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									                           Facility                                Location
Please note that this list comprises an abridged list of Maine public cemeteries. The absence of a particular fa
Albion Public Burying Ground                               South Freedom Road
Allen Cemetery                                             Eastern Avenue
Arundel Cemetery                                           Walker Lane
Bayside Cemetery                                           Cemetery Road
Bayview Cemetery                                           Route 187
Brooklawn Memorial Park                                    2002 Congress Street
Calais Catholic Cemetery                                   South Street
Calvary Cemetery                                           North Avenue
Calvary Cemetery                                           1461 Broadway
Cedar Brook Burial Ground                                  175 Boothby Road
Cedar Grove Cemetery                                       River Road
Chebeague Island Cemetery                                  North Road
Chelsea Heights Cemetery                                   River Road
Cherry Hill Cemetery                                       High Street
Davenport Cemetery                                         Doctor Mann Road
Douglas Cemetery                                           Windsor Road
Douglas Cemetery Extension                                 River Road
Eastern Cemetery                                           Main Road
Evergreen Cemetery                                         Cemetery Road
Evergreen Cemetery                                         South Street
Evergreen Cemetery                                         South Main Street
Evergreen Cemetery                                         County Road
Evergreen Cemetery                                         Summer Street
Evergreen Cemetery                                         672 Stevens Avenue
First Parish Cemetery                                      York Street
Forest City Cemetery                                       232 Lincoln Street
Glenside Cemetery                                          Turkey Lane
Goodwin Cemetery                                           River Road
Gracelawn Memorial Park                                    980 Turner Street
Hallowell Cemetery                                         Water Street
Harts Corner Cemetery                                      Main Road
Hillside Cemetery                                          Huston Road
Hillside Cemetery-East                                     High Street
Hillside Cemetery-West                                     High Street
Holy Cross Cemetery                                        Route 133
Holy Family Cemetery                                       Townsend Road
Holy Rosary Cemetery                                       Sweden Street
Hope Cemetery Corp.                                        Portland Road
Hussey Cemetery                                            River Road
Laurel Hill Cemetery Association                           293 Beach Street
Lawndale Cemetery                                      Stillwater Avenue
Litchfield Plain Cemetery                              Plains Road
Lower Cemetery                                         24 Elm Street
Maine Veterans Cemetery                                Civic Center Drive
Maplewood Cemetery                                     Maple Street
Mount Auburn Cemetery Corp.                            200 Mount Aubrun Ave.
Mount Hope Cemetery                                    Winthrop Street
Mount Hope Cemetery                                    1048 State Street
Mount Pleasant Catholic Cemetery                       449 Ohio Street
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association                    State Road
North Newport Cemetery                                 Mullen Road
Notre Dame Cemetery                                    Pine Street
Oak Grove Cemetery                                     Oak Grove Avenue
Oak Grove Cemetery                                     Plummer Street
Oak Hill Cemetery Expansion                            Oak Hill Road
Oakdale Cemetery                                       249 Twombley Road
Ocean View Cemetery                                    1485 Post Road
Pine Grove Cemetery                                    Hammond Street
Pine Grove Cemetery                                    Bridgton Road
Pine Grove Cemetery                                    Clarks Bridge Road
Pine Grove Cemetery-South                              West Road
Pinegrove Cemetery                                     Route 108
Rainbow’s End Burying Ground                           Mill Creek Road
Readfield Town Cemetery                                Church Road
Rest Haven Cemetery                                    Route 32
Riverside Cemetery                                     Togus Road
Riverside Cemetery                                     Summer Street
Riverside Cemetery                                     Cemetery Road
Riverside Cemetery                                     170 Bennoch Road
Riverside Cemetery                                     Smith Street
Riverside Cemetery Annex                               Paris Hill Road
Sears Mills Cemetery                                   Windsor Road
Shady Pines Family Burying Ground                      Rocque Bluffs Road
South Buxton Cemetery Association                      1187 River Road
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Memorial Garden           Shore Road
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church Columbarium                178 Ocean Avenue
St. Augustine Cemetery                                 Townsend Road
St. Benedict Cemetery                                  Benedicta Road
St. Bruno Cemetery                                     Main Street
St. Columba’s Episcopal Church Burying Ground          32 Emery Lane
St. Frances Catholic Cemetery                          78 Grove Street
St. Gile’s Episcopal Church Memorial Garden Columbarium72 Gardiner Road
St. Ignatius Cemetery                     Berwick Road
St. John Cemetery                         Pine Street
St. Joseph's Cemetery                     West Street
St. Joseph's Cemetery                     High Head Road
St. Mary's Cemetery                       530 Elm Street
St. Mary's Cemetery                       Western Avenue
St. Mary's Cemetery                       Chapman Road
St. Peter Cemetery                        271 Switzerland Road
St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church   529 Shore Road
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church              Route 93
St. Thomas Cemetery                       Main Street
Townsend Cemetery                         Townsend Road
Union Cemetery                            Route 52
Upper Cemetery                            Heal Road
Walnut Hill Cemetery                      Walnut Hill Road
Webster Cemetery                          Ward Road
Woodbine Cemetery                         Eastern Road
Woodlawn Cemetery                         Agamenticus Road
Woodlawn Cemetery                         Stroudwater Street
Woodlawn Cemetery Expansion               Crooker Lane
Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery           North Main Street
               Town/City         County        Date Registered
meteries. The absence of a particular facility in this list should not be taken as conclusive.
