Cold War ppt by hedongchenchen


									Not to Judge by Color is

Everybody wants to
Rule the World

                       John F. Kennedy
                                  New Frontier
                           Cold War (Vietnam, Cuba, Berlin, etc.)
                              The Second Civil War
                       Fragile Democratic Majorities
                      Southern Democrats are tenuous

                      Medical Assistance for elderly

                      Increased federal aid to education

                      Inflation & “Trickle Down” from a

Forced expansion of
House Rules
               Common Market

Green Berets

                         Second - Cuban
                          Missile Crisis
 Alliance for Progress
                          October 1962

1st - Bay of Pigs
April 17, 1961
           Cuban Missile Crisis
              October 1962
               Effect of Cuban
               Missile Crisis

               •Kruschev loses validity
               •hard liners in Moscow
               want more military
               • Americans hurry to
               “catch up”
               • Kennedy pushes
               even harder for nuclear
               test ban treaty
               •foundation of detente
                                                 Stage I of the Cold
                                                    War 1945-49
                                                    U.S. Nuclear
USA rapidly shows it is prepared to use the ultra-destructive device
in same way as conventional weapon. Believed U.S.S.R. never be
able to make an atomic bomb:
1. Soviet Iranian border (oil rights- threat of atomic bomb works)
*U.S. introduces Baruch Plan for control of nuclear material. Rejected by
2. Balkans/Yugoslavia (Greece next door! Civil war. Truman
3. Berlin (airlift)
Ended in 1949 when Soviets exploded their 1st atomic bomb
U.S. monopoly of weapons lasted 4 years.
                                                                           Stage 2 of the Cold
                                                                              War 1949-62
                                                                            Nuke Them First

1949 Soviets explode atomic bomb.
1. 1949China goes to Mao Tse Tung’s communist forces.
2. NSC 68 (justifies military expense- massive rearmament)
3. Korean War 1950- 1952
4. 1952 U.S. tests 1st Hydrogen bomb
5. 1954 Indochina (Vietnam) Dien Bien Phu. French fall. Must give Fr.
atomic bomb
6. 1954 China -China moves troops to Quemoy and Matsu islands. Use atomic bomb? China
7.1956 Suez Crisis -issue Egypt’s right to control Suez canal. Br./Fr. see that at threat to their oil supply. Eisenhower
8. 1959 Berlin - rearmament W Germany. Khruschev and Eisenhower meet at Camp David- Khruschev “appeasment”
9. 1962 Cuba - Missile Crisis. Both Kennedy and Krushchev almost lost control of forces
                                           Stage 3 of the Cold
                                              War 1962-69
                                             Scared Straight

1. Cuban Crisis - Brink of nuclear war. Worse crisis of all.
2. Khruschev ousted
3. 1964 China explodes atomic bomb
4. 1964 Vietnam- Gulf of Tonkin incident and U.S. majorily
                                                                    Stage 4 of the Cold
                                                                           War 1969-85
                                                                       Relentless Arms
1. 1969 Nixon administration uses multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (warheads) on U.S.
intercontinental ballistic missiles.
2. U.S. First strike capability
3. Nuclear armed submarines
4. 1969 Vietnam. Kissinger (Sec of State under Nixon) threatens Vietnam. DEFCON I threat fails.
5. 1969 Paris Peace Talks - Vietnam. If can’t get answer then escalation
6. 1970 Jordan - strategic pro-western Arab state threatened by pro-Soviet Palestine Liberation Organization
(PLO). U.S. support King Hussein in Jordan. PLO defeated
7. 1973 Yom Kippur War Israel - UN troops separate Israel and Egypt since Suez crisis. Israel attacked
Egypt in 1967 - 6 day war. 1973 Egypt and Syria surprise attack Israel. Soviet and US negotiate peace.
8. 1980 Iran - revolution. Shah replaced by religious Ayatollah.
9. 1983 Geneva talks - Soviet Andropov will walk out if deployment of Pershing II and Cruise missiles begins to
10. 1985 Gorbochev elected Sov. premier
11. 1985 Reagan’s Star Wars initiative

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