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					Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Awards are there in this Category?
There are five separate Awards in this Category to recognise:
    The Excellent Government Employee within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
      Government Service
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Managerial Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Administrative Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Professional Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Technical Field

Why is there a category for Best Employee?
It is people who are at the heart of excellence. Without people possessing the right
combination of attitudes, behaviours, competencies, skills, passion for achievement and
belief in the development of themselves and their Entity for the benefit of the Entity’s
stakeholders could it ever be possible to drive forward a measurable culture of
continuous improvement.

These Awards seek to identify role model employees for others to follow the example
these exceptional employees have set whilst at the same time recognising them through
national appreciation, approval and acknowledgement for what they have given to the
Government Service.

How many Award entries can we make?
Each Entity should provide one entry into each of the following Awards:
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Managerial Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Administrative Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Professional Field
    The Excellent Government Employee in the Technical Field

Can we just make an entry to the Best Employee in the Abu Dhabi Government
Service Award?
No, -there is no separate Application form for recognition as the Best Employee in the
Abu Dhabi Government Service. The winner of this Award will be selected from
amongst all the entrants to above four Awards.

Can previous entrants to last year’s Best Employee Award enter again?
Yes but the. Previous winners are not eligible to re-apply

Can an Employee who was part of a team that was subject to entry to a Category
2 Award also be considered for a Best Employee Award?
Yes, but the content of the Category 3 Award Application should not be centred upon
the individual’s contribution to the Project Team which is the subject of the Category 2
Award application
How do we determine which of the separate Awards in Category 3 individual
employees are eligible for?
If this is not clear following study of the contents of this Handbook, then please contact
the Award Office for further guidance

What if we consider that we have more one than one Excellent Employee in each
Award classification that are worthy of consideration for an Award?
In the case of this happy occurrence, you should develop a simple internal selection
procedure to determine which employees will represent the Entity. Such an internal
procedure may be based of the following factors that the ADAEP Jury will consider to
adjudicate Category 3 Awards:
      The extent to which the individual has brought honour to themselves and their
         entity by their actions or behaviour
      How the individuals actions or behaviours have compared to and exceeded what
         is expected from an employee relative to their grade and experience
      The extent to which the individual has improved or enhanced service delivery,
         within the discharge of their job role, for the benefit of customers whether internal
         or external
      The extent to which new practices or procedures have been implemented direct
         measurable benefit to stakeholders
      The overall impact of the individual’s actions or behaviour in enhancing the
         reputation of their Department
      The extent to which Concepts of Excellence have been demonstrated in daily
         work by the individual
      The degree of challenge accepted commensurate with their job role and
      The level of creative thinking or problem solving demonstrated by the individual
      The level of new skill and competence acquired and demonstrated in daily work
      The extent to which the individual may be deemed a role model Government
It is recommended that applicants considered in the internal selection procedure not
going forward for entry to a Category 3 Award should be recognised internally in line
with existing recognition methods.

Does the maximum word count of the Application Document include the number
of words in each question that has to be addressed?
No. The word count will only include the number of words given in response to the
questions asked in the Application Form
Can we include appendices or other documentary evidence with the Application
No. To ensure fairness and equality of treatment the Assessor Team appointed for the
short listing of applicants will only consider the responses to the questions asked in the
Application Form. Applicants short listed for a site visit will be invited to present any
other evidence in support of their application. Such evidence might typically include –
examples of work, letters of appreciation, certificates of attainment, commendations,
press cuttings etc. There is no restriction on what each short listed applicant may
consider appropriate as documentary evidence.

Who should complete the Application Document?
Each application will be in the name of an individual written in the first person singular.
Some applicants may wish to complete their Application unaided whereas others may
wish to have the assistance in the completion of expert colleagues and/or a mentor.
It is at the discretion of each applicant and their internal adviser(s) who actually drafts
each submission

How long might the Application Document take to complete?
This will vary between applicants. However it is not an onerous task as applicants will
be responding to a set of questions the responses to which will all be within their
existing knowledge and about themselves and their own work.

Who will see the Application Documents?
Other than the Award Office only the Assessors and Jury appointed for the Category 3
Awards will have sight of and access to applications. The Assessor Panel will see all
applications whilst the Jury will only see short listed applications Confidentiality
agreements with Assessors & Jurors, as per Category 1 Awards, will equally apply to
Category 3 Awards transactions.

When will we know if our Applicant has been selected for an Interview?
You will be advised by the Award Office as soon as the Assessment Team has
completed its initial deliberations. The notification will provide sufficient time for the
Employee, together with his/her sponsors, to prepare for an Interview from the
Assessment Team

What is the Purpose of Interview?
To meet with the short-listed employee to gather additional information, clarify or verify
information in the Submission that will assist the Assessors in their deliberations. An
agenda will be provided for each interview undertaken.

How long will the Interview last?
Each Interview will be between 1-2 hours in length

In addition to the applicant who else might the assessors wish to meet with?
The assessors may wish to meet additionally with the applicant’s line manager, Head of
Department, peers, or internal customers. Under no circumstances will the Assessors
meet with anyone who is not an employee of the Entity. This will include, customers,
suppliers or consultants
How should our short listed Employee prepare for the interview?
Interviewees should prepare themselves as they would for any other work related
interview. They should be ready to answer questions directly relating to the contents of
their Application Form. Equally they should be ready to present and explain any
documentary evidence in support of their application that they feel is relevant.

Will applicants receive feedback on their Award entry?
Yes – all applicants will receive a feedback report highlighting strengths and areas for
improvement in their submissions. Applicants not making the short-list with receive their
feedback reports soon after the initial assessments. Applicants short-listed for an award
will receive their feedback report soon after the Award Ceremony

When will the winners be announced?
All Award Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

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