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Information Technology


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									Information Technology
Digital Health and Wellness;

Project description:
How can I be a responsible 'Digital Citizen'?
I can be a responsible digital citizen by showing others and making them aware of
the consequences and what they might suffer from if they use to much technology.

For this project every student in the class is put into groups of 2 or 3 and has to
present to a class their work and the end. We will present our work to a fifth grade
class, and while we are presenting we will try to make it fun and exciting for the
students so they don’t get bored and get the knowledge we are trying to give them. I
hope that the students in grade 5 will understand what were trying to tell them and
it may change their lives.

Problem Statement:-
The problem is that children get too addicted to using technology and don’t
understand the consequences that include harming their health.

Detailed problem statement:
5th grade students get introduced to technology and suddenly their addicted. Getting
addicted to such stuff can be very harmful for health and wellness. It can actually
make you very sick and kill you.


Me: when I was in primary school, I got introduced to technology and all the
different things we can do with it. After a few months of getting used to it and using
it in school and at home. I found my self addicted. I didn’t go out as much as I used to
because I thought if I stayed at home and used my laptop I would have more fun.
When I was younger I wasn’t aware of how technology can be harmful, no one had
told me. Although to much technology was bad, still using technology helped me a
lot with my work and other things.

Students in primary school and now being introduced to technology, some of them
are already addicted and are now aware of what might happen. Others on the other
hand still have no clue. A disadvantage would be getting addicted to such harmful
things and an advantage would be getting better education.
To Society:
I think that the society would be better if people were more “out there” instead of
being at home stuck to technology. People would have healthier lives and not as
much people would get sick. Not using technology can also mean being more social
with people, which is good. An advantage to using technology with the society is that
it helps connect people all around the world using communication applications such
as Skype and msn.

Conclusion statement:
        I think that showing the 5th graders all about digital health and wellness
would affect them in a big way. They might just listen. And by listing they might
have better more social and healthy lives. Digital health and wellness is really
important and I think that everybody should listen and learn more about it to have
better lives. Sometimes using technology can be good but on the other hand, to
much of it can be dangerous.

Previous solutions:

Many people all around the world solved this problem in the past. That is by people
coming or going around and making sure people are aware of what might happen.
This method has worked with some people but not everyone; most times people
wont listen and then regret it.

How affective was it:
It was really effective, getting talked to about what might happen if to much
technology is used has affected many people, people all around the world now know
how much time they should use for example the computer. People nowadays have
better social lives and healthier for this matter.

Tools used:
Websites were used to show people and to teach them about how harmful too much
technology can be. People also went around and showed kids about what happened
to others for using to much technology, which I think scared, them a little.

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