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									COMPANY          Cessna Aircraft Company          Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
FIRST_NAME       Scott                            Roger
LAST_NAME        Sarver                           Hubble
ADDRESS_1        P.O. Box 7706                    70511 E. Central
CITY             Wichita                          Wichita
STATE_PROVINCE   KS                               KS
ZIP              67277-7706                       67215
WORK_PHONE       (316) 517-6470                (316) 676-8352
FAX              (316) 517-5658                (316) 671-2822
TITLE                                          Special Mission Product Manager
                 Manager Of Special Mission Sales

                    Cessna Aircraft is general
                 aviation's leading manufacturer
                 offering the industry's broadest
                  product line of business jets,   Manufactures and provides complete
                   single engine piston aircraft    service for piston, turboprop and jet
                  and turbo prop utility aircraft. aircraft for air ambulance operations.
                 Cessna Aircraft Company also
                 offers special mission variants
                         of these aircraft.
Tensegrity Aero, LLC        Dudley Smith Consulting         Metro Aviation, Inc.
Hank                        Dudley                          Mike
Miller                      Smith                           Stanberry
                            MSHPA, CMTE, CMEP
2375 Walnut Ave.            8745 Quietwood Lane             1214 Hawn Avenue

Upland                      Cleves                          Shreveport
CA                          OH                              LA
91784                       45002                           71107

(307) 363-2376              (513) 260-4141                  (318) 222-5529 ext 232
                                                            (318) 222-0503   
                            Consultant                      President/Chief Executive Officer       
   Changes in aviation                                        Metro Aviation is an
    market conditions,                                            internationally
      technology, and                                       recognized provider of
          economic,                                         helicopter completions
    environmental and                                            for any mission
regulatory issues, all will                                     configuration with
        impact the air                                         specialization in air
 transportation industry                                        medical interiors.
        in the coming                                        Metro is also an FAR
          decades.                                             Part 135 certificate
                               Air medical and ground
                                                            holder with air medical
                               ambulance (BLS, ALS,
  Tensegrity Aero, LLC                                       operations across the
                                GCCT) consultant on
        serves the air                                      United States and can
                             program operations, safety,
 transportation industry                                       provide innovative
                                  finance and quality
      with innovative,                                        solutions for aviation
                            improvement systems. Also,
    knowledgeable and                                           management and
                              hospital, community, and
   impartial advice and                                      support in addition to
                                 business emergency
  high quality products                                         aircraft sales and
                             management and business
     supported by its                                         leasing alternatives.
                                continuity. Certificated
  professional aviation                                          Comprehensive
                            Master Exercise Practitioner
      consultants and                                        maintenance services
                            for program, community and
 analytical support staff.                                   are also available with
                             hospital disaster exercises.
  Our company is your                                                overhaul,
       best source for                                           manufacturing,
professional, value drive                                    airframe modification,
   low costs service.                                            and engineering
                                                            through the company's
    Established as an                                         FAR Part 145 repair
 alterative to the status                                   station certificate. The
   quo in the aviation                                              company is
    industry, we have                                           headquartered in
 decades of collective                                      Shreveport, Louisiana.
  and comprehensive
              Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc.          AAM Consulting David P. Thomson, Inc.
              Danny                                     Randy            David
              Clifton                                   Africano         Thomson
              7310 Highland Road                        808 Cedar Street

              Waterford                                 Minocqua
              MI                                        WI
              48327                                     54548-9241

             (248) 666-3630                             (309) 681-9700  (315) 439-2684
             734-936-9414                               (309) 681-9790
Chief Executive Officer                                 CEO             Associate Professor
              Pentastar Aviation first took flight in
                1964. We began operations as
              Chrysler Corporation’s internal flight
              department, but grew steadily over
                 the years as our products and
                services expanded to meet the
             travel requirements of a wide variety
                of individuals and businesses.

               In 2001, Pentastar was purchased
                  by Edsel B. Ford II, a lifelong
               aviation enthusiast, who added his    AAM Consulting
               family’s legacy and love of flying to provides aviation
                our already remarkable corporate           asset         Physician and medical
                             story.                  management and direction consulting for air
                                                         business          medical and critical
                 Today, we’ve become one of the         consulting         care/EMS services
                largest, most respected corporate       services to    including clinical care and
               aviation providers in the world. We     aeromedical            compliance.
               are continuously raising the level of     programs
                expectation and excellence within       worldwide.
                our industry. We are dedicated to
                maintaining total customer safety,
                security and comfort. To that end,
               Pentastar Aviation has established
                   the best practices in our field,
              ensuring our company operates well
                    above industry standards. In
              everything we do, we are committed
                      to providing you with an
              incomparable aviation experience.

