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The act or practice of being hospitable, that is the reception and entertainment of
guest, visitors, or strangers, with liberty and good will.

Hospitality today reflects more towards, hotels, catering, casinos, clubs, restaurants,
and any other service position that deals with tourists.

Hospitality is a prosaic word, even trivial, that everyone can relate to, it seems
perhaps even a candidate for having something like a universal meaning or
agreement, if not positive value.

(Let’s Go back a few Thousand Year)

In Middle Eastern culture it was considered a cultural norm to take care of the
strangers and aliens living among you.

Constitutes a very ingredient of family life essential to hospitality is the ability to
welcome people of diverse background and offering food & shelter.

(Purpose of Family)

In the Hospitality Industry we are and have forgotten a few simple rules.
A family provides a fertile ground to nurture children, the future adults, to become
spiritually minded to “conform to rules of good conduct” to acquire all graces and
praiseworthy qualities of human kind.

You must be wondering why I wrote this passage, this is from the Baha’i Culture.

Now look at Thai culture and Thai family life from their villages, they have
something we can use, what we must understand before we can undertake the real
true value of family in the Hospitality Industry.

There is a wider picture and a firmer belief in our Industry that we must look at
closer in today’s Environment and world we live in.
Times have changed, and so have we, greed, power, wealth, image, and stature have
crept in to give us a very high Ego, all these have removed the true meaning of
Hospitality, it’s a false image to make money.


1. History
2. customer mania
3. Four houses staff and management
4. service from day one
5. changing the old ways
6. the legends
7. The customer loyalty ( earn it keep it) long life and future profits
8. Investment in people salaries & benefits
9. the role of the Manager General Manager
10. handling problems and complaints
11. profits will follow and flow
12. the value of giving & not just taking
13. new ways old methods
14. the future

                                  Customer Mania!

We have and I have read many books on training, managing, sales promotions,
advertising, and customer loyalties.
We have also been through brain washing systems that were so intense, that they
took away the real value of what they were trying to say and do!.

20 to 30 years ago a change in a revolution was going through many companies world
wide, not only the hospitality giants.

How many of us sat in meetings, classrooms and seminars, hours upon end, being
brain washed and then after two hours falling asleep.
When it came to the time to sit or enter a working environment you were totally
shattered, anti people and just totally confused, yes some would be very high on their
new learnt ideas, but then they fade away after a while as the entire team does not
look at the system in the same way.
Yes most of us did, we cannot blame them, training and systems were put together by
non hospitality people, or one who were in the industry but dropped out due to the
long hours and thought they knew it all and came up with their own program.

They saw that they could make money through new ideas, systems, they were correct
as that is what they wanted and the way was correct in their eyes.
To create machines in the eye of the big giants, they wanted robots to do their work;
they forgot the bigger picture, guest satisfaction, staff awareness and staff care.

Let’s go back to what I said at the beginning of this chapter, reading so many books.
We need information – direction and guidance to assist us, to be able to walk our own
Every book I have read no matter what topic it was; I gained we all gained new
important knowledge, to get where we can I am today, thank you all for this.

Customer mania is a title of a book by ken Blanchard and I take off my hat to him in
writing such a book, its not everyone cup of teas’ the brits say, but makes a lot of
sense without having too many programs but give details and info how to get the job
done in a nicer more down to earth atmosphere than any other book to date I have

                      Thinking from the customers point of view

In today’s world people demand more than ever, good service, polite and hospitable
answers, do they get it not as much as it should be, prices are higher, you pay through
your nose in certain areas of this industry for the same quality down the road at a 1/3
or even half the price.
It all boils down to image, and how each establishments sets his and her own
standards and directions – in doing this they sometimes feel why is he doing better
than me.
And the person who does better is the person with a lower price, more recognition
and attention to detail staffing polices.

If you were a paying guest and did not get

   1.   Recognized
   2.   Acknowledged
   3.   Miss understood
   4.   no apology
   5.   no effort to help / assist
   6.   no effort to resolve a problem
   7.   this hotel lacks control of its staff
   8.   does not apologies or empathies with the guest

This small indication would make anyone mad if they had to pay for a service that did
not come up to their own expectation.

                             The customers Expectations

In today’s world no matter what category of resort or hotel you are in, 2- 3 – 4 – or 5
Star properties, customers expect good service, value for money and to be treated with
attentive staff, along with management attention.

Therefore we need to make them into winners at all cost:

   1. Value for money
   2. Good service, above what they expect, in doings o makes life easier for you
      and your staff show them what the resort can do smile, be pro active
   3. in 4 and 5 star there is a higher expectation, but in a 5 star really the rates are
      well higher and then the expectation of customer satisfaction is over 1,000 %
      in the eyes of your guests, you fail in one aspect it will take a while to bring
      them back and cost you more in free, this and free that.
   4. you need to make your resort – hotel a place to visit a place to worship by the
      guests they want to come back as you created magic, they then become a
      customer mania, they do all the talk, up sell free marketing what else do we
      need, just staff with a good customer ability and very good characters, easier
      said than done, that is for sure finding and retaining staff is another factor and
      we shall discuss that again in a new chapter.
   5. They pay for what they get and a lot more on top, they need this
    Looking for a discount
    Looking for acknowledgment
    Looking for a friend – a smiling and happy staff – management who sit down
      and chat with them
    Responds in good time
    Quick reaction to a problem
    Effective – efficient services
    Attention to detail,
    Knowing their names

                              Identifying your Customers

Customers come from all walks of life, nationalities even their social or cultural
influences; they all consider and think of mattes in many different ways.

Following this they have a varied economic purchasing power, along with a different
level of intelligence; they will have prejudices, chips on their shoulders, or just a
nasty streak in their back bone.

This means we should try to identify our customers from that initial 1st 45 minutes.

Again this does not give us 100% of what we need, it will break the ice, you should
understand the customers, they fear you as well, they will feel strange when someone
approaches them, and they will try to see who and how you react to them.
The who is this person?

It will take a day or two, for certain customers to get over their jet lag or shyness to
start a real conversation; they may still try to unwind as well get away form their
daily routines and for certain business men and women this can be very hard in deed

We must persevere on our part to bring them round, ‘breaking the ice” and paving
the way.

                       Why do we need to start with customers?

At the heart of any good resort or hotel or hospitality business is its customers
without them we have nothing.

The understanding of the customer’s needs, and how we can anticipate their needs.

This is the most vita and crucial point to understand for any manager at any level,
They are the ones who create our image our free marketing staff if you wish to call
them the customers are our maniacs!

We need to establish customer loyalty, not necessary through, promotions or
customer based systems.

Customer loyalty begins from the first, correspondence, if they book direct (how to
achieve that?)
Or the first encounter at the airport, some of us would call this the first 45 minutes.

                             Identifying your customers 2

Your web site requires more attention to show how your company, resort or hotel is
different, through ease of navigation, quick access to pages and information.
Who is who at your company their faces and names, for me I found the guests knew
me first by my picture, this does help break the ice on their side as well.

Ah yes Mr. Williams I saw your face on the web page.

This is called putting up your good face up front, gives the customers someone to
relate too when they use the internet to contact the resort, and most mail I receive is
True to the fact they write either john or Mr. Williams instead of dear Sir / Madam.

What would you prefer this I will leave to your own management and professional
judgment it boils down to your image and how you would like to be portrayed?

