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Lightning Rod Process folio



Rough notes taken for project by researching and taking key information from websites and


What is a lightning rod?
-Lightning rod is a metal rod that is usually made out of copper and such

-It tkes the electricity and diverts it from hitting the building it deposits it somewhere safe

-Since it is the tallest party of a building lightning is most likely to hit the rod which is on a base.

-Lightning rods were created by Benjamin franklin by one of his experiments and now are widely used.

Lightning rods were created so that if building were to strike down on the earth it should not harm any
animals or any buildings. So there lightning rod was created to attract the lightning from the clouds so
that it hits the rod itself and it doesn’t burn anything up. Different versions have been made over the
years looking different with all of them associated using a low resistance path.

How does a rod operate?
Lightning rods have positive charges so the rod uses the positive charges to help “lure” the lightning
from the clouds because in the storm clouds the negative charges are at the bottom so when the both
positive and negative charges attract it cause the lightning to come out fast in a bolt and hit the rod
cause its usually the highest point.

When the lightning hits the rod , the rod has to take it way and ground it by making the lightning touch
the ground or in water.

So the rod is connected to a grounding wire which has like low resistance and electricity from the bolt
goes through the cable or wire and into the ground where there’s a rod or in the water where it can be

How to build a lightning Rod at home
-No good information found on it, seems very technical to make a decent one.

Lightning Rods and Static electricity
Lightning, of course, is a huge discharge of static electricity. The current flow from the sky to the earth
from the path of least resistance which depends cause it might be like the shortest or straight. The
current creates lot of heat in whatever it goes through, and that makes things burnt or cooked when the
lightning touches a building or tree and it starts a big fire. So the rod takes the discharge and
“dissipating” the bolt by grounding it so it does not touch things that are near. And since it is getting
dissipated, the electricity doesn’t build up again and it can’t harm anything. So a lightning rod takes the
discharge from the bolt with a path that cant harm anything that can be harmed by the harmful static
electricity form the bolt.

    -     The tallest and most expensive rod is on the Burj Khailfa the worlds tallest building in United
          Arab emirates.
    -     The lightning rod is being used over 230 years!

    -     Someone named Roy c. Sullivan survived 7 lightning strikes in his lifetime.

    -     Benjamin Franklin a genius inventor also created the lightning rod with his storm experiments.


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