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					The San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club to which I belong, is a CMP (DCM) rifle club. The DCM
(CMP) (Director of Civilain Marksmanship Program) was founded by the Department of Defense
(War Department), in the early part of this century. The primary purpose being to teach
riflesafety and marksmanship to juniors (those between 9 and 20 years old).

In order for a junior to participate in this activity, it is required that each parent provide a
permission slip for each of their junior participants. This will be used only if a "Medical
Emergency" needs addressing. There is no cost to the Junior. The San Jose Zouaves provide the
rifles, the ammunition, the marksmanship and safety training, at no cost to the junior.
                               ATTENTION ALL SHOOTERS

The Field Sports Park Staff welcomes and encourages new shooters. To ensure a safe and
enjoyable experience for you we have compiled a brief overview of the range operation. Please
read these procedures carefully. You are expected to follow them.

All range regulations and policies are based upon four principles of safety:

1.     Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
2.     Always point the muzzle of your firearm in a safe direction. Do not point your firearm at
       anything you do not intend to shoot.
3.     Keep your finger off the trigger until you have your sights on the target.
4.     Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

The range has fifteen minute firing periods. At fourteen minutes into the firing period, "One
minute remaining in the firing period" is announced. After that one minute has passed a "Cease
Fire" is called. Anyone shooting after the cease fire will be asked to leave the range. At this time
open the action, pull your slide back and take your magazine out. Pick up your target, beverage,
etc. off of your shooting station and step behind the red line. Please note approaching your
shooting station during a cease fire is not permitted for any reason.

For your protection, park staff will then check each firearm individually to make sure that they
are safe. Once your firearm has been checked, do not approach your shooting station. If you
need something off of your bench, get a staff member and they will get what you need.

Once the "range is safe" command is given, you may walk down range and post your target.
Staple guns on the red posts and masking tape by the range office is provided for your
convenience. Once everyone has returned from down range and the range has been checked by
park staff a new firing period will be called.

Following safety principle #2, shooters are required to transport uncased firearms with the
muzzle pointed straight up and the action open. The muzzle should be held "higher than the
highest head" on the range. There are only two directions uncased firearms may point, at the
target or straight up with the action open and unloaded. Please note that during cease fire,
firearms or equipment are not permitted to be carried on or off the range.
Each customer receives one target with paid admission. Additional targets may be purchased.
When available, ear and eye protection may be borrowed free of charge.

Finally, please read the range regulations. You are required to follow them. Remember,
everyone is responsible for safety. The park staff appreciates your cooperation and assistance in
maintaining a safe range. If you have further questions, please ask.
County of Santa Clara
Rifle/Pistol Range Regulations

The following safety procedures have been established to ensure the health and safety of the
individuals who use this facility. You are responsible for reading and understanding these range

1.       Carry uncased firearms with the muzzle straight up, action open, magazine out and finger
         off the trigger.
2        On the firing line, keep your muzzle pointed down range at all times.
3.       Keep your finger off the trigger, and outside the trigger guard, until you have your sight
4.       Loaded firearms permitted on the firing lineduring firing only.
5.       Anyone entering the range with a loaded firearm will be refused entry.
6.       Know your firearm and ammunition.
7.       Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
8.       Know where others are at all times.
9.       Ear and eye protection are required, and will be provided.
10.      Mixing alcohol and drugs with shooting activities is not permitted.
11.      During cease fire stay behind the line. Do not approach the shooting station for any
12.      During cease fire, firearms or equipment are not permitted to be moved on or off the
         range. Do not handle any firearm or equipment during cease fire.
13.      All firearms are to be cased or uncased on the shooting bench with the muzzle
         pointeddown range.
14.      Holsters are not permitted on the range.
15.      Anyone can call a cease fire.
16.      Anyone firing after a cease fire may be asked to leave the range.
17.      Shooting at anything other than your target may result in expulsion from the range.
18.      NO RAPID FIRE! A minimum of three seconds is required between shots.
19.      If you have a misfire or other problem keep muzzle pointed downrange and raise your
20.      You must obey all range commands immediately.
21.      Shooters must shoot from shooting stations.
22.      Rifle muzzle loaders must keep muzzle up during cease fire by placing gun in rack or in
         crutch of bench. When directed by rangemaster.
23.      With the exception of coaching, no more than one person is allowed at the shooting
24.      Posting of targets is permitted only during a cease fire period.
25.      If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal
         guardian in order for a minor to shoot.

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