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Can Light help people improve their
         lives or decrease?

        Light Inquiry
       By: Wesley Piera

                                April. 25/2010
                My Questions
My First Question is, ‘Can Light help people improve
  their lives?’. I wanted something that affected our
  world majorly. 80% of Humanity lives on less then
  10$ a day. Can light help them?
Second Question: ‘Does using light increase our
  pollution around the world?’ I found this question by
  researching my first question and found some
  interesting results.
               What is Light?
There are many kinds of light and many ways to
  use it. Mostly Light is used to generate power,
  grow plants and see. Light is generated by
  mostly 2 ways, from Electricity and from the
  Sun. Light lets us see, without we would be
  going about the world dark and hopeless.
                Light and Pollution?
Sunlight is free, we don’t pay for sunlight. When we gather electricity
  from other resources such as coal, it causes major pollution. When
  using Hydro, only cities by lakes or rivers can use it. Cities in Africa
  are covered in desert and when trying to make Hydro Electricity you
  have to make a dam but they need water, they don’t want to waste
  it generating electricty. Wind is good but it isn’t reliable. Winds
  could come any day of any hour of any place. When you build a
  turbine you would need to build it in a certain spot to get the most
  wind. If you put it in a place with no wind, it wouldn’t be generating
  electricity and it would be a waste of money and resources. When
  generating light from other resources, they cause pollution. Such as
  coal realising chemicals in the air. Clouds, pollution and wind can
  prevent the sun's rays from reaching the earth.
Solar Paneled
             Solar Panels Facts
Solar Energy is better for the environment than
  traditional forms of energy.
Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming
  pools, power cars, for attic fans, calculators and
  other small appliances. It produces lighting for
  indoors or outdoors. You can even cook food with
  solar energy.
Solar Energy is becoming more and more popular.
  The worldwide demand for Solar Energy is
  currently greater than supply.
All this is powered by Light, which is free.
             Coal Generation Facts
Coal is the number one source of total US electricity
  production (54%).Out of the entire US electric industry, coal-fired
  power plants contribute 96% of sulfur dioxide emissions (SO2),
  93% of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx), 88% of carbon dioxide
  emissions (CO2) and 99% of mercury emissions. Coal-fired power
  plants are the single largest source of mercury pollution in the US
A single 100 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant emits
   approximately 25 pounds of mercury a year
50% of the mercury emitted from coal-fired power plants can
   travel up to 600 miles from the power plant
Coal Plant
           Hydro Power Facts
Hydropower today provides about 20 % of the
 world's electricity and is the main energy
 source for more than 30 countries
When building dams, it can affect the wildlife
 such as fish, and can affect the river
 ecosystem all together.
Hydropower is the most significant renewable
 energy source
Hydro Power doesn’t produce pollution
Hydro Power
           Is light Good for us?
That’s like asking do we need food? Of course Light
  is good for us. Everyday, the sun pours
  unimaginable amounts of energy into space.
  Some of it is in the form of infrared and
  ultraviolet light, but most of it is in the form of
  visible light. Some of this energy falls on the
  Earth, where it warms our planet's surface, drives
  our ocean currents, rivers, and winds, and is used
  by plants to make food. Life on Earth depends
  totally on the sun. Without the light, we would
  die by no food because sun produces food or
  freeze to death. Light is important and needed to
  our world or else face extinction
You don’t have to watch the full thing just skip through it
              Nuclear Generation
• There is a type of generating electricity call Nuclear
  Generation. When you hear the words "nuclear power,"
  different images may flicker through your mind: concrete
  coolant towers emitting torrents of steam, a mushroom
  cloud rising high into the sky or even homer Simpson
  asleep at the control
Some people praise the technology as a low-cost, low-
  emission alternative to fossil fuels, while others stress the
  negative impact of nuclear waste and accidents such as
  Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. People don’t use this as
  much because it is very dangerous and highly explosive.
  Nuclear as in Nuclear Bomb can be very explosive if blown
  up, this is why not everyone uses this but some do like in
  Ottawa they use Nuclear Power Plants.
     LUTW – Light up the World
What is it? Light up the World is the first
 international humanitarian organization
 dedicated to illuminating the lives of the
 world's poor by providing affordable, safe,
 healthy, efficient, and environmentally
 responsible lighting. There are many great
 organizations aimed at providing assistance
 for people without electricity. They so far have
 lit up 14, 000 homes in 42 different countries.
 Pretty AMAZING EH?!?!?!?
              What LUTW did
The existing method for lighting homes with no
  electricity in poorer countries is most commonly
  kerosene lamps. Although they are effective,
  kerosene lamps have a lot of issues. They are
  dangerous, unhealthy, pollution producing, and
  require on ongoing supply of kerosene gas which
  is expensive and not always easily accessible.
  Light Up The World’s solution is to provide basic
  LED lamps to replace the kerosene ones. LEDs
  provide very bright light with minimal energy
  input, so little in fact that they can be easily
  charged using small solar panels.
    How this affected the people
There are parts of the world that have little or
  no access to electricity. When LUTW helped
  them, They access to heat and light (even
  after the sun goes down), convenient ways or
  storing and cooking food, communication with
  the outside world, and much more.
           Why I picked LUTW
There are many great organizations aimed at
  providing assistance for people without
  electricity. They all help countries that are in
  need of support or money, but one group
  stood out before all of them which was LUTW.
  I got more research by this because my moms
  friend was in this group and provided me with
  research and how the group worked.
My conclusion is that yes Light does help
 improve their lives by many different ways.
 Such as communicating, cooking and many
 more things during the light. Also allowing
 them to see. And no, using Light does not
 produce more pollution around the world. All
 it needs is sunshine and that’s free.
Biblography is on a printed sheet of paper! Ask if you need it!
                The End!
By: Wesley Piera 8.4

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