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					                                                               Core Types Cheat Sheet
                                                                                                                               • latest
                                                                                                                               • {any version string}
                                                                                                                               • absent
                                                                                                                               • purged (Potentially dangerous. Ensures absent, then
                                                                                                                                 zaps configuration files and dependencies, including
THE TRIFECTA                                                   file                                                              those that other packages depend on. Provider-
Package/file/service: Learn it, live it, love it. If you can   Manages local files.
                                                                                                                             ● name — The name of the package, as known to your
only do this, you can still do a lot.                          ATTRIBUTES                                                      packaging system; defaults to title.
                                                               ● ensure — Whether the file should exist, and what it         ● source — Where to obtain the package, if your
                                                                 should be.
   package { 'openssh-server':                                                                                                 system’s packaging tools don’t use a repository.
       ensure => installed,                                      • present
                                                                                                                             ● See also: adminfile, allowcdrom, category,
   }                                                             • absent
                                                                 • file                                                        configfiles, description, flavor, instance,
   file { '/etc/ssh/sshd_config':                                • directory                                                   platform, provider, responsefile, root,
        source => 'puppet:///modules/sshd/                       • link                                                        status, type, vendor.
                                                               ● path — The fully qualified path to the file; defaults
                => 'root',
                => 'root',                                       to title.                                                   service
        mode    => '640',                                      ● source — Where to download the file. A puppet:///           Manages services running on the node. Like with
        notify => Service['sshd'], # sshd                        URL to a file on the master, or a path to a local file on   packages, some platforms have better tools than others,
                   will restart whenever you                     the agent.                                                  so read up. To restart a service whenever a file changes,
                   edit this file.                                                                                           subscribe to the file or have the file notify the service.
        require => Package['openssh-server'],                  ● content — A string with the file’s desired contents.
                                                                 Most useful when paired with templates, but you can         (subscribe => File['sshd _ config'] or notify
   }                                                                                                                         => Service['sshd'])
                                                                 also use the output of the file function.
   service { 'sshd':                                           ● target — The symlink target. (When ensure => link.)         ATTRIBUTES
       ensure => running,
                                                               ● recurse — Whether to recursively manage the                 ● ensure — The desired status of the service.
       enable => true,                                                                                                         • running (or true)
       hasstatus => true,                                        directory. (When ensure => directory.)
                                                                 • true or false                                               • stopped (or false)
       hasrestart => true,
   }                                                           ● purge — Whether to keep unmanaged files out of the          ● enable — Whether the service should start on boot.
                                                                 directory. (When recurse => true.)                            Doesn’t work everywhere.
                                                                 • true or false                                               • true or false
                                                               ● owner — By name or UID.                                     ● name — The name of the service to run; defaults
                                                                                                                               to title.
                                                               ● group — By name or GID.
                                                                                                                             ● status, start, stop, and restart — Manually
                   Package[openssh-server]                     ● mode — Must be specified exactly. Does the right thing
                                                                                                                               specified commands for working around bad init
                                                                 for directories.
                                                               ● See also: backup, checksum, force, ignore,
                                                                                                                             ● hasrestart — Whether to use the init script’s restart
                                                                 links, provider, recurselimit, replace,
                                                                                                                               command instead of stop+start. Defaults to false.
                                                                 selrange, selrole, seltype, seluser,
                                                                                                                               • true or false
                   File[/etc/ssh/sshd_config]                    sourceselect, type.
                                                                                                                             ● hasstatus — Whether to use the init script’s status

                                                               package                                                         command instead of grepping the process table.
                                                                                                                               Defaults to false.
                                                               Manages software packages. Some platforms have better           • true or false
                                                               package tools than others, so you’ll have to do some          ● pattern — A regular expression to use when
                         Service[sshd]                         research on yours; check the type reference for more info.      grepping the process table. Defaults to the name of
                                                               ATTRIBUTES                                                      the service.
                                                               ● ensure — The state for this package.                        ● See also: binary, control, manifest, path,
                                                                 • present                                                     provider.
HELLO WORLD                                                    ● creates — A file created by this command; if the file
                                                                 exists, the command won’t run.

