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					                               What is an environment?
 What is an organism? A         The surroundings and
       living thing             conditions in which an
                                   organism lives.

                                When an organism dies
                                   and is covered by
What is an impression? A
                                 sediment then slowly
mark or design made on a
                                decomposes leaving a
  surface by pressure.
                               hole it is called a ______?

                                What is a replacement
                               fossil? It is when a bone
   When a mold is slowly       (or wood) dissolves and
 filled with sediement it is    minerals seep into the
a called a ________? Cast        spots that used to be
                                  bone. Minerals are
                                  heavier than bones.

                                What are the 2 types of
  What type of rock are
                                  preserved fossils?
  most fossils found in?
                                 Amberized fossil and
                                    frozen fossil
                                  What does the word
  What is an amberized
                                extint mean? There are
fossil? A preserved fossil
                                  no more matching
 of an organism stuck in
                                organisms still alive on
   hardened tree sap.

                                 How do we know if an
                                animal was a meat eater
   What is Utah State's
                               or a plant eater? By their
  Fossil? The allosaurus
                               teeth. Flat teeth = Plants.
                                  Sharp teeth = Meat.

                                What are two reasons scientists
In Utah we find many sea-       believe that dinosaurs became
life fossils. What does this     extinct? A) Giant asteriod hit
                                the earth. B) Huge Volcanoes
   mean? Much of Utah
                                   erupted. C) The Climate
  may have been covered        Changed. D) Dinosaurs ate other
     with a shallow sea.       disnosaurs/other animals ate the
                                         dinosaur eggs.

 What is one things that
  fossils show? Fossils
 show that life on earth          What is climate? A
 has changed. They can         pattern of weather over a
    tell us about past              period of time.
   environments and
  What is a fossil? The
                                     What is a trilobite? An
remains or evidence of an
                                     extinct ocean shellfish.
   ancient organism.

  If you live in a tropical         Why are soft tissues of an
 place what is the climate           animal not preserved?
   like? Hot and Moist               They dissolve quickly.

                                     What type of fossils have
                                    been found in Utah but no
 What kind of fossil would
                                       longer live in Utah.
  show ripples in it? The
                                      Trilobiles, dinosaurs,
fossil of an ancient beach.
                                      mammoths, and siber
                                           tooth tigers.

 If I found a trilobite fossil on
 the top of a mountain what
may I be able to infer. 1) The        What is a phenomenon?
 mountain was once part of          Something that is unusual or
 an ocean bottom or 2) The                      rare.
mountain was once covered
         by sea water.
What type of climate is
 necessary for coal to
  form? Warm and

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