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            March 2010
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Forthcoming talks, lectures and seminars
     on European themes in Cardiff

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        Wednesday 3 March 2010 at 17:00
Cardiff Law School, Museum Avenue – Room 1.28
         Speaker: Professor Carol Harlow
          (London School of Economics)
The EU and the UN: The post-Kadi developments
       Seminar: Thursday 18 March 2010 at 17:00
         Cardiff Law School, Museum Avenue
                Professor Hans Micklitz
(Professor of Economic Law at the European University Institute)
            European Regulatory Private Law:
            A Plea for a New Way of Thinking
  Language Courses available Spring 2010

Croatian - French – German – Greek – Irish – Italian –
 Polish – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish – Turkish
         In the News…
Essen (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey)
   and Pécs (Hungary) are the
European Capitals of Culture 2010
        In the News…
 Spain holds the EU Presidency
for the period January–June 2010
          EU activities in March 2010 …
1-2 March 2010:     Brussels Tax Forum: Tax Policies
                    for a Post-Crisis World

3 March 2010:       Launch of Europe 2020 – the EU’s
                    new economic strategy

3 March 2010:       Galileo Application Days

9 March 2010:       Launch of the European Heritage

11-12 March 2010:   Bologna Ministerial Anniversary
                    Conference in Budapest-Vienna

11 March 2010:      Launch of new selection procedure
                    for EU officials
                    3 March 2010
            Launch of Europe 2020

  The EU’s new
Economic Strategy
                      11-12 March 2010
  Bologna Ministerial Anniversary Conference
          2010 in Vienna / Budapest
The Bologna Declaration has reformed the structures of European higher education
systems over the past ten years in a major way and has played a significant role in
strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of European higher education
     Elections / Referendums in
        March 2010 in Europe
Referendum on terms of payment to UK and
         Netherlands re. Icesave
             6 March 2010
      Referendums on three issues
             7 March 2010
  112 is the common telephone number
    to ring in ALL EU Member States
to get through to the Emergency Services
          In the News…
      EU Roaming Regulation
  Entered into force on 1 July 2009
Cuts roaming costs for SMS, calls and
      data downloads up to 60%
Which role shall sport play in Europe?

Article 165 of the Treaty of Lisbon gives the EU
          soft powers on sports policy
Treaty of Lisbon came into force on
          1 December 2009
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