           Albion            Kennebec              10/30/08
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Kennebunkport     York                  02/12/08
           Eastport          Washington               N/A
           Jonesport         Washington               N/A
           Portland          Cumberland               N/A
           Calais            Washington               N/A
           Skowhegan         Somerset                 N/A
           South Portland    Cumberland               N/A
           Limington         York                     N/A
           Pittston          Kennebec                 N/A
           Chebeague Island Cumberland                N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           West Gardiner     Kennebec                 N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Gorham            Cumberland               N/A
           Berwick           York                     N/A
           Calais            Washington               N/A
           Caribou           Aroostook                N/A
           Houlton           Aroostook                N/A
           Kennebunk         York                     N/A
           Portland          Cumberland               N/A
           York              York                     N/A
           South Portland    Cumberland               N/A
           Winthrop          Kennebec                 N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Auburn            Androscoggin             N/A
           Hallowell         Kennebec                 N/A
           Holden            Penobscot                N/A
           Gorham            Cumberland               N/A
           Eastport          Washington               N/A
           Eastport          Washington               N/A
           Livermore Falls Androscoggin               N/A
           Augusta           Kennebec                 N/A
           Caribou           Aroostook                N/A
           Kennebunk         York                     N/A
           Chelsea           Kennebec                 N/A
           Saco              York                     N/A
Old Town          Penobscot        N/A
Litchfield        Kennebec         N/A
South Thomaston   Knox             N/A
Augusta           Kennebec         N/A
Fairfield         Somerset         N/A
Auburn            Androscoggin     N/A
Augusta           Kennebec         N/A
Bangor            Penobscot        N/A
Bangor            Penobscot        N/A
Eliot             York             N/A
Newport           Penobscot        N/A
Springvale        York             N/A
Bath              Sagadahoc        N/A
Gardiner          Kennebec         N/A
Orrington         Penobscot      01/22/08
Sanford           York             N/A
Wells             York             N/A
Bangor            Penobscot        N/A
Fryeburg          Oxford           N/A
Waterboro         York             N/A
Waterboro         York             N/A
Canton            Oxford           N/A
Orrington         Penobscot      05/07/08
Readfield         Kennebec       11/16/09
Windsor           Kennebec         N/A
Chelsea           Kennebec         N/A
Lewiston          Androscoggin     N/A
Newport           Penobscot        N/A
Orono             Penobscot        N/A
Yarmouth          Cumberland       N/A
South Paris       Oxford           N/A
Chelsea           Kennebec         N/A
Rocque Bluffs     Washington     04/05/10
Buxton            York             N/A
Cape Elizabeth    York           10/29/07
Kennebunkport     York           11/23/09
Augusta           Kennebec         N/A
Benedicta         Aroostook        N/A
Van Buren         Aroostook        N/A
Boothbay Harbor   Lincoln        08/14/07
Waterville        Kennebec         N/A
Jefferson         Lincoln        04/27/09
Sanford          York             N/A
Brunswick        Cumberland       N/A
Biddedford       York             N/A
Old Town         Penobscot        N/A
Biddedford       York             N/A
Manchester       Kennebec         N/A
Presque Isle     Aroostook        N/A
Lewiston         Androscoggin     N/A
York             York           02/11/08
Bridgton         Cumberland     10/30/08
Madawaska        Aroostook        N/A
Augusta          Kennebec         N/A
Lincoln          Penobscot        N/A
Lincoln          Penobscot        N/A
North Yarmouth   Cumberland       N/A
Limestone        Aroostook        N/A
Ellsworth        Hancock          N/A
Cushing          Knox             N/A
Westbrook        Cumberland       N/A
South Berwick    York           03/05/10
Brewer           Penobscot        N/A

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