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					Fat Man & Little Boy

    By: Dan Nemeth
What is the Fat Man & the Little Boy

► They  were the first two nuclear bombs ever
  used in history.
► Both were constructed by the Manhattan
  Project in 1945, and used against Japan
  during WWII.
► Believed to be the cause of Japan
  surrendering on August 12, 1945.
Quick Overview of the Manhattan Project

►   The Manhattan Project was the project to develop the
    first nuclear weapons during WW2 by the United States,
    United Kingdom, and Canada.
►   It was a project that took place between 1942-1946 under
    the control of the US army corps engineers.
►   It was a successful by creating three nuclear bombs: first
    one was a test detonation of a plutonium bomb known as
    “the Gadget” was called the Trinity test on July 16th.
►    Then, A uranium bomb code-named “Little Boy” used on
    August 6th, 1945 at Hiroshima, Japan.
►   Thirdly, a plutonium bomb code-named “Fat Man” which
    was used on August 9th, 1945 at Nagasaki, Japan.
Little Boy
     ►   Was the code-name of the first
         nuclear bomb ever used, which was
         against Japan at Hiroshima on
         August 6, 1945.
     ►   It is a Gun type bomb using
         uranium to make the nuclear
     ►   A B-29 bomber named Elona Gay,
         piloted by Colonel Paul Tibbets
         carried the bomb to Hiroshima.
     ►   Instantly upon impacted it is
         estimated that about 70,000 were
         killed instantly.
     ►   In the end, about 140,000 were
         killed by Nuclear Fallout and
A Shot of the Aftermath of Hiroshima.
                             Fat Man
► Code-name of the second nuclear
  bomb ever used, which was on
  August 9, 1945 at Nagasaki.
► It is a implosion type of bomb with
  a plutonium core. It was more
  powerful that the Little Boy, but
  also more efficient with use of
► A B-29 bomber Bockscar, piloted by
  Major Charles Sweeney carried and
  deployed the bomb.
► It was detonated over Nagasaki and
  killed 40,000 instantly. More died
  of nuclear fallout soon after.
A Shot of the Before & After Effects on Nagasaki.
  Results of Fat Man & Little Boy
►A  total death toll of the two bombing in the three
  days added easily over 200,000 people. A vast
  majority of them being innocent civilians.
► At the same time, Russia was starting to engage
  war with Japan, and proceeded with starting war
  putting Japan into a impossible position.
► By August 12, the Emperor informed the imperial
  family of his decision to surrender. Two days later
  on August 14, he recorded his surrender which
  was played the next day to his nation. Making the
  official day of surrender August 14, 1945. Which
  ended WW2 finally.
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