” of my town.

Houses dot the side of the highway.

Down that road on the right is the homestead where Daniel Boone once lived.

Farther down the highway, banks and businesses emerge-

It wouldn’t be Exeter without a bank every quarter-mile.

This is the barn: quiet home of knowledge and new worlds.

Up the road, make a left to find the senior and junior high.

This is their neighbor, the Herbine Farm.

Down the hill, in the valley a creek flows by slowly; Across the footbridge you’ll find

a castle tucked back in the woods where children play.

Atop the hill, sits a sweet little school, where sweet little children play foursquare at recess.

Here is the house that built me; in the yard sits the “tree house” my brothers built.

This is the tree, in my yard, that a drunk driver maimed one night while I slept.

Down the road at the light is the one room schoolhouse. And farther down the road,

past the fields & the trees, is the Homestead where Daniel Boone once lived.

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