How to Find Your Lifes Purpose by DanielHarper


									How to Find Your Life’s Purpose

       By Daniel Harper

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“Why am I here?” is probably one of the most asked questions whenever someone gives a thought to his or her
own existence. This may be an ancient question but only a few really know the answer. What we do know is
that each person has a different purpose and that purpose always points to something that will make your life
and the life of others become more fulfilling. So if you’re on the path to finding that purpose, here are some of
the ways to get you started.

   Find out the things that you love doing. It all starts with love. What do you love doing? What is the
    good that you do every day that makes your blood boil with joy? Find that out and keep it in mind
    forever. For example, I love knowledge, I love improving myself, and I love helping other people.
    These are the good things that I know I will never stop acquiring and doing that can make lives better.
    It gave me a higher sense of satisfaction so that became a purpose.

   Look for the people that complete you. These are persons that you have or will have in your life that
    make you whole. It can be your spouse, your children, a family member, or a very dear friend. If their
    absence makes you incomplete or if your absence makes them incomplete, then you have found a
   Embrace your talents. If you have a talent and you love doing it then by God, embrace it and keep
    doing it. If you have a talent for painting then paint your own masterpiece. Writing? Keep your
    imagination running wild and write something wonderful. You love to sing? Then sing your heart out.
    Embrace your talents and keep on creating something that comes from your heart. That is a purpose.

   Find out what is lacking. This isn’t about focusing on the negative part of your life but rather it is
    about opening your eyes to things that you can help improve. Look around you and see for yourself.
    Do you like the way you are living now? If not, then make it your purpose to improve it. Do you feel
    unhealthy? Then make it your purpose to be truly healthy. Always strive to make things better. Make
    that your purpose.
    Work on your legacy. If you die today, do you have anything to leave behind that will help people
     remember you for generations to come? No? Then I suggest that you start working on your legacy
     while you still can. Famous and legendary people like Jesus, Albert Einstein, or Steve Jobs are
     remembered because they left something behind that benefit the lives of others. These are their
     legacies. What is your legacy? Make that your purpose in life.

Our purpose in life is like a fuel that keeps us going. It is what drives us to make our existence more
meaningful. Purpose is what makes us a human-being. So go out there and live your life and find your purpose.

    “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
                                                  ~Dalai Lama

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