Putting your good face up front gives customer someone to relate too even if you
don’t meet they have some indication or your resort and style.
Then comes the emails and it get easier as mentioned above, ice melts and you get a
bit more personalized with your emails,
On the second email first them a lot easier and you are bale to have very good
communications and rapport by the net.
Your least communication should be “see you in two weeks” and if you need any
additional information during that time do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Have a fantastic day case is closed you have a friend and the resort has the beginning
of a customer Maniac! Before he leaves he has a good feeling with you.

                             Identifying your customers 3

We must establish a customer profile – on idealized, averaged, but complete
understanding of the way the customers think;

We must look at their buying power and their spending power!

If we can understand our customers, we can and should be able to entice that extra
baht from their Vacation or holiday spending budget.

What is he talking about?
Simple we sell more than rooms and food, we need to sell the entire resort, in a way
we get as much from our customers in a way they feel, that they are treated like gods;
We give them face, prestige and respect, we bring them one step higher than they
actually are, we make them like kings.
Why should we? We are just hosting them for a short time, correct but what about
the next time and their friends and of course our partners the agents – long term
thinking for a long term investment for our owners and or investors.

 Pampering and pamper = good hospitality, giving them face greeting them when you
see them, this can only be done if we meet them at the first 45 minutes upon arrival,

What do we do if we have 300 rooms, do the same, you have dept heads to do their
jobs and you should be able to organize yourself to be there for most of your arrivals
Your face is very important in today’s industry and for the future of your property to
make it that special to have the maniacs’ talk about your staff and you then just some
small steps to say welcome and do give me a call if you need anything.

Making the guests holiday a vacation to talk about is our responsibility make them
one they will talk time and time again, it does not stop there, your departure letter,
then a follow up when they leave,
You have a friend and a free marketing staff member across oceans selling praise on
your behalf.

Three simple steps

   1. Exceed their expectations
   2. Let them become your free marketers
   3. = to a customer maniac or maniac’s

                            Identifying you customers 4

Marketing today – focus on market share

Which nation or country they come from

Knowing our market share, their nationalities

What are their vacation time frames, preparing our staff to understand the market
share customers?

We should advise our management and our staff on our customers – how to treat
them, greeting

Each segment has its own buying power.

We need to identify our buyers and the buyers who sell our product to their

We should understand both sides our partners and their customers – needs.

That is the primary buyers; along with the primary buyers own buyers, who could be

If we are dealing with B2B Business 2 business customers, also their customers could
also be business customers.

                     Thinking from the customers view point!

Customers carry a large amount of baggage from the cultural and social environment
of their upbringing, their education, the life experience to date.

It is always easy to assume how others think or behave and how they can respond to
our communications;
None of us has the same background, if we feel guests are just numbers and just a
figure to make money.

Now before we go further!
We should clear our mind
Erase from our minds our own thinking and prejudices
Learn and listen, observe and grasp how your customers target thinks, communicates.
And how they come to their conclusion of certain points
We need to try and figure out how they think how their clock works and reacts.

We cannot assume any factors; we must find out.

                   Coaching Good people based on their strengths!

Our main aim today is to focus on strengths – and not on our staff weakness
We can focus on their weakness by working on their strengths making them stronger
And more confident.
In them building their own strengths that one step further gives us that change to
work on their weak points.

Most weak points for most departments can be one of the following:

   1. In their last job they were not trained
   2. They were not given instructions or training
   3. Were not told how to or talk to difficult guests
   4. Were not given the opportunity to learn by their mistakes
   5. Were scalded if they did something wrong
   6. Were left to deal with problems on their own and then fail
   7. Their managers don’t care for them
   8. No real direction in the job
   9. No training to identify the problems
   10. No training to identify the worst cases that happen in their department
   11. The mangers not paying attention to their jobs, too busy looking good on
   12. Not sufficient attention by personnel or training managers to develop their

There are 12 questions that proved to be effective tools to measure core elements,
needed to attract, focus and keep the most talented employees:

   1.  Do I know what is expected of me at work?
   2.  Do I have the materials and equipment in need to do my work correct?
   3.  At work do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?
   4.  In the last 7 days have I received recognition or praise for good work?
   5.  Does my supervisor or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?
   6.  Is there someone at work who encourages my development?
   7.  At work do my opinions seem to count?
   8.  Do the Mission / purpose of my company make me feel like my work is
   9. Are my co workers committed to doing quality work?
   10. Do I have a best friend at work?
   11. In the last six months, have I talked with someone about my progress?
   12. At work, have I had the opportunity to lean at work?

                                 Taking a closer look!

There is one major factor we need to take a look at is the customers needs, what they
are looking at and their expectations.

We offer a contract to our partners with their own rates per market segment; they
then mark up from 15% to 25% some even more but the majority is around 20%.

Let’s look at this mark up:

We offer 4,000 baht as an example from here it goes to the agents who then add their
mark on this.

4,000 + 20% = 4,800 baht this would not include their flights etc plus insurance

What we offer the agents and what goes then onto the guests is totally a very new
ball game indeed.

Their value has now increased their perception of a resort or hotel grows with all the
add on they pay for.
They do not know the value we offered the agents, they look now at what they have
paid and when the arrive at the door, they have the perception, paying money
always give people a point to work with; this is where we must be careful,
Expectations are high even for a 4 star, and then what would it be for a 5 star, that is
way above.

Value for what they have paid
This is a very dangerous game to play if the product or service is not as expected
Payback is a bitch as they say

Now his expectations are of a very good product with good service delivery, this
should be said about every hospitality establishment, keeping your services and
product in place is the name of the game.

We need to take a look at the question why?

Why? Not all people have money to burn or spend, most people save for a full year to
pay for their vacation, only once a year or twice if they are lucky.

They have bills to pay at home, debt etc this can be part of why they expect a good

As an hotelier you are saying how does that affect me?
In a round about way, that additional money we are looking at to collect from them
over the vacation period.

What is he talking about?
A simple equation, their expectation must be met from the first time they are met; the
first person at the hotel or at the airport, then each day must become an experience
for them, being well taken care of, being recognized.

It is our duty to ensure the following steps:

   1. The product is good from the 1st 45 minutes
   2. Polite and cheerful staff
   3. A warm welcome by the management (this depends on each manager of the
      hotel or resort or guest house how much interaction he or she will give or
      commit to their guests)
   4. This backs up the management and staff by being notice you are able to reduce
      some small oversights very quickly by winning them back,
   5. (Courteous and polite)

We need to look at spending power?
What is this – each person, all of us ahs a spending power for a vacation that fits into
their plan through the year, they have bills to pay; payments to be met, mortgages to
pay, school fees.

Therefore they have set their own limit on what they can spend – this is where we
come in, I was lucky enough to sit down with three couple’s in the mid 40’s who were
kind to give me their spending power, they were middle class people worked all their
lives, saved hard to come on holidays each year.

They look for:

Good service, value for money they mentioned not over priced in
Mini Bar
Both of these have been a rip off for many years, they now send their laundry to the
street vendor who charges 40 baht per kilo, they save money here.

Mini bar they find the local supermarket and purchase, their soft drinks and beer as
they found again mini bar prices are well above what is required for them to pay.
We do not have real service for a mini n bar we have a few staff that fill up each day,
no décor or garnish, but we charge an arm and a leg for a can of coke, most are 90
baht, when they can purchase from the store at 15 to 20 baht.

