Tender Security by keralaguest


									                                 Application Performa

1.   Name        and      Address    of    the
     Security Agency with name of
     Contact           person,      telephone
     number, Mobile No., Fax No., E-
     Mail ID etc.rtf
2.   Quote       the     charges     for   the
     following: (Net Charges inclusive
     of    all    taxes     with    break-up
     a) Security Guard                           Rs.______________   p.m.    per      preson
                                                 including weekly off (Net Charges)
     b) Supervisor                               Rs.______________   p.m.    per      person
                                                 including weekly off (Net Charges).
     c) Security Officer                         Rs.______________   p.m.    per      person
                                                 including weekly off (Net Charges).
3.   Total charges per month for 10
     Security Guards + 3 Security
     Supervisor + 1 Security Officer
     including weekly off (inclusive of
     all taxes)
                               Terms and Conditions

     HUDA invites sealed quotations from reputed private security agencies for

 providing security services in HUDA Head Quarter, Panchkula for one year.

 Those who fulfill the following pre-qualification requirements are eligible to


1.   ISO 9000 Certification or higher.

2.   Draft amounting to Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One thousand only)in the favour of C.A.

     HUDA payable at Panchkula on account of cost of application form be


3.   Earnest money amounting to Rs. 1.00 lac (Rs. One lac only) in the form of

     demand draft favoring C.A. HUDA payable at Chandigarh/Panchkula.

4.   The successful bidder will have to deposit a security of Rs. 1.00 lac (Rs. One

     lac only) immediately after the placement of order. This security amount

     will be refunded after the satisfactory completion of the contract.

5.   The    Security   Agencies   should   been   registered   with   Central/State

     Government for the last five years and have obtained License for this

     purpose (attach proof).

6.   The Company should have turnover of Rs. 1 Crore (Rupees One Crore Only)

     for each year in the last three years. Attach proof attested by Chartered


7.   More than 200 men on rolls on the date of submission of bid (attach proof).

8.   Should be able to deploy healthy and smart guards in the age group of 25-

     45 years. (yes/no)
9.    Trained Security guards in handling standard fire fighting equipment.


10.   At least 3 running contracts in hand for large industries/hospitals/office

      complex of annual value not less than 20 lacs (each) (attach proof attested

      by Chartered Accountant).

11.   The   company    must      be   registered   under   Regional   Provident   Fund

      Commissioner. (Attach proof).

12.   The company must have registered office in Chandigarh/Panchkula/Mohali

      for providing support.(attach proof)

13.   The company will provide proof for deposit of statutory subscription         and

      contribution for previous month of the employees deployed at the time of

      submitting the bill for each month (Yes/No).

14.   The financial bid will be opened only for those bidders who will satisfy

      conditions from 1 to 13.

15.   The financial bid will be evaluated on total charges quoted by the bidder for

      all categories i.e. Security Officer, Supervisor & Security Guards.

Other Terms & Conditions

            All documents must be duly signed by the authorized signatories.

            All documents must be numbered and with proper binding.

            All supporting documents should be properly flagged.

            The guards should be well dressed equipped with torches, baton and

            whistle etc.

            HUDA reserves the right to accept or reject the bid without assigning

            any reason thereof.
            The manpower can be increased or decreased on same terms and


            The validity of the bid will be for 180 days.

            All payments are subject to TDS as applicable.


            The bidder is responsible to pay the dues of the Employees before 7th

            day of every month.

            If any position remains vacant in any shift, a penalty @ Rs. 200/- per

            incidence will be levied.

Note: Any Query related to the above can be submitted in writing upto 12.07.2012

     till 03.30 p.m.

                                           Executive Engineer (Vigilance)
                                           C-3, HUDA Complex, Sector-6,
                                           Panchkula, Phone No. 0172-2572448
                                           e-mail ID: xenvigpkl@gmail.com

                  C-3, HUDA Complex, Sector-6, Panchkula
                         Tender for Security Services

         Sealed quotations are hereby invited from Reputed Security Agencies for

providing security services in campus of Haryana Urban Development Authority

Complex, Head Quarter, Plot No. C – 3, Sector 6, Panchkula. The complete offer of

the interested parties duly signed should reach the office of the Executive

Engineer (Vigilance), HUDA, C-3, Sector 6, Panchkula by 12th July, 2012 upto

03:30 p.m. subscribing “Quotation for Security Services”. The detailed Terms &

Conditions of the contract can be downloaded from our website www.huda.gov.in

                                                           DPS Nagal, IAS
                                                     Chief Administrator, HUDA,

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