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					3d10           Mutation                   Description                          Benefit                               Drawback
                               Through a mutation you have
                                                                                                      Minor: You suffer a minus one die
                               developed a releaser                 Minor: You gain a one die
                                                                                                      penalty when intereacting with beasts
                               pheromone glade that activates       bonus to tests requiring
       Releaser Pheromone Glad                                                                        or animals. Major: This penalty
 5                             in situations of high stress.        interactions with other
       Development                                                                                    increases to a three die penalty and
                               These pheromones causes              humans. Major: this bonus
                                                                                                      most beasts start at aggressive adittude
                               unusual reactions to beings          increases to a two die bonus.
                                                                                                      towards you.
                               near the mutant.

                                                                Minor: You gain a two die
                                                                                                      Minor: You suffer a minus one die
                                Your olfactory portions of your bonus to identifying through
       Hypersensitive Olfactory                                                                       penalty to all actions while subjected to
 6                              brain have mutated and has      smell and tracking through
       System                                                                                         strong smells. Major: this penalty
                                made them extremely sensitive. smell tests. Major: This bonus
                                                                                                      increases to a two die penalty.
                                                                becomes a four die bonus.
                                Your eyes have been altered in
                                such a way that you no long see
                                                                                                      Minor: You are slightly distracted by the
                                the world as others do.Your         Minor: You gain a one die
                                                                                                      shifting colors and auras causing normal
                                altered vision allows you to pick   bonus to tests to read a
                                                                                                      perception tests to suffer a one die
                                up auras and shifts of light        subject's motives or
 8     Altered Visual Aphasia                                                                         penalty. Major: The shifts in vision
                                spectrums that normal eyes          intentions as awell as spotting
                                                                                                      cause persistant distractions causing
                                cannot see. This allows you to      an ambush. Major: This bonus
                                                                                                      normal perception tests to suffer a two
                                read a person or an area to         increases to a two die bonus.
                                                                                                      die penalty.
                                understand finer details about
                                the subject
                                                                  Minor: This mutation reduces      Minor: You suffer a minus one die
                               Your eyes mutate to a more
                                                                  the penalties because of          penalty on tests that require identifying
     Tapetum Lucidum           primal form causing light to
11                                                                darkness by one die. Major:       colors. Major: You no longer see things
     Development               reflect off the back of your
                                                                  You no longer suffer any          in bright colors but rather shades of
                                                                  penalty for seeing in the dark.   white, black and greys.

                                                                Minor: You regenerate one
                                                                                                    Minor: You must consume twice the
                                                                bashing wound every ten
                                                                                                    amount of nutrients to remain active,
                                                                minutes, one Lethal wound
                                                                                                    further poison and other toxins process
                               Your body regenerates at an      per day, one aggravated
                                                                                                    twice as fast as normal (-1 dice to resist
                               increased rate through rapid     wound every two days.
14   Hypermetabolic Mitosis                                                                         such effects). Major: You must consume
                               mitosis. As a result you possess Major: You regenerate one
                                                                                                    three times the amount of nutrients to
                               a hyperactive metabolism.        bashing wound every minute,
                                                                                                    remain active each day, further poison
                                                                one Lethal wound per hour,
                                                                                                    and other toxins process twice as fast as
                                                                one aggravated wound every
                                                                                                    normal (-2 dice to resist such effects).


                               Your digestive system and
                               sweat glands become mutated
                               to a point where your body is      Minor: You gain a two die
                               able to extract poisons and        bonus to resisting toxins,     Minor: You suffer a minus one die
17                             toxins very efficiently. However   radation, and poisons. Major: penalty to all social tests. Major: This
                               because of the over active         This bonus increases to a four penalty increases to a two die penalty.
                               sweat glands and alted digestive   die bonus.
                               process, you produce a rather
     Altered Sudoriferous Glad distinct oder.

                                                         Minor: You gain one point of
                                                         natural armor. Major: this
                                                         bonus increases to 2 points of
                         Your skin mutates and beging to natural armor. This bonus      Minor: You suffer a minus one die
                         grow scaley, barklike growths stacks with other forms of       penalty to all social tests. Major: This
                         that cover most of your body. armor, however such armor penalty increases to a two die penalty.
                                                         and other gear must be
                                                         custom crafted for you’re
                                                         your strangely shaped body.
                                                    Minor: You can move or
                                                    manipulate objects of five
                                                    times Inteliigence in pounds.
                                                    Major: You can manipulate
                                                    objects fifty times Intelligence
                                                    in pounds. You can move
                                                    these objects a number of
                                                    yards per turn up to one yard
                                                    per intelligence. You can
                                                    wield such objects as blunt
                                                    weapons dealing base
                     You mind has undergone a rapid damage equal to intelligence.
                     growth of new brain tissue     Must be able to see the          Each round of use of this power causes
                     enhancing your ability to      object being moved to            two points of bashing damage resisted
27   Psychokinesis   manipulating magnetic fields.  maintain the effect.             with composure.

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