You might say we need to make money, of course that is our business to do and
achieve our budgets, but when you know the Guests go to 7/11 and Tesco etc and
bring back to the resort, don’t you think twice about what they are doing.

Have you placed a sticker on your mini bar items, if not they will drink them and
replace them; this could be a huge loss in on year of nearly 700,000 baht if they do
this on a resort of 52 rooms, wow.

When we drop the coke price from 50 baht to 30 baht they can accept this kind of
price range, its within their spending power, they would then revert to using the mini
bar, second point on the mini bar is to have the mini bar list, then a second list on the
counter in full view so they may look at, if its in the cupboard they wont take the
time to bend down and look, they will automatically assume it’s a very high price
then off they go.

Placing a tent card on the table for the guest to see the pricing strategy is a good
hospitality practice, we need to keep our guests well informed this means they don’t
want to read of lot of literature but take a quick peak and decide then and there if
they want to purchase.

For me we need to balance out their spending money and get as much as we can from
them in house:

We need to focus on the following areas:

Lunch periods
Beverages round the pool
Spa treatments
Dinner drinks
Excursions (commissionable trips)
Cooking classes
Beverage making classes, all other in house money making events

Let’s look at ways to generate:

      Promoting on the web site
      Promotions in house rooms
      Promotions in lifts
      Promotions in the lobby areas
      Promotions in outlets
      Flowers
      Newsletters
      Agent information
      Pre planning
      Tent card
      Visual promotions for food and beverage sections they eye can be pleased with
       a very tempting picture.
      Local TV channel in house
      Last but the most important the front office and front line staff, having a very
       fine pitch line to show and explain, taking their time to show and explain does
       help up sell, gives the guest that first impression counts and they listen.

The entire information above fits in with our Hospitality, we should look at offering
our series at a professional and moral price that would entice them to purchase, re
order or would like to come back due to our friendly and polite Hospitality.
Give a smile with a conviction you mean it.
Gain their friendship make a friend for life.
= a Maniac for your Hotel or resort- free marketing, repeat business at their finger tips
or lips as we should be more correct.

It’s a very simple thing we need to do, just take care of the customers, pay attention –
listen to them, have a chat with them make them feel welcome and at home.

                                Changing the old ways!

If it works don’t change it as the saying goes, yes to a certain degree; then no on the
other part, a menu that works well and sells; then keep it you would then have a full
House each night as the talk would be there is one dish or two they have had for
many years people would then go to try this dish, Maxims in Paris with their famous
Rabbit dish has been there for over 30 years and more.

Changes in our way we think and the way we look and perceive our customers is the
name of the game, here we need to change our game plan to ensure all is well.

Bob Dylan sang “Times they are a changing” and many top artist have sang and spoke
about changes in the world today, in the hospitality industry its more apparent and in
need of change to get things going to another level of service.
Our profit margins, budgets, shareholders and just a bottom line in today’s world is
more important than the customers, I would say that is very incorrect.

But taking a step back; all that budgeting and bullshit at shareholders meetings that
we can achieve or we are able to do so, I have seen it in my life time large
corporations fail due to their gung ho or just over confident then they fall flat on their
This is true in many companies world wide – why do you over estimate or over
growth your markets just to get a new hotel or resorts, or that your new takeover of
an old property is a good deal, who made the deal to take over he gets his commission
we are sure of this, he is the acquisition man.

Don’t bull the owners, give them what they want correct figures that fit the correct
budget, forward thinking and forward planning is very important, be realistic, report
your finding in a manner they can understand.

Names don’t achieve the game today, you must check the product, you may even
destroy that property with your new values and standards, walk and tread carefully to
fill your portfolio.
Last point on this the staff who have worked for many years get, demoralized most of
the times, due new ideas and new brain washing systems.
My talk all relates back to Hospitality and that smile and greeting.
Without them you can’t make your mark with fantastic budgets and new
management who don’t know the product they walk into.
All the above fits into our way of thinking customers first then the owners, then the
profit will roll in.

                             The Old Gents of our Game!

Hospitality runs through their veins, they invented the term hospitality and when
they have gone they still are legends for the next generations to follow:

Consider when you began your apprenticeship all those years ago, who were the key
people then that you looked up too, and you were afraid of.
They scared the shit out of you ,as a fresh man or a green trainee walking into his
first major job, that brings bad memories and very trying times, in a world of
professionals the best in their time, who you can relate to all these years again – what
was will be revived from time to time, the hospitality industry will and is going
through stages where fast food and fast managers with no clue as to what they were
doing is beginning to move again to one side.
The old style is coming back flambé work, gueridon service, silver service; people
want to be pampered for the money they are expected to pay at any top restaurant.

Again this boils down to hospitality, where we put our experiences in front of the
guests, by the way none of them can cook or serve so they are actually privileged to
be served by professionals who know a thing or two about food and service.
Food is a science and not a way of life.
And being a waiter is an art of science, dealing with different cultures and
personalities makes their life a hard road to walk each night, they produce day in and
day out, servicing the rich, famous and not so famous characters.

These are names with a great history behind them, there are hundreds more out there
and I wish I could have worked with them all, and there are some out there who we
would dread to work under.

Or the Williams Brothers who ran Porthmeirion hotel over 40 years ago, again the
splendour and attention to their task the hospitality of their guest were out of this
The Dorchester in London when it was the best in England the list is so long,
 We forget the Spanish waiters we had the “manuels” of this world, they are still the
best waiters, followed the Italians, care and attention to the table and their customers
real pride in the jobs.

I require this page to be updated by a few Gm from the past to bring in the words I

                                   The Beginning!

 The before arrival period
The story goes something like this a couple would like to make a plan to take their
vacation next year, they ponder on where to go, they have listen to friends and family
they search the web for info.
They know they want to go to Thailand as an example:

How much time they have spent looking and talking may come to a surprisingly 4 full
days or 96 working hours, that is a lot; others take longer and then there are those
who know where they are going and take less.
 They talk to agents check the hotel web sites out and then come to a conclusion, that
they would like to stay at X hotel, they inquire through the web booking on the
website, then ask their local travel agents – here they may use two or three in
walking distance to see who can offer a better deal.

What I am getting too the customer takes his time to choose his method of booking
and is now getting excited that he can book your hotel (for us we see them as just
another customers) oops! but for me I see them as a new tool for marketing and a new
found friend who can generate money for you without spending millions on adds and
other marketing tools, did you check your bottom line lately are you comfortable or
happy with the spending on marketing compared to the revenue. (We shall take a
look at this point again)

The guest prints out your hotel web info – now he is happy he talks to the agent and
he can get a cheaper deal from agent 3 so he goes’ there to close the deal.

The agent: then hands over the confirmation once he knows he has the room
availability, he explains to the guests.
Now here there are some problems in our industry - the information the person gives
may be incorrect due to:

The agency does not know the product
The product manager is the only person who has been there
The pictures have not been updated
The brochures is old
The fact sheet was not available
They ran out of fact sheet, no one ordered the extra from the resort
And they promise that the room has a sea view or on the beach

We must take a closer look at the information we give out as hotels to our agents as
the person selling us has not seen the property.

