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					The Missy’s Haven Canine Rescue(MHCR) is         beings. Second, by working with the dog on
always in need of foster homes for the dogs      socialization, housebreaking, and basic
that we rescue. By making a commitment to        obedience, your efforts will make the dog a
foster a dog, you can truly change the life of   more attractive candidate to potential
a homeless pet.                                  adopters. Third, some homeless animals
                                                 have lived on the street and have never had
The foster program is an important part of       a regular routine or schedule, by inviting a
our organization as it allows us to place        displaced dog into your home, you greatly
our dogs into safe and loving homes while        assist him/her in adapting to a home
the dogs await their permanent adoptive          environment for, sometimes, his or her first
homes. There is no greater satisfaction or       time. When matching a foster dog with a
rewarding experience than to watch a             foster family, MHCR does its very best to
rescue dog bloom into a wonderful pet due        meet the needs of both the human family
to your own generosity and personal              and the new canine family member. No
commitment to save his or her life.              foster family is ever left without support ,
                                                 MHCR is available at any time to help out
Being a foster parent entails taking a           and to answer questions. MHCR provides for
homeless animal into your home and               all on-going veterinary maintenance and
providing him/her with food, water,              care that the dogs require while in foster
appropriate exercise, and love. MHCR             homes.
provides for all veterinary care and will
continue to seek a permanent, appropriate        Thank you so much for considering
home for the dog until one is found. We ask      fostering, we look forward to hearing from
that you treat the dogs kindly, have             you!
patience with them, and have
understanding for them as they have all
been abandoned or displaced by
circumstances entirely out of their contr ol.
MHCR requires that the foster family be
available to bring the dog or allows MHCR
to provide transport for the dog to and
from our adoption events.

By taking a homeless animal into your
home, you help to increase the dog's chance
of being successfully adopted in a number
of ways. First and foremost, you provide
love, stability, and attention which will help
him/her to rebuild their trust in human -
Commonly asked questions:

How long are animals typically in foster

Good question! Unfortunately, there isn't a
magic number - the time varies from animal
to animal. However, you can help with that,
too! Foster parents are encouraged to send
us cute and fun photos, updated
information and fun facts, and to be
available for adoption events whenever
possible. This almost always speeds up the

And what if I need to go out of town?

While you are fostering, if you have an
emergency or need to go out of town, you
need only contact us and we will either find
a new foster home, a weekend foster, or a
boarding facility that can care for the dog
while you are away.

What if I decide to adopt my foster dog?

Contact us and let us know! But, also, when
an adoption application for your foster dog
is received, MHCR contacts you immediately
to make sure that you have not decided that
you would like your foster dog to become a
permanent part of your family. If not, we
move forward with the adoptive family. If
so, we move forward with the adoption with
you! Foster parents are still expected to pay
the $105 fee for canines, $200 adoption fee
for puppies 4 months old and younger.

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