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									Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS Is
     A Respected Dentist
  Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS – A Seasoned
              Dental Specialist

Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS has been practicing in the
field of dentistry for many years. She strives to improve
the overall health of her patients by focusing on
preventing and treating issues related with their teeth
and gums. She has earned a respectable name in the
industry for offering reliable and efficient dental care
services to patients. She offers a caring and
compassionate environment to patients so that they feel
comfortable in discussing about their dental issues. She
then creates a treatment program customized according
to unique needs of each patient.
      Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS Offers
       Comprehensive Dental Services

Dr. Thompson provides a wide range of dental services
to her patients. From routine cleanings to bruxism
devices, she is equipped to handle all dental needs.
Some of her services include bonding, root canal
therapy, specialty dentures, cosmetic filings, veneers,
implants, extractions, cosmetic dentistry and many
others. Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS helps every
patient to keep their teeth healthy and smiles bright.
She maintains the highest level of accreditation and
pursues ongoing education to stay abreast on the latest
trends in dentistry.
  Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS Provides Best
             Dental Treatments
Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS graduated from San
Martin de Porres University in Lima, Peru. She
provides her patients with gentle and professional
treatment to help them in having healthy gums and
teeth for a lifetime. She listens to all concerns of patients
and then follows the best treatment plan. She strives to
offer the finest dental care to every patient. Her
opinions are valued by her patients as well as
colleagues. She is a respected dental practitioner
dedicated to providing excellent solutions to all kinds of
dental issues.
    Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS - Member of
             Several Organizations

Dr. Marlene Thompson DDS is a proud member of a
number of organizations such as American Dental
Association, California Dental Association, International
Association    for   Advanced      Orthodontics,   Dental
Organization for Conscious Sedation, Academy of Laser
Dentistry, Botox in Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry
Endodontic Continuum, Advanced Cosmetic Training at
Esthetic Professionals, as well as the Peruvian-American
Dental Association to serve the underserved community.
She is also a member of IOCI (International Congress of
Oral Implantologists); the world’s largest dental implant
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