Therefore it is very important two or three months before any high or peak season we
send out new hotel information with a full update, and making a request fro
confirmation of receiving the info.
Big companies fail us here if they do not have a very good structure for the grape vine
they must be well interlinked.

Yes today they say they are fully operational- fine that does not prove a thing just
makes their lives easier but then the guests and hotels suffer due to their lack of
knowledge and personal contact with their customers.

If the guest arrives at the hotel with the perception of a room on the beach then they
are offered a room with a partial sea view but only two minutes to the beach, they
begin to loose confidence in the hotel.
(this is a recovery at the initial 1st 45 minutes period) bad news guy’s – but you can
win them back as a hotelier we should be able to bring them down and back on line
to see that we have done our part and that our partners have not fully been honest to
the guests – this is a two sided coin with three sides.
Us the guests and our partners 1- 2 – 3

Let’s look at the booking through the resort

Same applies as above the get in touch with the resort, first they take a look at the
web site they like what they see; now they take a look at the rates for the internet.

Looks good rates come out well, they compare with other hotels and agents, and then
they decide in a few days to pick your hotel / resort.
What can go wrong from our side plenty?

The information on our site is not correct
Not sufficient pictures
No information at all
Contradicting info when they arrive
Wrong wording by the Reservations team
No real input by the management into the reservations teams information
Incorrect wording in English / spell errors etc
Just lack of attention to the request
Takes too long to reply to the request – we loose the interest of the guests
All requests should be answer within that day or by sunset.

Before the Airport

Why before the airport, think again the guest has made a request to be picked up by
the hotel, have we made sure that this info has gone to the front office.
Has the Reservations manager given the corect info in the system, has the front office
read the correspondence back to front, similar to Japanese.
We must read from the first page in and that is the back page first = same as Japanese

The Correspondence
A very important tool to work with, for those who sign a welcome letter or just for
the Front office to welcome them, this is where mistakes are made form the Res team
to the front office shift teams who are suppose to check the info from back to front to
ensure all is covered.
Some GMS will take a look at the info as they will sign a welcome card or letter, he or
she would then find a discrepancies, many hands do make a task easier and to find a
mistake is good, when the guests arrives all sections have been covered your game
plan is ready now for the guest to arrive.

Misspelled names first and surnames is one of the major issues, a Mr should be Miss
etc, if this occurs a lot from the agents send them a request to re clarify the names in
full, this is a very good practice.

Have we assigned the correct room?
Have we assigned the correct category?
Do they need that extra bed?
Do they require twin or double?
How are their names spelt?
A no smoking room
Additional requirements
Does the information on the agents email coincide with ours is there a mistake form
them in regards to the resorts descriptions, if so we may have an angry customer on
our hands.
What shall or should we do here?
Are they on honeymoon?
Are the guests going to have their birthday while staying with us?
Do we need to inform other departments of any additional requests?
Are they handicapped have we given the correct rooms
Have they requested a sea view room or beach side, if this information correct

As you can se proper checking and re checking form the entire teams will lead to a
very smooth arrival and the guest would be very happy that all we have done up to
now meets their expectations.

We meet their expectations upon arrival this is a sound policy, don’t let mistakes get
in the way of your expectations and delivery of service and sure not , in the eyes of
your guests a good initial delivery means a lot to all of us.

At The Airport
Not all hotels need to be at the airport due to the agents handling, but some hotels
will have full time airport staff to meet and greet and say good by to their guests.

Or some will have a partial team due to only a few bookings off the internet, again
being met at the airport in a manner that reflects your first contact through the email
is very important.
Disappointing service delivery at the airport brings down their expectations a notch,
giving you some work to do upon arrival why?

We were late to pick up
We did not notice them
We noticed them but did not give full recognition
We did not politely acknowledge them
No real greeting was offered
The quality of English spoken was very poor or non existent
They chew gum
They were on the mobile phone when they saw and acknowledge the guests
There was no informal introduction
We walked away and they had to follow
Their luggage was; miss handled by our staff
The luggage was left in the rain
We left a bag behind
We did not offer their name on a sign
They had to search for us
The van was not clean
Inside the van was very dirty
No one spoke to them to the van or to the hotel they were left in the dark
This can go on for a very long list

What should be done?

Ensure the correct flight time is given, make sure with the airport that all flights are
on time and no flight is delayed.

Ensure their name is on your board, and correctly spelt

Make sue the van is clean inside our, if heavy rain we should make an effort to have
the van in some clean order outside, you may be bale to tell the guests, but most roads
would be wet and they would recognize this.

Rainy days have spare towels and umbrellas and if the resort can issue rain ponchos in
the van, or they can be a carried to the terminal if the rain is so heavy and severe.

The van should smell clean, information left inside must be up to date.

The driver should be clean shaven, does not smoke or Hs smoked before he is at the
airport, his van is clean, ice and cold towels ready, the driver will be assisting for the
luggage pick up.

Check the monitors for the correct flight and landing times if on time then you
should be ready within ten minutes of the arrival, (you will need to wait a further 20
to 30 minutes for them to appear.)

Your aim is to welcome the guests with a smile, no matter what mood they are in
don’t forget, they have been

On a long haul over 12 hours
They missed their last flight
Have been stranded in another country for a few more hours
Or just lost their luggage

How would you feel if this happened to you, both very unhappy, but a smiling face
and a warm welcome make a world of difference for sure?
So the first impression counts once again smile greet the guests as per tradition in
your own country,

Good morning good afternoon or good evening which every the time is with a nice
smile, Mr Goodman welcome to Island of Samui.

Hand shakes can be done or formal greetings from your country.

Now the ice has began to melt, even if they seem tiered or agitated due to lost bags or
run around by the airlines keep your composure and smile and they will see a
professional in front of them who they will very quickly feel in good hands and this is
the main point we need to feel in good hands.

People who are in control will win the day over the guests, of course there are those
nuts who complain about everything and everyone and should have stayed home
kind of customers they are a few out there, do the same keep smiling all the way to
the bank break them down, make them feel out of place and they will feel
embarrassed as you have done 150% to be as natural and polite as you can.

Introduce your self by name and the driver’s name this is very important you are
telling them who you are so they can have a conversation with you, you are

How many bags have you brought, may we get a trolley, ask the driver to assist here.

Conversations should begin.

How was your flight?
I hope it was not that tiring
Would you like to sit down while we wait for the bags?
Would you care to use the bathrooms, indicate where they are?
(Some of the above would not fit most arrivals but gives us some indication what can
and should be done)
Just polite conversations make life easy; unless the guests are so difficult then you just
keep quiet.

Talk about the weather if it’s been good then brag about how hot it has been and how
wonderful the water looks by the hotel.
Small chit chat.

When you can confirm all the bags are together, indicate
This way please just a few minutes to the car.

Ask the driver to open the surprise them with a cold towel, this will be a nice gesture
and style, while others around you look on, wow! Which hotel is that they will ask
for sure?
Service begins with a smile then a few added touches make it worth while, your
image is well above the others.

Offer them the towel step back and let the refresh themselves either out side or as
they just step into the car or van.
Indicate the waste bin for the towels.
(The driver should have started the van or car first before he puts the bags in)

The bags should be in the boot.

The driver waits outside the van to ensure all are in and that the hostess is seated as
well, from here he can return to his side of the van/ car.

