The Million Dollar Baby

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					The Million Dollar Baby
 The Hero’s Journey
     By: Mehrdad Haghi
        The Call to Adventure
 Call to Adventure – where the hero is
  pushed to resolve a challenge.
 Maggie needs to escape her southern red
  neck roots and Frankie needs to solve the
  problems concerning his daughter.
          Refusal of the Call
 Refusal of the Call – where there is
 Frankie refuses to train Maggie
           Supernatural Aid
 Supernatural Aid – where a powerful
  advisor encourages the hero to do the
 Eddie begins to help Maggie with her
  training and also guides Frankie towards
     The Crossing of the First
The Crossing of the First Threshold –
 where a point of no return is crossed.
 Maggie works hard in the gym. There is
 no going back for her.
          Belly of the Whale
 Belly of the Whale – where the hero
  physically separates from his Old World
  and heads into the Transformation.
 Willie leaves Frankie and Frankie has
  nothing else to do except train Maggie.
            Road of Trials
 Road of Trials – where the hero
  transforms but not completely.
 Maggie becomes a professional boxer.
    The Meeting with the Goddess
 The meeting with the goddess – where
  the hero faces a difficult choice.
 Maggie buys her family a house and Frank
  takes on the role of the father.
     Woman as the Temptress
   When Maggie does not know what to do
    about the Bear and wants to give up.
    Atonement with the Father
 Atonement with the Father – where the
  hero confronts the obstacle.
 Maggie fights and loses to the blue Bear.
Apotheosis – where the hero has the
 ecstasy state.
 Maggie realizes that she should have
 listened to Frankie and protected herself.
             Ultimate Boon
 Ultimate Boon – the achievement of the
  goal of the quest. It is what the person
  went on the journey to get.
 Both Frankie and Maggie get a family.
        Refusal of the Return
 Refusal of the Return – where the hero is
  repulsed by his Old Self or there is refusal
  on some level.
 Frankie refuses to go back to the gym.
              Magic Flight
 Magic Flight – where the hero attempts to
  escape from the antagonism or, for some
  reason, is unable to confront it.
 Frankie takes Maggie away and attempts
  to find doctors who can reverse the
        Rescue from Without
 Rescue from Without – where the hero is
  pulled back toward his or her challenges.
 Maggie's family return and Frankie wants
  to replace them and resists their arrival.
    Crossing the Return Threshold
 Crossing the Return Threshold – where
  the hero confronts the antagonism.
 Maggie loses her legs and asks Frankie to
  kill her.
       Master of the Two Worlds
   Master of the Two Worlds – where the
    antagonism is defeated. Frankie kills
           Freedom to Live
 Freedom to Live – where the hero is freed
  from the antagonism.
 Frankie does not return to the gym.

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