                  Pentastar Aviation is proud to
Leading Edge Aviation Consulting         Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc.           PHI Air Medical Group
Michael                                  Kevin                                    Steve
Slattery                                 Hutton                                   Johnson
                                         MD, FACEP
988 Bonnie Brae Blvd.                    6260 Sequence Dr Ste 140                 2800 N. 44th Street
                                                                                  Suite 800
Denver                                   San Diego                                Phoenix
CO                                       CA                                       AZ
80209                                    92121                                    85008

(303) 282-6646                        (858) 768-2500                              (602) 509-4923
(303) 733-4863                        (858) 509-8960                              (602) 474-8255

                                              Golden Hour provides patented       PHI Air Medical operates
                                            technology and a business process     rotor wing and fixed wing
                                            management engine for the medical      aircraft to provide quality
  Leading Edge Aviation Consulting
                                           transportation industry. Golden Hour     air medical services in
   provides program management
                                             services include low cost software       both the traditional
consulting services to assist clients with
                                             and 24 hour technical support for    hospital based programs
  aircraft acquisition and completion
                                             communications, clinical charting,     and community based
 projects or product development and
                                                  billing, collections, denial     EMS programs. PHI Air
                                            management, and decision support           Medical exceeds
                                              systems, which maximizes data        standards of operational
                                           collection and revenue management.     excellence in the industry.
Med-Trans Corporation       Jet Logistics Sierra Health Group       World Fuel Services
Connie                      W. Ashley     William                   Michelle
Eastlee                     Smith         Bryant                    Synegal
RN, MS, CMTE                              MPA/HSA
2871 Lake Vista Drive       PO Box 90122 25411 Westridge Road       9800 NW 41st Street
Suite 150                                                           Suite 400
Lewisville                  Raleigh        Golden                   Miami
TX                          NC             CO                       FL
75067                       27675          80403                    33178-2980
                                                                    United States
(972) 459-4919                (919) 840-0555(303) 642-0396          (503) 400-1146
(972) 459-4914                (919) 840-0554                   
VP Program Operations                         President
                              President / Director Of Operations         
                               Jet Logistics
                                 is a North
                               based, FAA-
                                certified Air
                               Carrier (Cert.
  Med-Trans Corporation        #ZP7A427J)
specializes in helicopter air       with an
   ambulance operations           extensive                             Western Petroleum
   within the continental        network of                              Company supplys
United States. Med-Trans individual,                                       Aviation fuels &
                                                Consulting services;
provides vendor helicopter    corporate and                            lubricants throughout
                                               government relations-
programs as well as stand institutional                               the United States from
                                                    lobbying, RFP
  alone bases throughout            clients                           over 200 supply points.
                                               development, finance
  the country. Med-Trans        throughout                                We support our
                                                  & reimbursement,
   Corporation’s first and       the United                           customers with quality
     foremost priority is      States. From                             control training and
                                              development, Medicare
  SAFETY. Our company our innovative                                      auditing and fuel
                                              appeals, new program
       focus is training             Safety                                system design
                                                  start-ups, contract
  excellence, attention to Management                                  consultation. We are
                                              negotiations, marketing
     detail, outstanding          Systems                              the sole distributor of
 maintenance, and having recognized by                                  ExxonMobil Aviation
 professionals at all levels   ICAO, to our                              fuels in the United
  who take their work and       diverse and                                    States.
  safety procedures very            highly-
          seriously.           experienced
                                    staff of
                               , operations,
                                  flight and
                              personnel, Jet
Health Services Integration, Inc. (HSI)     Hickok & Associates, Inc.        Aerosafe Risk Management, Inc.
Ken                                         Steve                            Kimberley
Stults                                      Hickok                           Turner

416 B. Street                               32910 Marlin Key Drive           1325 G Street Centre, Suite 500
Suite B
Santa Rosa                                  Orange Beach                     Washington
CA                                          AL                               DC
95401                                       36561                            20005

