; CEO Technology VP Director in Denver CO Resume Ann Bennett
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CEO Technology VP Director in Denver CO Resume Ann Bennett


Ann Bennett has 20 years of experience as an executive leader and director who develops and executes winning strategies and inspires teams to embrace change to achieve corporate missions. Ann is is also an experienced planner, leader and specialist in identifying and capturing business opportunities.

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									ANN C. BENNETT, CPA, Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)
Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)
                                                                                 Denver, CO 80206
Executive leader who develops and executes winning strategies                Strategic Operations
and inspires teams to embrace change to achieve corporate                    CFO
missions. 20+ years of leadership with top firms including                   Business and Partnership
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and Deloitte & Touche developing
strong client relationships. Entrepreneurial – minded with                    Development
consistent successes in starting, building profitable and valued             Organizational Growth &
companies. Founder of three Companies with sales to PWC and                   Profitability
industry providing investors a huge financial gain and significant           Mergers & Acquisitions
career path for the employees. Experienced planner, leader and
specialist in identifying and capturing business opportunities.
Expert in positioning companies for next level of growth or                  Financial & Tax Systems
potential sale.                                                               Development
                                                                             Risk and Forensic Financial
Career Highlights                                                             Analysis
Demonstrated combined technological and business knowledge                   Marketing and Sales
that pioneered an IT tax and compliance solution for partnerships,            optimization
ETFs, REITS providing an identifiable technological reporting edge
and measurable cost savings in millions of dollars. Demonstrated
superb situation management skills to overcome the challenges
and produce positive results under difficult circumstances in
planning and implementation with clients and employees.

KBA & ASSOCIATES INC., Denver, CO                                                2004 to Present
CEO and Director:
Selected business consulting engagements providing client needed solutions.
           Acquisition. Identified and presented financial and planning considerations for the seller
            resulting in a successful buyout by a NYSE listed uranium company of an Australian
            uranium company.
           Partner Buyout. Structured and mediated the financial buyout of a partner in a
            manufacturing and assembly components LLC. Defined cost savings and tax planning,
            investment and retirement strategies and cash management for remaining partners.
           Forensic Audit. Reviewed Financial Statements, Legal Contracts and Security Offering
            documents for a $500 million commercial real estate lender in bankruptcy, and finalized
            22 issues to be considered in potential litigation.
           Forensic Audit and Mediation Testimony. Conducted a forensic review of financial
            records of single owner with multiple LLC’s discovering material tax avoidance.
            Quantified and identified the material dollar amount, tax issues and document flow to be
            used by responsible authorities. Testified as expert in mediation.
           IT Systems Development. Advised KPMG during development of a tax and financial
            processing system for exchange traded direct investments. Advised a team of overseas
            and US programmers in software functionality, audit trails, tested the prototype, wrote
            selected documentation, and provided sales strategic ideas. Reprocessed prior ETF K-1 tax
            processing in one month providing client with identifiable future cost savings and
            enhanced investor information.
           Cost Reduction and Increased Profitability. Preformed CFO service for emerging
            companies including GAAP financial statements, tax planning, improving controls and
            analysis a key to improving bottom-line performance.

           Financial Planning. Provided tactical planning of tax consequences and strategies of
            investments for asset diversification for income and retirement for clients.

PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS (PWC) LLP, Denver, Dallas                                  1999 to 2004
Director Tax:
Negotiated the sale of AIS (below) to PWC, and led the integration of the 100-employee AIS group
and 30+ clients into PWC publicly-traded partnership department.
           Steered marketing and sales for PWC’s newly-acquired AIS software. Educated PWC on
            recognizing the opportunities the new system afforded, and equipped the team to be
            sales specialists with the new acquisition. Directed the transition of AIS clients into PWC
           Directed IT continued development of web-based advancements to significantly reduce
            client's compliance costs and provide online information for the client's investors.
           Transition implementation. Collaborated between PWC group and AIS employees, newly
            hired by PWC, to accelerate the transition and drive higher levels of performance for the
            coming tax reporting season.
APPLIED INFORMATION SOLUTIONS INC. (AIS), Denver, CO                              1986 to 1999
CEO & Founder:
Guided the launch and development of AIS and raised the needed private placement funds. AIS
developed the only PC-based partnership(LP) tax and investor management software system. As the
internet developed, the system used green technology for a web-deployed investor tax reporting
package and client tax groups. The AIS solution saved clients significant dollars in some cases
millions. Ultimately negotiated the highly lucrative sale of AIS to PWC providing 1,000% return on
investor funds.
    Startup & Growth Strategy. Defined capital needs, sold the private placement, outlined clients
     pricing structure, structured contracts, CFO, managed banking relationships and directed tax
     and accounting activities.
   Productivity. Established and maintained a collaborative environment among the technical
     disciplines to develop and deliver high value software and client tax K1 processing.
   Sales. Sold solutions to firms LP’s including Merrill Lynch, Drexel, Denials’ Cables LP, Alliance
     Capital, PNC Bank and Freeport McMoRan the AIS solution, which offered greater flexibility,
     comprehensive investor data analysis, audit trails, and on line investor inquiry.
   Relationship Marketing Development. Forged a sales and marketing partnership with Ernst &
     Young (E&Y) and Arthur Andersen to provide the AIS solution to process MLP/PTPs, UPREITS and
     other securities, for a competitive edge over Coopers and Price Waterhouse.
  Prior experience includes Consulting Director at Coopers & Lybrand, Vice President of a Data
  Center for Energy Companies' information processing, Founder and CFO of a Detroit/Denver
  commercial mechanical contracting company and Audit Supervisor at Deloitte & Touche, Detroit.
BACHELOR OF ARTS, ACCOUNTING, Michigan State University
   Beta Alpha Psi Honorary
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), Certified Information
Technology Professional (CITP)
Certified Public Accounting and Real Estate Employing Broker License
Colorado Society CPAs | American Institute of Certified Public Accounts | Colorado Bar Association
Member AICPA Forensic/Valuation Services, Information Technology Services, and Tax Sections

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