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					                 Project up dates end May 2011                                             June 19th
We have some interesting news on future projects, plus of course the on going 2011 project situation (as far as we
know it). The 2 South African student teachers have arrived we are ever hopeful that soon we will have some
photos to show progress on ongoing projects.

Existing 2011 projects.
The following projects are now “work in progress, or completed.” We await our officer’s reports on actual status.
The projects we have definite info on are detailed further in this up date
2 new sewing machines project
Choir robes project
Thumbi ladies development group- building project
Takwonda ladies sewing group- building project
St Dominic’s classroom- roof repair project
Thumbi ladies sewing group- Bag making & school uniform (material) project
New hospital medical wing (floor and windows)

Community maize food bank project.
All 950 tins of maize purchased in 2010 have been sold. With the Funding in place, the plan is to purchase 1550
tins this year for the winter selling next Jan 2012. So that you can equate what a tin of maize means:

1 tin should feed a family of 5 for 16 days
This on going community food project is completely managed by our Malawi officers for the benefit of all the
community. It is an excellent example of self management of their food supplies: - they control the distribution,
storage and selling of this food each year. They also prepare their own budget including material costs. Our
diminishing role each year is only to keep a watching brief on the financial records and bank accounts.

Lubagha Medical Centre Building project.
The building work is complete. Final painting of the building by end of June when Bwengu medical officer will go
to inspect the renovations in readiness for the next stage, hopefully medical personnel supplied by the Malawi
government. The onus is on them to utilize this facility. We are sure they will want to use this opportunity to take
control of their own affairs which is part of the vision we had when we first became involved in Bwengu Projects.
to facilitate, not to create dependency on handouts.

40 Secondary Education Bursaries project
This project continues to grow from strength to strength. In May a 96% attendance record was achieved. We
await the names of the latest 5 students that have been added. There is now a total of 36 students receiving
education bursaries.
                             Future projects 2011/2012
Medical equipment project (Microscope & accessories) £ 350/ £450
In Malawi there is much sickness.TB, Malaria, HIV and Aids are all too common. It takes many days to identify
these illnesses at Bwengu health centre as the blood samples have to be taken to Rumphi (25 kms round trip)
This project seeks to provide a microscope for the new hospital wing, allowing them to quickly diagnose patient’s
illnesses and then recommend the correct medication which has to be supplied and collected from Rumphi. In
December this year, 2 final year student nurses will travel to work at the Bwengu health centre. These nurses will
be in Bwengu till end Jan 2012.

We hope this equipment will be available for them to take out with them. We are waiting the precise specification
for use in an unsophisticated rural setting. £300 is quoted on e-bay. We will keep you up dated on progress.

4 Electric Sewing Machines £380                      Bwengu life plan teaching project 1
Of the 2 teaching classes to be set up in 2012, one will be for dress making & tailoring. This ongoing project seeks
to upgrade the skill levels of the various women’s groups in Bwengu; this should enhance their opportunities to
start up commercial enterprises.
Electric machines will allow the next skill level to be taught to women and young girls. Buttonholes on the
available school uniforms are a weak point and the aim is that kits of cut out blouses and shirts can be sold with
worked ready made buttonholes.
 Argos catalogue stock these small light weight (4 kilo) machines costing in the region of £ 90. It would be good if
we could have 1 or 2 available for the 2 nurses to take out in December. We will endeavour to attach pictures of
these light machines (to be carried as hand luggage) in the next up date

4 Lap tops computers £370                             Bwengu life plan teaching project 2
The second of these 2 classes concerns the teaching of word processing to the 36 students funded for Afternoon
School. . It will be a condition of our continued funding for these young students that they attend these classes.
Later these classes will be offered to the wider community.
The teaching plan will follow the Malawi national curriculum so that if appropriate the students could sit an
exam if a centre was identified. We would issue a certificate of work covered as proof of attendance.
2 lap tops have been donated , we are now looking for further 4. If you have old lap tops sitting at home, we
would love to take them off your hands. They need only be suitable for word processing as internet etc is not
appropriate. We can buy reconditioned lap tops for about £90 on the internet but this would be our last resort.
We are also still inviting donations of unwanted mobile phones

In conclusion

Some of you at one time or another may have thought “What can I do if went out to Africa as a volunteer?”
The new life plan teaching classes may just open opportunities for you. Perhaps using your skills to help change
the future prospects for so many in a poor third world country.
Accommodation is provided and free. We know how to get you there, without losing you, (well - not so far
anyway!).We can promise you an Adventure - one you will remember for the rest of your life. Maybe you know
some one in your family or an acquaintance who would like to go?

Tony & Sue

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