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					Faculty Furloughs

  Academic Senate
  August 18, 2009
            Topics to be Covered
•   The Basics
•   Furlough days
•   Who is/isn’t furloughed?
•   Grant Faculty, Lecturers, FERPS, visa holders
•   Salary Implications
•   Workload Implications
          Important Documents
• Campus staff/MPP (management) furlough
  calendar – indicates campus closure days.
• Campus payroll calendar – indicates academic
  work days.
• CSU/CFA Furlough Agreement (7/28/09) – covers
  basic parameters of furlough program.
• CSULA Faculty Furlough Certification Form
  All documents available on CSULA furlough page:
                  The Basics
• A “furlough day” as used in this Agreement refers
  to a day on which a faculty unit employee is
  normally scheduled to work, or is in pay status,
  that is taken as an unpaid day off.
• The agreement specifies furlough days for the
  2009/2010 academic year, as follows:
  – AY faculty         18 days total
  – CY faculty         24 days total
  – 10-month faculty   20 days total
• All furlough days must be taken by June 30, 2010.
                             Furlough Days
             Type of Faculty           # furlough days/            When furlough
               employee                      term                     begins

           AY (academic year)               6/quarter            Fall Quarter 2009*

             CY (college year)              2/month                  August 2009

                 10-month                   2/month                  August 2009
                 Librarian             (8 hrs/day for FT)            August 2009
                 Counselor             (8 hrs/day for FT)            August 2009
                   Coach               (8 hrs/day for FT)            August 2009

*Exception: AY faculty on a triad that includes Summer 2009 should begin furloughs now (because you
still need to take 18 furlough days and this will be very difficult to do in two quarters).
             Summer 2009:
– As repayment for Advance Q off in 2008-2009. No
  Furlough for this person.
– PT faculty (Lecturer) teaching Summer 2009. No
  Furlough for this person.
– As Extra Quarter for compensating time off later in
  AY? Yes, begin furlough now.
– Faculty with XFW triad (or XWS or XFS). Furlough in
  summer? Yes, but …
– Why was a form sent out in 8th week for Summer
  quarter? A: Agreement not signed until end of July,
  details STILL being worked out.
    AY Faculty on duty in Summer
            NOTE: This is now a suggestion, not a mandate.
 We await a side agreement between the CSU and the CFA on this issue.

• Begin furlough program now, when possible.
• Take up to 2 days/month in August and September
• Take 7 furlough days in each of your next two
  quarters on duty.
• You can catch 2 furlough days in June 2010.
• You will have your salary reduced the full 9.23%.
               What about …
PT Instructional Faculty?        SUBJECT TO FURLOUGHS
Faculty participating in the
Faculty Early Retirement          SUBJECT TO FURLOUGHS
Program (FERP)?
Faculty teaching in Extended   Special Programs (EXEMPT)
Education?                     Extension for Credit (EXEMPT)

           It depends ….       If Ext. Ed. bought out time
                               from College – SUBJECT to
Faculty on sabbatical/DIP
leave?                            SUBJECT TO FURLOUGHS
Faculty on leave w/out pay?       EXEMPT from furloughs
TAs, GAs, and ISAs (i.e.,
academic student                  EXEMPT from furloughs
• Q: If I teach PT (e.g., 50%), does this mean
  that I take ½ the # of furlough days.
  A: No. You take all 6 furlough days, but each
  work day would have been partial, so each
  furlough day is a partial day.
• Q: What about FERP faculty? How many
  furlough days do we take?
  A: Same as above – take the full # of furlough
• Q: I teach PT on two CSU campuses. Can my
  furlough days be on the same day(s)? How will
  the pay reduction work?
  A: Yes, the furlough days can be on the same
  day(s). Because you work PT on each campus,
  you should think of a furlough day as whatever
  portion of the day you would have spent working
  on each campus’ classes, now furloughed. 9.23%
  reduction on each campus (details in forthcoming
             What about …
Faculty whose salaries are
FULLY FUNDED BY                EXEMPT from furloughs
(External Funding Agencies)?

Faculty whose salaries are SUBJECT TO FURLOUGHS ON A
GRANTS/CONTRACTS (External % of salary that is funded by
Funding Agencies)?               general fund $$)
• Q: Suppose grants fund 30% of my salary (i.e.,
  I teach, etc. for 10 units/term, and get 5 units
  of assigned time to work on my grant). How
  many furlough days do I take?
  A: You can still take 6 furlough days, but the %
  of the day that you furlough is 70%, rather
  than 100%. Or, you can take 4 full furlough
  days (roughly, 30% fewer furlough days).
Q: How do I predetermine how furlough days would
  affect my salary?
A: Take your gross base salary and
  (1) Multiply the base by the % that is funded by the
  state general fund (this basically takes out the grants
  and contracts portion).
  (2) Take the product of (1) and reduce it by 9.23%. This
  is your gross furloughed salary.
  (3) Add back in any portion of your gross base salary
  that is funded by grants/contracts to get your total
  gross salary.
  Example of salary calculation
Assume a monthly base salary of $6,000 and an
externally funded contract at 11 units/year.
     11/45 = .24444 or 24.4% grant funding
(1) .24444 x 6,000 = 1,466.66 (grant $$/month)
     6,000 – 1466.66 = 4,534 (gen fund salary)
(2) reduce $4,534 by 9.23% = 4,115.51
(3) furloughed monthly salary:
     1,466.66 + 4,115.51 = $5,582.17
                   Another Example
    Assume a monthly base salary of $6,000 and
   NO external funding. Go to step (2):
   (2) 6,000 x .0923 = 553.80 (furlough

   Furlough base salary just is $5,446.20.