The hostess will begin her chatting.
We shall be 15 minutes
Please sit back and relax
Make sure some soft music is playing (or ask them what kind of music they would
like offer a case of Music Cd’s if this is your style.
10 minutes or ten miles all these small points works wonders of new arrivals
They are being pampered to the hilt from the airport.

Below is an operations sheet from the airport to the room for Kandaburi Resort & Spa

                                   Samui Thailand

                          Operational Explanation sheet

The operational explanation sheet is composed to ensure that each Department head
and staff knows how the operation of the resort works.
This acts as a guide line for the further improvement on what has been written.

First Impressions count:
One Hostess to be at the Airport, with the driver, the driver will act as a bellman all
times, and this should be stipulated in his job description.

Greetings at the Airport:
A traditional smile and “wai” is required for all arrivals and departures, this also
includes the Drivers.
(Guest service Manager to prepare the sketch of Greetings at the airport for Training
and discussion)

Tag and bag the luggage with guest name, room number and how many pieces of
luggage he has brought. i.e. 1 of 7.

Cold towels to be offered at the Van, car, Driver to wait and collect the towels, or
place a small bin in the van to keep the dirty towel once the guest ahs finishes with it.

From the Airport to the Resort:
Its only ten minutes but we should talk to the guest if they are approachable; we need
to give them a brief of what is going on at the resort.
Keep them interested but not over burden with info as they may have come from
Europe on a long haul flight and they only need to sleep.

If the guest looks like he is tiered or has indicated he has been travelling for a long
time then, you should call in and we shall check them in right away at the resort.

At the Entrance:
Bellboys should be standing ready to open the door of the van or car for the guest,
Guest service team to welcome the guest,
“First impression count” Greetings by numbers.

Hostess to introduce the guest to GM and Guest services Manager

We walk to the customers and three feet away we “wai”
We stand up at the desks in the lobby, as gesture we “wai”

“Welcome to Hotel Name
At the Lobby
GM Guest service Manager to welcome the guest, exchange of cards and formalities to
be made.

Cold towels and a welcome drink to be offered, once the formalities are over, ask
them to take a seat in the lobby bar area.

Ask for their passports (if long haul just offer the drink and take them direct to their
room, and return their passports later).

Registration card to be filled in, if we have details prior then it’s the duty of the guest
service team to get this done in advance, remembering to follow the information in
the reservation profile for that room and guest.

Give a brief detail of the location where they are and what is available at the lobby
area; indicate the two sides of the property.

Bellman should have sent their bags to the room first,

Buggy if required should be ready and waiting to take the guest to the hill side rooms,

The GRO should not take more than 15 minutes at the lobby or less, to ensure the
guest is comfortable and has completed his registration card.

(Again a nice sketch to be drafted out in regards to what has to be said and discussed)

Escort the guest:

Escorting the Guest to Beach side room:

As you walk you should explain the view.

Minding their step; as we go down the stairs.

If elderly people we should have one additional staff to escort her or him by the arm
down the stairs and to their rooms.

Explain the internet service provide to their rooms.

Explain the pool area and what is down there.

Indicate the building they are staying at by its name (TBA) and then escort them
either to the ground floor, first floor or second floor rooms.

Again make sure for the elderly that they are assisted up the stairs to the first and
second floors respectfully. Chit chats with them take your time as you walk up the

Elderly guests who have a difficulty in walking should be given ground floor rooms.
This we may not find out until they arrive at the airport.
(A policy to be written is that 10 rooms should be available for a quick change over
for each day, in respect all rooms should be clean and ready for use within 20 minutes
of a call being made)

At the door:

Make sure you have the correct key at the lobby, open the door for them.

The air con should be on in all rooms, 30 minutes before they arrive, this should have
been checked by the Engineering the day before and Housekeeping two hours before
they arrive.

Gesture with your hand, for them to step into their room.

Welcome to room 109, explain the two key systems for them explaining the energy
saving methods we are using.

The music should be on at a gentle touch.

The smell of lemon grass burner coming form the bathroom should be on.

How to use the blinds
How to use the standing lamp
How to use the remote; also indicate that it is in the compendium.
How to operate the lights what switch is what
How to operate the wall lights going into the bathroom

The setting of the air con, control panel
Bed side light switches
Standing lamp with its dimmer switch
Indicate the refrigerator
DVD, how to operate
Television, how to operate
Indicate the safe and how to operate with the instructions left on top
The internet service and the lap top rentals

In the bathroom:
The light switches from the panel outside, what light is what
The air con switch
In the bathroom the lights at the mirror
Indicate the use of the shower
Open the cupboards indicate the male and female side
How to operate the hair dryer
How to operate the taps, hot and cold side. (Indicate and show them)
The suitcases, if they would like them to be removed we shall store them at the lobby

In the room:
Indicate the compendium and what they can find inside

Upon leaving the room:
Wish the guest a wonderful stay
Leave your name card for them to contact you
Explain to them that you will be there for them
“wai” and turn away

Escorting the guest to Hill side rooms:
You will indicate the lobby area and the front section of the resort before you leave
the lobby.
Escort them to the club car.

Explain to them the area in front of them the Restaurants
Breakfast court etc

Explain that they can call a car at any time and one will be there to pick them up to
bring them over to the beach side

Explain the security guards and if they would like to walk over the security guard
would assist them across road.

Explain the pond system to them, our Environmental friendly resort.

Ask them to enter the lift, hold the door for them if they are on the 1st or second

In the lifts (we should have our resort map and what’s on programs so the guests may
see what’s going on)

Ask them to leave the lift first hold the button for them.

Walk them the room, open the door for them. Invite them into their new home
(these rooms are back to front where they enter the bathroom first then into their

Same as the Deluxe rooms the full explanation is required

Leaving the room same applies.

House keeping duties 45 minutes before they arrive:
Flowers set and dirty and fresh looking
Lights on
Second key tag in the power slot
Burner on with scented oil in the bathroom
Honeymooners to have water and flowers in the bath
TV to be on the music channel or DVD with Thai music relaxing

Certain time of the day check in procedure to be looked at:
Early morning check in set ups 6:00 am until 9:00 am
Morning check in set up 10:00 until 4:00 pm
Afternoon check in 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Early evening check in 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Late check in 9:00 pm until 12:00 midnight

Changing room’s difficult guests:

A policy must be established here, where we don’t go against the customers we accept
the concerns and we try our best to accommodate them, do whatever it takes to make
them happy. If it’s our fault or the fault of the agent we should respond immediately
and without any hesitation to solve this problem.
If you have to upgrade them do so at no additional cost to them, we can deal with the
agents afterwards.

The guests
The guest is always right, yes to some degree – in today’s society we have those fools
who play their games, and here we must ensure we are bale to train our staff and
mangers to handle them.
As Hoteliers we may have forgotten that we are the Inn Keeper and this rule of
thumb was the original Hospitality rule, we have the right to refuse or throw out of
our establishments those who are rude, causing damage or just a pain in the arse who
is disturbing other guests as well.
Remember we are and can throw them out, either politely or nicely by refusing them
to stay or even enter the resort.
This should be known to all.

If they are just a new arrival and are causing aggravation for nothing, or they want to
re bargain, or argue about their rooms:


I am very sorry sir – if you do not like your rooms then I have to ask you to leave
right now and contact your agent to find you a new hotel.
As I need to sell these rooms today.

