The Geography of Cotton

					The Geography of

Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives

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         Jake Richards
The Cotton Belt
      Who is in the Cotton Belt?
• The Cotton Belt is a
  region in the lower
  United States where
  the nation’s cotton
  crops are produced.
These States Include: In the Southeast
 N. Carolina
 S. Carolina
These States Include: In the Mid-South
                   • Arkansas

                   • Louisiana

                   • Mississippi

                   • Missouri

                   • Tennessee
These States Include: In the Southwest

 • Kansas

 • Oklahoma

 • Texas
 These States Include: In the West
• New Mexico   Arizona   California
                    Let’s Review!
1. Which State is
in the
                           A. Alabama
                           B. California
                           C. Mississippi
                           D. Texas
               Let’s Review!

                     2. Which State is in the

A. Tennessee
B. Georgia
C. Nevada
D. Texas
Which State is NOT in the West?

                •   A. California
                •   B. New Mexico
                •   C. Oklahoma
                •   D. Arizona
What is the Cotton Belt?
                   The Southern part of the
                    United States is where all the
                    cotton produced in the
                    United States is grown.
Many rural farming
  communities, like
Stamford, in the
  Cotton Belt rely
  heavily on
the income from the
  annual cotton crop.
 What are some other crops grown in the
 Cotton belt?


                   Let’s review!
• What part of the United
  States is the Cotton Belt
  located in?                 A. North
                              B. New England
                              C. North Eastern
                              D. South
                    Let’s Review!
• A lot of the
  communities’               True
  income comes
  from the cotton
  crops in the Cotton        False
                  Let’s Review!

                         • What is another crop
                           grown in the Cotton
A. Maize                   Belt besides cotton?
B. Peanuts
C. Wheat
D. All of These
Why is the Cotton Belt located where it is?

                  • Because cotton is a hot-
                    weather crop, it needs lots
                    of sun and heat to produce
                    good yields.
• This area of the country
  also tends to get just the
  right amount of rainfall for
  cotton. Too much rain
  could cause root rot,
  which kills the cotton.
• 24-48 inches of rainfall is
  what the cotton needs.
• This area also has very
  fertile soil. With all the
  nutrients in the soil, cotton
  can grow very well in the
  Cotton Belt.
                       Let’s Review!

A. It’s by the Ocean   • What is one reason cotton is
                         produced in the Cotton Belt?
B. Good Soil
C. Lots of cows
D. Nobody else wants
  to grow it
Let’s review!

    • About how many inches of
      rain does cotton need for a
      good crop?

     A. 10-15
     B. 100-120
     C. 50-60
     D. 24-48
      • Well, I sure hope you all
        learned a lot about the Cotton
        Belt and its many
        characteristics that make
        cotton producing successful.
        Maybe, someday you can
        make a trip to the Cotton Belt
        and see all the great things it
        has to offer.

    The End!
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