• If we have fewer furlough days, is the
  procedure different? No.
• Are federal, state, retirement funds, social
  security, etc., all reduced according to the
  reduction in salary? Yes.
• Are CFA member and nonmember dues also
  reduced according to salary reduction? Yes.
     What days can be counted as
           Furlough Days?
“The President may designate specific furlough days …
limited to six (6) days. Scheduling of additional furlough
days shall be by mutual agreement of the faculty
employee and the appropriate administrator. Absent
mutual agreement, the appropriate administrator shall
designate the furlough days for the faculty unit employee
based on compelling operational needs of the campus
and shall explain those needs in writing to the faculty
unit employee.”

                              CSU Furlough Agreement with CFA
                                           7-28-09, Section 3(a)
           What days can be counted as
                 Furlough Days?
• Any academic work day may be taken as a
  furlough day, in addition to the six days
  (2/quarter) that have been designated as campus
  closure days.

• Academic work days include (for AY faculty)
  every day, Monday through Friday, from Fall
  Faculty Day through the day that grades are due,
  plus the Saturday of exam week.

Note: for all others, a work day is any M-F when campus is open (i.e., not holidays).
   What days can be counted as
         Furlough Days?
“The Furlough Program shall allow a faculty
unit employee to observe up to four (4)
furlough days in a single calendar month.
With the exception of this one-time
observance no employee shall be subject to,
or take, more than two (2) furlough days in
any calendar month … over the terms of this
                     CSU Furlough Agreement with CFA
                                  7-28-09, Section 3(a)
     What days should be counted as
            Furlough Days?
            NOTE: These are now suggestions, not mandates.

• Furlough days should not disproportionately affect any
  one of your classes.
• Student Learning Outcomes (course objectives) should
  still be achieved (so, if cancelling class for furlough,
  design alternative activity to meet SLO’s, where possible).
• Recommendation: if avoidable, take furlough days on no
  more than 10% of your instructional days
   – for example, if you teach MW only (20 days/quarter), take 2
     furlough days (max) on M or W, 2 on other days (Tu, Th, or Fri),
     plus two closure days on Friday.
• Q: Can I take Fall Faculty Day and the next day
  (September 21 and 22) as furlough days?
  A: Yes, provided that your Dean agrees that there
  are not compelling operational needs to have you
  on duty that day AND provided that you will not
  work on those days.
• Q: Can I take a furlough day on a day on which I
  am at a conference or traveling to a conference?
  A: No, those are work days.
  “Mutual Agreement” Reporting
• Two Furlough Certification forms:
  – 2009 (includes Summer and Fall)
  – 2010 (includes Winter and Spring)
• Faculty Member fills out form, submits to
  Department Chair (1 to file/1 to Dean).
• Dean (“appropriate administrator”) approves OR
  cites “compelling operational needs” in explaining
  why not approved. If mutual agreement cannot
  be reached, the Dean designates furlough days.
• Q: What if I think this whole thing is a crock,
  and I refuse to fill out the certification form?
  A: You may elect to do this, as well. In this
  case, the Dean (or other appropriate
  administrator) will assign furlough days to
  you, and sign off on the certification form.
                 Salary Implications
• All faculty employees will see a 9.23% salary
  reduction for the 2009-2010 Academic Year, spread
  over the # of pay periods “covering” that work.
                                                         % salary
      Faculty                      # pay periods      reduction per
     Employee     Implementation      involved          pay period
        AY       Fall 2009         12 (Sept 2009 --      9.23%
                                   August 2010)

        CY       August 2009       11 (August
                                   2009 – June           10.07%
       FERP,     Any Q on duty,
      Lecturer   2009 -2010 AY.        varies            9.23%
        Workload Reduction?

“…cuts of this magnitude will naturally have
consequences for the quality of education that we
can provide …”
                          (CSU/CFA Agreement, Section 1(a) )

You should decrease your workload in proportion to
the furlough salary reduction. How you do so is at
your discretion. Furloughs are measured in days,
however, not activities across days.
    What about systemic issues?
             NOTE: This is now editorial, not part of any agreement
               (nor is it an official management proclamation).

Shared Governance is exactly what it sounds like – shared
decision-making. If faculty choose to opt out of (any part or
the whole) of this decision-making, the consequence will be
that management makes more of those decisions unilaterally.
This may be one appropriate response – but it should not be
decided lightly, or without widespread faculty discussion. It is
up to you, the faculty, to determine what you can/should
continue doing, and what you will not do in this academic
Remember that furloughs are “vertical” (measured in days), not “horizontal”
(measured in types of works) − so, one cannot furlough oneself from, for example,
advising or committee work.
  Some workload reduction issues
• Lecturers on 3-year contracts now evaluated
  once/contract, not annually.
• New RTP policy (Senate/Fall 2009) would make
  probationary faculty evaluations biannual, not
  annual (if approved).
• ATI – CSU system is pulling back on unfunded
  mandates; we are not likely to push this mandate
  in coming year.
• Other ideas? – Discuss them with Senate reps and
  with CFA leadership!
   Effect on Probationary Faculty
• Probationary Faculty may request of their
  Deans an increase of their probationary
  period of one (1) year (for a total probationary
  period of seven (7) years), provided that the
  request is made before their next file closure
• Deans will report all such requests to the
  Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
• Q: I am in the U.S. on an H1-b visa. CSULA
  certified that I would make a given salary; how
  can you now pay me less w/out jeopardizing
  my visa status?
  A: CSULA certified that it would pay you the
  “prevailing wage” for the work. Given across-
  the-board cuts, the furlough salary is
  consistent with the agreement on the H1-b
  visa application.
Call or e-mail:
   – Dean’s Office
   – Faculty Affairs Office (3-3810)
      • dgarcia10@cslanet.calstatela.edu
      • jfaust@calstatela.edu

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