I am sorry sir you have paid your agents therefore I cannot re bargain for a room rate,
please call him, and ask him to find you a new resort.

Drunken guests at the pool
 May I have a quite chat please, can I ask you to calm down a bit and reduce the noise
level, and you are upsetting other guests around the pool. Thank you

Sir I have to ask you to leave the pool immediately as you are causing other guest to
request to change their hotels due to your language or and or behaviours.

Sir this is my last warning, I have called the police and they will be here in a few
minutes, I have asked them to escort you and your party out of the resort, you may do
this quietly or with the assistance of the police.
My opinion is you remove yourself from the resort right now and I will hold back the

These are just some examples that may be used or can be adapted to suit the way you
are and your personality.

The aim here is to be direct and polite, and then once they have gone over the mark,
you are allowed to handle them in a manner that reflects in their style of behaviour.

The hotel
Most managers would crinch on throwing someone out, they may be having to look
behind them, maybe their owners would say something, or a senior COO with bad
attitude would object to the resort and company image, the only image that is
required in the above cases is yours and the way the hotel is ran.
No corporate policy can be used on such case, guidelines are set but that is all, these
kinds of incidents must be handles on the spot and in a timely manner that will show
the hotel is in control.
You must remember the feed back from the other guests to their agents – this is more
important than having to worry about bosses, you are the boss at this hotel, so deal
with the situation in a manner that makes you feel comfortable but in control.
Hard to achieve this kind of hardness, anyone who is out of order, rude or just drunk
all the time should be dealt with in a manner that peace is retained in your

The partners

What do we call a partner, a wife a business associate who is sharing the burden with
you, in the industry the partner is the Travel agent.
This is a very difficult topic to bring up as most partners are not really forthcoming
and just get their contract signed and then they leave you alone, not wanting to know
any of your problems or short falls.
Do you relay call this a partner, for me this is No I would call this a deserter a person
of disrepute or just worthless.

Many games are being played out there today to try and abuse and reduce rates to
their own benefit, of course this is a business practice to some extent, but if there is
no team effort between the resort and the Agent then it’s not worth the effort to
work together.

Both parties must agree on reasonable terms of contracts where both sides win.
Most agents will try to squeeze every drop of money to ensure their budgets are
achieved, and then you will struggle with yours.
You loose, yes there is the problem of over built hotels- too many rooms.

This is a good way to keep your rates down, but does not work on your budget you
have prepared, you loose.

They say its their market and they can decide how and when to adjust rates, of course
some of the big boy’s use their strong arm tactics and yes its easier form Sales and
marketing to follow them so they don’t have to work harder to find new agents and
build a higher yield, than the big boy who brings in three time more rooms than the
next agent down.
You must wonder what this to do with Hospitality is.
 It’s everything that I have written in previous pages.

? Make your hotel or hospitality establishments well known and loved by guests so
they give that feed back to their agents once they know you mean business you are
able to work as a partner.
You are able to ask for the rates, you can talk to them in ways they will understand
that your establishment stands out in the crowd – people talk about you.

This is what I mean about hospitality, it’s not about the manger, the owners or the
sales teams, it’s about your staff, and how they are taken care of:

Good salaries that may be above the normal limit by a few baht
Their benefits, staff accommodation
Service charge the most important
Food at the canteen
Vacation periods
Day off during their birthday
And how they are guided and trained to achieve their goals
A smoothly run operation where they can have say
Involve them in the business, especially the mangers keep them well informed
Keep staff informed of what is going on
Calendars of events
Just some of the points we can add more onto this, you may wish to do so and then
break this down to the main areas, you will be surprised it boils down to the service

Service charge
One of the most important factors in any hospitality establishment, if the salary is
good, food is good team work, and then you fail on your service charge you fail in
your hotel, staff will move more than those hotels that establish and have seen the
benefit in giving the most of the service charge each month.

Service charge
Is and does belong to the staff its should not be handled much by owners or
10% should be retained or more if the establishment is loosing or a heavy breakage
and loss occurs, the norm should be 90 % to the staff.
If the owners say they have green seasons after three years of operation and hot
season is very low, then they should look at their sales and marketing teams to fill
those gaps
Why build big hotels only to run with 50% during low, green seasons,

Then there should be filter off from the main highs to add to very low seasons, but if
the norm is 90% then give them 90% all the time – it may be double what they make
in a normal month, most employees look at their service charge as a means to
purchase items.
And their salaries are for keeping.

Service charge means
The service the staff has given to the resort and its guests and is theirs to begin with
and not controlled by over zealous accountant and owners.
This benefit belongs to the staff at all times.
And a very good working tool if they get the correct amount they expect – high turn
over occurs when we play around with the service charge, those in positions of high
salaries don’t care and those who operate on behalf of the owners don’t care as well

But they should – to train a staff and to loose a staff costs money in the long run, staff
who just do what they have to if the service is reduced or below what it should be.
You can’t hide figures away from staff, staff today is more educated than the ones for
20 to 30 years back, and most have degrees.
It’s a very dangerous game to play with the service charge, not to mention new hotels
and resorts developing every year in Asia.
Do not kill the hand that feeds you this is all I am saying – if you talk about taking
care of the staff then do so correctly.

More staff we loose then the more costly it is for our owners to re train new ones and
to try and keep them on board as well.

Employee’s today move after two years they need to gain more experience and travel.
They are not the same as staff 20 years ago once they had a job they remain inside for
a long term.
Then again some legendary hotels and resorts have retained their staff for over 15 to
20 years; these are real champion establishments who know the real meaning and cost
of those loyal and determined adversaries of hospitality.
They are the champions in their own filed and all should be recognised, but they will
never bee seen, as their role is just a part of a large chain, it’s mostly the face of the
Gm who is the main picture of each establishment.

Just a small note to owners, don’t mix up loyal staff who are loyal to you and spy on
others, this is not loyalty this is false attitudes, where hey have a good image towards
the owners , but not their main task, their jobs and their colleagues or their guests.
They don’t care unless they can give that info to the guests; these kinds of people are
called rats.

The Arrival period
We have gone through some of the arrival; let’s take a closer look to ensure we are
covered in all sections:

Reservations, time, date of arrival flight details are they all there?
Are we on time?
Waiting for them at the lobby are we all there who should be there, do we greet them
with a smile.
Have they lost their bags?
Are they long haul guests, these small factors we may not notice should be looked at.

Long haul – take koh samui we have long haul arriving at 9:00am but check in does
not begin until 2:00pm, what are we going to do with them for that long period of
time, if the resort is empty or on a green season its fine – what if its our peak or high
periods then we do have a small dilemma, that is not our problem at all.

Again why bother then, its all down to hospitality and we should be well versed in
polite manner even if it causes us to re think what we have set for the day, no one
wants to change here or his ideas or plans for the day, it puts them out of sync all the

The early check in
Again as I mentioned above it’s not very easy to explain to the guest they have to wait
until after mid day due to a resort being full.

The staffs find it hard to explain or they check in the guest and then say, oh by the
way – we won’t have a room for you until 1:00pm four hours away.
Now some resorts and hotels do have a day room use spa facilities etc.
But what should be done, first of all there are many factors here.

