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					      Beta releases
and Product Management
Gabriele Cosmo (CERN/IT-API)
• Addressing recommendation #4.2:
   “ We recommend the adoption of more frequent, though not necessarily fully
     tested, “beta” releases that address important blocking problems. They
     should be available to all users. These “beta” releases are in addition to
     having a stable and working version of the program at any time, with a
     documentation of all known bugs or deficiencies in that particular version ”
   and recommendation #4.3:
   “ We recommend defining and managing the complete product tree, including
     documentation as well as the code, as part of a release. If the documentation
     is not ready, the release cannot be deemed to be ready ”

 Policy for “development releases” defined since 1998
 Reviewed policy for “public stable” releases to include as product
  deliverables: update of user documentation and schedules
 Regular monthly development releases (with release-notes) since July 2000
 “Beta” development releases source publicly distributed since August 2002
October 9th, 2002     Geant4 delta-review - G.Cosmo, Beta releases                  2
                               and Product Management
     Release policy (development)
• Published on the Web:
• Development releases coincide with “reference
    development tags”
     • Include new developments and bug-fixes
     • Include detailed release-notes organized per Category
     • Available to Collaboration and locally installed
     • Provided on a regular monthly basis since July 2000
     • Frequency dictated by on-going development
October 9th, 2002      Geant4 delta-review - G.Cosmo, Beta releases           3
                                and Product Management
   Release policy (stable releases)
• Scheduled stable releases twice a year
    • Defined major or minor according to development and
      available bug-fixes
    • Interface changes only allowed in major releases
• Public patches distributed according to need and
   severity of bug-fixes
    • 3 public patches distributed in 2002 so far
• Update of documentation tree (user manuals and
  design documents) required and synchronized
• Global context Q/A checks required and performed
October 9th, 2002   Geant4 delta-review - G.Cosmo, Beta releases   4
                             and Product Management
Distribution of “Beta” source code
• “Beta” source code made available every two
  months from Web
• Registration of users as “Beta” testers required
  (automatic registration to a dedicated mailing list)
     • 30 users registered so far since August 30th
• “Beta” source code based on reference
    development tags
     • Providing exclusion of development code subject to
       publication rights by the authors
     • Detailed release notes part of the distribution
October 9th, 2002   Geant4 delta-review - G.Cosmo, Beta releases   5
                             and Product Management
 Policy for “development releases” defined and reviewed
     For “public stable” releases
        to include update of user documentation and schedules
     For “development” releases
        to provide regularly every month
 “Beta” development releases source now publicly distributed

 Next step:
     Enhance process of creation of release-notes to include a
        comprehensive description of known outstanding bugs and limitations

 October 9th, 2002   Geant4 delta-review - G.Cosmo, Beta releases        6
                              and Product Management

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