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									Global warming just does not really heat up our earth, it messes up the
seasonal changes. It can make our winters longer and our hotter summers,
or vice versa. Records indicate that the Earth has been 1980.Scientists
increased.8 degrees Celsius are also 90% of greenhouse gas emissions that
you are the cause of global warming INFAMED. Our world is not silent on
this property. Most of us would like to blame on global urban or nature,
but those who have little to do with it at all. Only.002 of urban warming
has increased global warming.

Measures against global warming includes the Kyoto Protocol when Japan
internationally limit the release of industrial gases countries in
accordance with regulations. Where do greenhouse gases come from you ask?
Well, greenhouse gas emissions come from environmental damage associated
with deforestation or pollution. These declarations must be ejaculated,
not only because they get up, but they will continue to rise.

Growth in greenhouse gas emissions have been summarized by the AR4 in
2007. They planned a model implying that the surface temperature to rise
from 1.1C 2.9C this century. So you now know that global warming will
continue to rise, but now what? Well, global warming will have a global
effect, not only because it will raise sea levels or increasing the
temperature, it will change rainfall patterns and the expansion of
subtropical deserts.

Hmmm ... why 2005 and 2010 was so hot you ask? Well, there are many
contributing factors, but some of the major El Nino has. So what about La
Nina you ask? Well, in 2011 he was a year of La Nina and guess what? He
was one of the warmest on record. And what's even more? Of the 13 warmest
years 11 of them ranged from 2001 to 2011. What to say about global
warming in the 21st century?

So what exactly are these gases "Green House who represent only 30% of
the increase in global warming? Well, the big field include water vapor,
which constitutes 36-70% of it, C02 which is 9-26%, methane constitutes
4-9%, and the ozone layer which is 3-7%. Greenhouse gas emissions has
been increased due to human activity such as fuel Burnage fossils that
represent about 70% of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

It has been several steps taken to solve this problem of global warming
such as the implementation of the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on
Climate Change). Ever wonder what works for the UNFCCC but it's simple,
to reduce the increase in global warming below 2C in the 21st century.
You can be pleased that steps have been taken, but never fear, the
International Energy Agency reports otherwise. He says his ultimate goal
is to prevent anthropogenic climate change.

Ah, the problem of global warming. One of the most pronounced of this
century. It will be on the rise despite this change orbitrary annual
Earth and La Nina. But otherwise, human activity is the crux of the. We
made 70% of the increase of the increase in greenhouse gases and humans
have not been silent about it. Various organizations and outreach
programs have been implemented such as RE4, the UNFCCC, and etc. So, help
support the cause, save energy, and drive less to us all.
If you are not ... I hope you are interested in finding out more about me
then visit my blog. You'll find more about me. In addition, I will add
more information about this topic to your pleasure. Of course, everything
is based on your consent. I will not dwell on that, but I'm going to
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