Discuss with the agents to let them know the difficulties, then you have the flight
schedules that don’t match, some agents don’t bother at all, they have taken the
booking made the money so that’s that, forgetting that the guests will suffer they will
have a bad taste in their mouth and the guest wont use that agent again,
Hospitality – not being carried out.
Agents need to study more on their flight details, of course this takes man hours they
say costs money, true but again they will loose a repeat customer and that customer
goes to the agent down the street.
All factors are related to hospitality and how well we take care of the clients guests
In today’s world there are so much more hotels, resorts agents etc coming on line
people have the opportunity to try many more possibilities.

What can be done or should be looked at, on the hotelier’s side;

Have a spare room for changing a day room or two with lockers for those hotels that
require due to flight times.
We all encounter a full house and late check outs therefore day rooms could be
charged at a price say 50% off the rack rate for half ad ay or up to four hours.
Some hotels are now looking at this extra revenue earner as new design and addition
to the establishments.
You are able to welcome the early check in- assist the ones who need a late check out
 And you are able to generate additional revenue in the same time.

At the resort level
The only way to do is have a positive mind and welcome the guest first, explain to
them the situation most will understand, offer them the alternative,
A day room
Out of order room
Bigger room, not as requested say a family room
The sue of the spa rooms for changing

This enables the guest to feel comfortable, as most have been flying for a long time a
shower and a change makes the world of difference.
There is also the second part that is the late check out – same applies try our best to
accommodate the request offer a nice rate for 4 to 6 hours.

If they don’t agree then just offer them a spa room to get changed – there is the last
option and one that we don’t make money on rooms – but we may do on Food and
beverage – and or spa, day trips.
This is another way; the offer a free room gains their respect and we may be able to
bring them back the last 20 minutes applies here.
What we do and actions we take returns to Hospitality – some companies and owners
do not think in regards to real hospitality they talk but don’t walk.
In today’s world people need more time care and attention the world has grown that
way, and in our industry more than ever.
People are very demanding – they may not be correct – as some have never
experienced the way we treat them they think they have – we are not able to look at
their upbringing or the way they live before they come to us.

Why am I saying this – of course its down to Hospitality and the budgets and survival
of the company we work or own.
We need to be better and more guests orientated than ever – hospitality to its max.

The uncertain period
This what I call the initial welcome stage at the hotel or resort, the guest may be
tiered uncertain of what they have chosen, or they are just tiered and not in the mood
this uncertain period is very vital for the hotelier.
This is where we try to bring some laughter and security to the guest we must make
them feel very welcome, but not over the top just enough to feel comfortable and in
good hands.

There is always this uncertain period, as the guest may have been working hard and is
not relaxed, still very high on work. They will need at least two full days to slow
down and relax.
Staff and management must be very cautious but able to have a chat with the guests
this is the most important part in our hospitality is to continue to strive and bring the
guest to our side.

The Breakfast Period
The most important part of any day, the first meal and the first impression – they do
count very much, if the food is not up to standard then your hospitality looses points
– why? You may have forgotten we are in the hospitality business making them
happy- of course we can please them all,
and out there are people who try and fool us, who have not even had a breakfast in a
hotel or resort before and some who think they can cook, but the truth is they cant
cook to save their known life’s, and here we are trying to please them.

Now back to the first real impression the breakfast

The afternoon period

Hospitality and the difficult guests

                              Adding Lean & Mean
                           Our customer mania service!

What’s khun John Up to now, well I have been reading and looking at ways to reduce
and improve ways we work, six sigma, Lean speed Books.
You learn by taking a bit from everywhere you worked and adapting them to the
situation you are in Today.

                  Let’s take a look or you can take a look at this cycle

How to generate more revenue from a guest eating at the restaurant?
What do we do at the moment write this down and add a number as step for each
Step you take.

                                        Welcome the guest

                                   Ask them a table for two

                                         Seating the guest

                                       Unfolding the napkin

                                          Servicing water

                                  Offering a pre dinner drink

                                 Offering the menus wine list

                                         Taking and order

                                       Or servicing a drink

                                       Setting up the cutlery

                                        Serving first course

                             Setting up for the second or third course

                                         Crumbing down

                               Asking if they would like a dessert
                                          Tea or coffee

                                        Presenting the bill

                                     Escorting the guest out.

                                 Cleaning and re setting the table

Take a very close look at the service and where the restaurant is, how we are going to
improve this service in regards to:

Up selling
This begins at the breakfast time, guest service team and a very pro active
Management team, web site information is the ideal first step as the guest will book
through an agent but then a guest will check your web site – this is why Blogs
attached to your web site make the ideal info as well, we shall talk more about the
blog later on.
Through in room info, banner or signs through the resort, items in the lift, up selling
comes in many forms the best one is talking, having a chat with guests.

Delivery of service
This is a very important part, delivery of service comes again in many forms, your
outlet, or hotel should be well versed in all aspects of its duties, lest take a restaurant
to begin with, why do we give service?
Service is a means of contact with one another, where we offer a service as in a
restaurant we serve food & beverages; we offer our hospitality to those who enter the
The main person for the delivery of service is the Restaurant Manager responsibility,
same as a captain in an army unit; they need to train and re train their teams to be as
one and as professional as they can to serve their customers.
The delivery is to give the guest the best attention we can in the delivery of our food
and beverage, with a happy smile, we should always remember to keep our culture
and faith at home as we serve all races and nationalities, if you do have problems at
home leave them there this will impair your service, a good manger will be ale to spot
such actions, but in today’s world there is so much debt, home relationships not being
as good as they are all add up in today’s Hospitality industry.

Why bring this up this all adds up to a good performance at service time and a very
poor one that could give your restaurant or hotel that average account by the guests.

Do you remember the days we trained in colleges for our Certificates, how well our
teachers monitored us coached and ask questions, before we went into service that
day, if we were not on the ball that day we were re located to be away from the guest
immediate vicinity, but close to do our service.

The Restaurant team should be trained to work as one and all should be allocated
posts and duties for the days service in doing so we are able to maintain standards at
all times.
Staff should be rotated at least twice a month to keep them on their toes, once a
month they will get into a rut; this is not what we are looking at.

The welcome at the door should always be with a smile, first impression count, if the
guest is a repeat then he or she must be welcomed with a greeting of happiness to see
them again.

Escorting to the table should be done by the restaurant manager with one of his
hostess, he is the host its his house, and she is his partner, he will help them to sit by
offering the chairs to the ladies first and she will help with the napkins and chit chat
along with the manager, this is where we should be at ease and make the guest
comfortable, they will know you are a professional and a person they can talk too.

Why talk too?
They might have some questions or requests that would make their night if they can
be done correctly, the guest is now or today with a lot more expectations even at
three star resorts or just a restaurant on the street – if all is well they will then talk
about your hospitality and service you would be known as a friendly Establishments.

We need to be step above our guests, we serve them and we should give our best at all
times, even the most awkward or difficult guest gives us a challenge, most people
today try to shy away from the difficult guest or ignore them, and this is true to a fact
in the Hospitality industry today.
Staffs just want to do as a little as possible, for more money and keep complaining,
this is where we should look at today. Our training must be more frequent, our
presence must be seen more often, be like a ghost, observe their habits, dissect this
behaviour they have and you will see that you loose a lot of man hours, a lot of
revenue and more headaches, trying to achieve your goals.

As a manager our lives is difficult as it is but we should look at the past our history of
those who were there before us the good old days, should be looked at for the
Hospitality industry in any form from a 3 – 4 – 5 star properties to Restaurants.