(707) 571-2321                              (251) 980-1156                   +1 202 449 7693
(707) 303-4428                              (253) 663-1148                   +1 202 449 7701                    
CEO                                         President                     
                                              Hickok & Associates, Inc.         Aerosafe Risk Management is a
                                                 develop airspace and               leading provider of Safety
                                                  instrument approach             Management Systems for the
                                             procedures for approval by          aviation and medical industries
                                                   the Federal Aviation           globally. Aerosafe works with
                                             Administration. Stephen M.         organizations that are looking to
                                               Hickok became the first         develop, introduce or enhance their
   Founded by seasoned air ambulance          person to submit non-fed         Safety Management System (SMS)
 executives in 1999, we pride ourselves in     procedures to FAA, and          and offers a range of services that
   being the most results oriented, highly   wrote the book used today        include SMS training, SMS auditing,
accountable revenue management team in         by the FAA and industry         SMS framework development and
 the air medical community. We combine         alike for the successful              consultancy services.
 effective and highly transparent business  implementation of helicopter
    processes with business intelligence    IFR procedures. As an FAA        Aerosafe is also a leader in the risk
solutions that produce results you can see.     designated Procedure          management field and works with
 Our intelligent suite of software products  Evaluation Pilot (PEP) and         organizations to implement risk
 (FlightLink CAD, IPM, and Analytics) and        Flight Validation Pilot,         management philosophies,
   consultative services are strategically     Hickok is authorized to          processes and practices at the
  designed to generate and maintain loyal    perform all of the functions       enterprise level and operational
   customers, ensure organization-wide       typically performed only by        levels. Aerosafe's scope of risk
 communications, and maximize revenue         FAA: heliport evaluations,     management services include risk
   streams in a complex and challenging           IFR procedure visual       assessments, development of risk
    reimbursement environment. From                 segment and night        management plans, development of
  dispatch to collections, HSI is the clear evaluation certifications, and    risk matrix and tools, clinical and
         choice when results matter.            final Flight Validation...   flight risk assessment and venture
                                             more. Hickok & Associates             risk management plans.
                                             is a 100% turn-key service
                                                provider and provides:          Aerosafe developed the HEMS
                                                    onsite evaluations,          Industry Risk Profile that was
                                              procedure development,         sponsored by FARE and released by
                                              procedure maintenance,         the Flight Safety Foundation in 2009.
                                                 NavData support and            The HEMS IRP can be found at
                                                  charting, cost benefit
Night Flight Concepts, Inc.       Oracom, LLC Baines Simmons Americas              Kinkade International
Adam                              Steve       Jerry                                Sandra
Aldous                            Owens       Allen                                Hutton

6968 Heritage Drive               P.O. Box 560041003 Virginia Avenue               312 S. Cedros Ave #322
                                                 Suite 290
Port St. Lucie                    Virginia Beach Atlanta                           Solana Beach
FL                                VA             GA                                CA
34952                             23456          30354                             92075

(561) 389-0824                    (757) 325-9511 (404) 474-2568                      (858) 232-3317
(561) 537-8212                                     (404) 474-2595              
                                    software and
                                   IT services to
                                    EMS and Air
                                    programs as
       Night Flight Concepts
                                    well as other
provides comprehensive night
                                   Communicatio An aviation safety and human
  vision solutions. NFC offers
                                  n Centers. We          factors consultancy
      experienced NVG flight
                                        develop     specializing in integrated error Consulting services with
training; TSO Aviator NVG the
                                        custom       management programs and             experience in the
   NVAG-6 by Nivisys; night
                                       software,    Safety Management Systems              domestic and
 vision maintenance services
                                     databases,       (SMS) services to MRO's,         international medical
    including STC/MILSPEC
                                    and websites     commercial operators (rotor         transport industry
 cockpit lighting modifications
                                           for       and fixed-wing), airlines, and        specializing in
    and FAA approved NVG
                                    dispatching, OEM's. We utilize an industry-        program/operational
     inspections/repairs; and
                                  data collection, leading Safety Management           optimization, aviation
   professional consultation.
                                        vehicle       and Risk Reduction Toolkit      selection, training, and
      Dedication to customer
                                       tracking,        (SMARRT) to deliver            project management.
   service and providing the
                                       statistical         sustainable safety
  highest quality products and
                                   reporting, and            improvement.
  services is our number one
                                   . We also find
                                        ways to
                                   applications in
                                        order to
                                   data entry and
Keystone Med-Flight Services LLC

189 A Twin County Road


(717) 961-5015
(888) 677-1647
Vice President of Operations and Safety

 Keystone Med-Flight is an Air Medical
     Helicopter Operator , Aircraft
Management and Consulting Firm . We
    have highly experienced flight,
  maintenance, and safety experts to
help your program with everything from
  FAA certification issues to providing
crew resource management training to
  maintenance ,safety and operation

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