notify                                                         ● refreshonly — If true, the exec will only run if a
                                                                                                                           ● name (defaults to title)
                                                                                                                           ● uid — The user ID. Must be specified numerically;
Sends an arbitrary message to the agent run-time log.            resource it subscribes to (or a resource which notifies     chosen automatically if omitted.
                                                                 it) has changed.
                                                                                                                           ● ensure — Whether the user should exist.
                                                                 • true or false
   notify { "This message is getting logged                                                                                  • present
   on the agent node.": }                                      ● onlyif — A command or array of commands; if any             • absent
                                                                 have a non-zero return value, the command won’t run.        • role
   notify { "Mac warning":                                     ● unless — The opposite of onlyif.                          ● gid — The user’s primary group. Can be specified
       message => $operatingsystem ? {
           'Darwin' => "This seems to be a                     ● environment — An array of environment                       numerically or by name.
   Mac.",                                                        variables to set (e.g. ['MYVAR=somevalue',                ● groups — An array of secondary groups to which the
           default => "And I’m a PC.",                           'OTHERVAR=othervalue']).                                    user belongs. (Don’t include the group specified as the
       },                                                      ● See also: cwd, group, logoutput, returns,                   GID.)
   }                                                             timeout, tries, try _ sleep, user.                        ● home — The user’s home directory.
                                                                                                                           ● managehome — Whether to manage the home
ATTRIBUTES                                                     cron                                                          directory when managing the user; if you don’t set this
● message — Defaults to title.                                                                                               to true, you’ll need to create the user’s home directory
                                                               Manages cron jobs. Largely self-explanatory.
● See also: withpath                                                                                                         manually.
                                                                                                                             • true or false
                                                                  cron { logrotate:
                                                                      command => "/usr/sbin/logrotate",                    ● shell — The user’s login shell.
                                                                                                                           ● See also: allowdupe, auths, comment, expiry,
GRAB BAG                                                              user => root,
                                                                      hour => 2,                                             key _ membership, keys, membership,
exec                                                              }
                                                                      minute => 0                                            password, password _ max _ age, password _
                                                                                                                             min _ age, profile _ membership, profiles,
Executes an arbitrary command on the agent node. When
                                                                                                                             project, provider, role _ membership, roles.
using execs, make sure the command can be safely run
multiple times or specify that it should only run under        ATTRIBUTES
certain conditions.                                            ● command — The command to execute.                         group
ATTRIBUTES                                                     ● ensure — Whether the job should exist.                    Manages groups.
                                                                 • present
● command — The command to run; defaults to title. If                                                                      ATTRIBUTES
                                                                 • absent
  this isn’t a fully-qualified path, use the path attribute.
                                                               ● hour, minute, month, monthday, and weekday                ● name (defaults to title)
● path — A search path for executables; colon-
                                                                 — The timing of the cron job.                             ● gid — The group ID; must be specified numerically,
  separated list or an array. This is most useful as a
                                                               ● See also: environment, name, provider,                      and will be chosen automatically if omitted.
  resource default, e.g.:
                                                                 special, target, user.                                    ● ensure — Whether the group should exist.
                                                                                                                             • present
   Exec {                                                                                                                    • absent
       path => [                                               user                                                        ● See also: allowdupe, auth _ membership,
                                                               Manages user accounts; mostly used for system users.          members, provider.
           '/usr/sbin',                                           user { "dave":
                                                                                                                           EVERYTHING ELSE
                                                                      ensure        =>   present,
           '/sbin'],                                                  uid           =>   '507',
       logoutput => true,                                             gid           =>   'admin',
   }                                                                                                                       You are ready. Go check the types reference at
                                                                      shell         =>   '/bin/zsh',
                                                                      home          =>   '/home/dave',                     http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/latest/type.html
   exec {'pwd':}                                                      managehome    =>   true,
   exec {'whoami':}                                               }

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