What you need to do is be well ahead of your competition and they will be trying to
do the same against you, this is a very healthy practise and keeps establishment awake
and running full steam all the time, this is a healthy recipe for a good product and
good guest feed back for the future of the establishment.

We need to observe and see what our competition are doing, there is inventing new
wheels but there is a chance we can obtain one or two pints that could help our
service or property, nothing wrong with this, its what we call keeping the heart

Delivery of food
Again the delivery of food is as important as the initial welcome, how we set the table
before during and after the meal is important and part of the Hospitality, where we
look for details, se things that should be done before the food arrives, of course this
should be standard practise.

Take a closer look at your service from time to time, you would be amazed as how
they do not do their jobs, even with the top manager in place they set themselves into
a routine that fist their way of working, you will need to break this down.
Being a ghost walking round your resort or hotel gives you a lot more input into the
tasks and duties that do not get done.
Think back to our days when we started out, how many times or days did we try to
rescue the work load we had to do or take some short cuts!

The times have changed ladies & Gentleman and its time to get back to the drawing
board of Hospitality in our establishments, and bring back some finesse and details
where it counts the guests, customers and the bottom line where it counts, it wont be
easy, and some of us would say no way, you may be correct and right to say no.

It’s easier to make the managers work; to work the staff to keep them motivated in
ways it should be catering towards the customers.
Its easier as well to not see what’s going down if you have been in an establishment
for over 4 years, you get yourswelf into a rut, or a comfort zone, and to do the
changes that’s more work – why should I even try I am comfortable the way things
are, true if it works don’t change the system,
In certain ways and areas its correct – if your service and Hospitality is spot on, you
have return guest over 45% each year and, guest questionnaires are way above 75% in

the good or excellent then sit back, and watch the bottom line drop its not just what
is shown that is good you will need to think about the ones that have not been
answered so there is still work to be done and there will .always be work to be done
in our industry, it a game of growth and change at a level these days that’s is
Why? So many new establishments so many new ideas and styles we compete with
each other, if we build today we better to have a plan for the next five years to
compete with what’s coming up. Or what is being changed.

The name of the game is get back into your operation evaluate all your guest contact
skills and systems and break them down to see where you are.

What can be done?
As mentioned above we need to look outside the box for sure, ask a few home truths
can we improve, should I improve or why should I move forward.
The future is in our won hands and we should look forward, sit back and wait for the
day to come to an end, then this may come to an end very soon, and sooner no later,
owners today look closely.
We need to establish old standard, look at the history of hospitality go back to about
1920,s and what do you get, style, finesse and hospitality down to a tee.

Re evaluate your training plan
Re evaluate the English’s training plan
Make a commitment to look outside the box
Create your won service program, / why as each hotel, resort has its own style
structure and image and this si where the hotelier brings his experience into effect.

It boils down to a simple solution and that is a commitment from the staff and
mangers to ensure that the program selected must be short sweet and direct to the
point and not over boring or long tedious session this is just the beginning of training
methods that need to be re looked for today’s new employee’s.

Do Not
Employee free lance trainers who tell you they can create magic, once you loose the
first set of staff we need to bring them back and what does this do, create a huge extra
cost you can’t afford.
You as a manager can create what it takes for your establishment.

When we move on and take on a new property, what do we do?
We evaluate the previous mangers work then design pour own, does it fit in to what I
have just mentioned.
It does not mean that the most dedicated and most professional trainers are not
required they are they came form the industry or most of them.

Take some time, take a look at the competition borrow a few ideas and develop them
to their fullest at your establishment.

Some more Hospitality observations:

Assisting guest is our business no matter what it is, that should be our duty.
Lest take one example, lost luggage, quite a few guests loose their luggage either from
the point of origin or between their point of origin and the next destination.
Lost luggage but using two airlines, the guest lost their luggage but did not come
through a travel agent they cam by themselves, this makes the scenario a lot different
for all, they flew Thai and changed to Bangkok airways who is to blame, originally its
Thai airways as the bag never got on the plan in Bangkok for samui.
What do we do we call Bangkok airways to find pout where the bag is? Is this correct
or an over sight by our staff.
Did they ask the correct questions?
Did they use their brain power?
Did they think the process through?
If the guest had to wait 4 days then there is a major issue, they did not inform the
mangers as required to begin with.
So what must be done?”
Call Thai Airways in Bangkok to begin with put the pressure on them, to find the bag
and send it as soon as possible to the resort.
Do as much as you can to coordinate with all concerned assure the guest that all is
being done for them. Apologies and give some apathy, talk them through.
They may have medication in their bag that they need?
Then ask them what kind, do they need a prescription or not, direct them to a
hospital or chemist.
Small things can help them and ease their misery of loosing their vacation clothes,
some cant afford to purchase more, this kind of customers need to be well taken care
Go out and above your duty, get them some clothes if required ask the Manager what
can I do, purchase one t shirt and one pants each, offer to take them to a large
department store where it’s cheap but the clothes are of good value.

Do what it takes to archive the goal of a very satisfied customer who will, think you
are a god and he or she would then become a maniac, this is hospitality as it should
Even make a policy for such incidents and have a set of resort items on stand by just
in case.

Means we need to help them choose some trips or excursions, we need to guide them
to the correct one, and if our teams have been on all the trips and the guest makes a
request then it’s easier for them to say, this one or that one.
Guide them towards our outlets, our theme nights and any other outlet or revenue
centre we have in the resort, its making money time.

We need to deliver our promise if the guest calls us we must assist them as soon as
possible, today we have major issues on this part that the FO staff do not get back to
the guests and they ignore the request most of the times.
Why is this so?
Under trained, under managed, lack initiative and lacks confidence to deal with
customers who make a request it could be a small one but they think it’s big, they
might not have been asked this request before, and they have no real intention to
carry out this task.
Take a phone call, how many times do they get it correct, do they repeat the question,
or do they repeat the request, 8 out of 10 do not, do they write this down to remind
them of what is required.
They lack this main point they do not write down what is required of them and it’s a
very simple thing, the guest has a request and we must serve the guests at all times.

We need to offer our services; we are in the hospitality game we create magic.
Do we offer, not always, we miss many opportunities to create and offer that could
produce additional revenue for sure.
To offer is to begin a conversation that may proceed to a sale; we don’t offer we miss
an opportunity to sell our goods and chattels.
Training here must be under taken at all times, take a closer look at the Front office
and spa sections, along with your Food and beverage teams and PR department.

Why PR I put them out into the playing field, a PR person sell and gives an update on
the resort
Follow ups:

Our Managers:

Why look at all our Managers and lower rank and file personnel, its easy we all add
up to making the resort a working time piece where, consistency and perseverance is
the name of the game.
We meet, we greet and we speak to our guests

General Manager
Must be the face of the resort at every angle, lead by example, but should have his
own character, he will know his style once he sees the property he walks into for the
first time, each property needs a character.

Hotel Manager – EAM
They must take over and learn from the General Manager, embrace his style of
approach, even if he does not like this approach or does not fit in with what he ahs
been trained in the past, he must adapt to the style at hand.

Front or guest service Manager
Public relations manager
Food & Beverage Managers
Assistant Manager
Restaurant Managers
Bell Men
Activities desk team
Bar staff


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