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Hospital Acquired Infection


People typically head to the hospital to be treated for AN health problem or injury. however they can also opt for testing to seek out out if they need a precise condition.

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									                     Hospital Acquired Infection

Hospital is place to cure any disease, minor infection or may be a casual visit to
meet the ill person. However, if they encounter the infections are caused by the
hospital atmosphere itself and then they are called Hospital Acquired Infection.
More than 10 thousand people who have visited the hospital have lost their lives
because of these infections. In 2002, 99000 patients died because of this infection
as per HAI. According to the survey done be the board of Reduce Infection Deaths
states that minimum103, 000 deaths are occurred very year. This disease occurs
mainly because unsterilized method used by the hospital. Other syndrome such as
permanent disfigurement, life-threatening pain, uneasiness or damage occurs
because of such infective germs. Germs are exposed frequently to the areas like
beds, bathrooms, walls, countertops and floors.

The germs spread because of unhygienic condition of the hospital, their patient or
may be because of surroundings. Germs can spread from a pneumonia patient,
blood stream infection, surgical site infection, central line infection, clostridium
difficile, urinary tract or by any other medium. To avoid this disease, it is the duty of
individual to follow proper sterilized methods such washing hands, using gloves or
mask before entering the hospital and avoid contact with viral patient if possible. The
hospital should follow necessary measures to avoid such consequences by using
disposable surgical equipment, use sterile tools and equipment. Hospital must
practise the use of anti-bacterial wipes to clean the furniture or floor of the hospital.
They can also use sanitizers before coming in contact with other patients. Washing
off the hands frequently by the staff is the wisest method to avoid this infection by 50
per cent. Patient can also demand for an antibiotic to make them safe from the
infection, which maintains hygienic atmosphere of hospital or clinic.

The hazard of getting this Hospital Acquired Infection is more than to meet an
accident or assassinations. The chances of getting infection are more in sever
patient. It is spread easily from bloodstream infection. These infections can be
evaded by using proper sanitized methods. Not only in hospital can such infection
be spread but also it can be spread via ambulance, nursing homes and rehabilitation
centres. The other root cause of this infection is failure to insert catheter or its care,
extended time on ventilator, unhygienic use of medical device.

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