Custom XUL Development – a smart way for Success

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					         Custom XUL Development – a smart way for Success

XUL is totally open source programming language for the development of certainly very useful
technical tools which can be used for the productive results in various areas such as business and

XUL Development is widely used in Mozilla based applications and it stands as an incredibly
popular technology for the web. Firefox is one of the leading browsers and more popular than the
industry leader Internet Explorer. More and more people are switching over to Firefox, mainly due
to the security and feasibility for excellent plug-ins or add-ons that you can get for the browser.

Benefits with XUL Development are:

       XUL applications are small, downloaded quickly
       Better user engagement
       Freedom of choice of platform and device
       Increase ability to tailor application appearance to own preference
       Remarkable improvements in branding and marketing
       Overall business performance improves
       You can achieve unrivalled brand exposure
       Internal network automation

CTD provides XUL Developers services for:

       XUL programming
       Custom XUL plug-in development
       Firefox plug-in & extension development
       Mozilla cross-platform applications
       XUL Widget Development

XUL is a flexible programming language, under expert jurisdiction it cannot only be used for the
development of Mozilla Firefox extensions/Plug-in but several of other uses are possible with smart
developing skills.

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Description: Availing custom XUL development services through CTD is as easy as it could be. Through comprehensive research and study, Custom Toolbar Development India has achieved proficiency in developing Mozilla toolbars and other widgets using the XUL technology.