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                                                                         These changes require all businesses of medium
         AVERT Risk Management Services (‘Avert’) is a                   size or larger to provide and implement a Risk
         private consultancy company designed to provide                 Management Plan, and penalties will apply for
         Risk Management advice and assessment                           Risk Management failures.
         tailored to businesses involved in provision of
         services to the general public.
                                                                         The Australian Risk Management Standard
         AVERT specialises in application of Risk                        (AS4360:1999) is applied to all Business Risks
         Management in the areas of 'Public Safety,                      including operational, physical, human resource,
         Environmental Health & Safety and Occupational                  industrial relations and financial risk.
         Health and Safety'

         Recent Tragedies …                                              EXPERIENCE
         "Recent tragedies... have highlighted the need for              AVERT is a private consultancy company
         risk management strategies, and from Dec 15,                    designed to provide Risk Management advice
         2001, federal criminal penalties will follow risk               and assessment tailored to businesses involved
         management failures. From today, companies                      in provision of services to the general public.
         have 6 months to implement risk management
         programs before – facing serious criminal                       AVERT has as its foundation over twenty years
         penalties and fines under new provisions of the                 experience in ‘operational’ analysis, policy
         Commonwealth Criminal Code".                                    development and risk treatment strategies
                                                                         focused on public events and venues.
         Standards Australia Press Release (2001-06-21).

         Risk Management Application                                     We have extensive experience of event, security
                                                                         and safety planning and venue management.
         Risk Management Application is the cultural                     This includes the treating and preventing of risk,
         change to ensure an organisation formally                       combined       with    extensive    management
         considers all levels of risk and prepares a                     consultancy. In addition to this, it is a natural
         treatment for all identified risks. At the very least           extension to understand the prior process of
         a Risk Management Plan can aid in future                        identifying and evaluating risk.
         management planning, reduce losses and reduce
         insurance premiums.
                                                                         AVERT combines industry best practice with our
         AVERT specialises in application of Risk                        dedication to AS/NZS 4360 (1999) and
         Management strategies for Public Safety,                        associated educational briefings, as well as an
         Environmental Health & Safety and Occupational                  inclination to methodological application of the
         Health and Safety, for organisations involved in                standards flow chart. This allows us to deliver
         event and venue operations. With over twenty                    compliance and audit facilitation and consultancy
         years experience in ‘operational’ analysis, policy              to clients in many fields.
         development and risk treatment strategies, we
         can bring you in line with the new legislation.                 With the increasing focus on formalised Risk
                                                                         Management and the corresponding legal
                                                                         requirements,    AVERT      Risk    Management
         Your Obligations                                                Services offers diversified Risk Management
         All organisations are exposed to risk in all of their           consultancy applicable to all service companies.
         everyday business activities.                                   Our areas of expertise relate to Public Safety,
                                                                         Event Safety, Event Management Risk Planning,
         Recent legislative changes under new provisions                 Occupational Health and Safety Management
         of the Commonwealth Criminal Code outline                       Systems.
         organisations' obligations to identify and minimise
         risk through the implementation of formal risk
         management programmes.

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         A selection of current clients                              Sydney Olympic Park Rugby World Cup Public
                                                                    Domain Live Site Public Safety
          Andrew Birley Events                                       The Best of The Best Diner
          Australian Business Theatre                                The Domain Rugby World Cup Live Site Public
          Australian Fashion Innovators / Spin Events               Safety
          Australian Racing Drivers Club                             Toyota & Lexus @ Melbourne Motor Show
          Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
          Cambridge Events
          Channel V                                                 Risk Management Systems
          Confederation Australian Motor Sport [CAMS]
          Harrow                                                    Avert Risk Management Services can assist
          Horizon Events                                            clients at all stages of the Risk Management
          Jack Morton Worldwide                                     process in accordance with the Risk
          Jam Recordings                                            Management process defined within the
          Maverick Marketing & Communications                       Australian Standard AS/NZS4360.
          Mink + Rush
          On Targett Communications                                 Services include a comprehensive enterprise
          Peter Rix Management                                      wide Risk Management System or combinations
          Playbill Venues                                           of Faciliation of Risk Management Systems
          Podium Events                                             Development, Implementation and Integration
          Shine Event Management                                    (including    Change     Management),  Risk
          Staging Rentals                                           Management       Education,   and/or   Risk
          Sydney SuperDome                                          Management Consultation and Audit.
          Technical Direction Company
          University of Western Sydney Students Union
          VEM                                                       There is a difference between the risks an
          Watches of Switzerland                                    organisation identifies and its capability to
                                                                    manage these risks. This ‘risk management gap’
                                                                    needs to be considered as both a component of
         Risk Reviews                                               and the basis for implementing an integrated Risk
         A Selection of Recent Risk Reviews                         Management and Change Management program.

          Confederation Australian Motor Sport
         Operations [CAMS]                                          Implementing risk management requires a Risk
          Dixie Chicks Australian Tour Security                     Management Integration Program that provides
         Operations                                                 corporate-wide application of risk management
          Good Vibrations Festival                                  supported by a framework and tool-kit that
          Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Tour                    delivers aggregated risk management information
          Hong Kong Tourist Board Launch                            to protect, release and create value for an
          ICAP Christms Party                                       organisation and its stakeholders.
          Livid Sydney Public Safety
          Matrix The Revolutions Premiere
                                                                    The Risk Management System ensures each
          Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, Public
                                                                    activity is subject to the integrity of those within
                                                                    an organisation who are accountable, in
          News Limited RWC Corporate Hospitality
                                                                    accordance with the AS/NZS:4360 process.
          Red Hot Chilli Peppers Sydney Operations
          Robbie Williams Operations
          Rocks & Circular Quay New Years Eve
         Celebrations Public Safety
          Rocks & Circular Quay Rugby World Cup Live
         Site Public Safety
          Santana Sydney Operations

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         Application and Implementation                                 Risk Management Education
                                                                        Self Paced Learning Kit.
         A tailored Risk Management Programme can be                     Includes delivery of introductory management
         implemented by:                                                and/or staff briefings and policy documentation
                                                                        outlining client specific standards and process
         Enterprise wide Risk Management Systems                        requirements.

                                                                         Self-paced learning manual covering Risk
         'An Enterpise Wide Risk Management System
                                                                        Management from theory to application
         can be applied with relatively minimal application
         of internal resources (administrative, human and
                                                                        Risk Management Consultancy:
         financial). This system is designed to create and
                                                                        Audit Process
         maintain a Risk Management programme by
                                                                         Detailed investigation of the current risk
          A framework for internal Risk Management                      management system and its compliance with all
         Assessment based on your organisation’s assets                 facets of the Australian Standard 4360: Risk
         and obligations.                                               Management. Includes delivery and presentation
          Training of client Directors, Management and                  of management report.
         staff of the Risk Management process ensuring
         standardised risk management process and                         Comprehensive professional risk assessment
         application.                                                   (risk appropriate project team).

           A reporting system to inform client Directors and             Continuing compliance can be supplemented by
         Management of the identification and treatment of              additional consultancy reports which will ensure
         risk and make them aware of emerging risk within               maintenance of industry best practice.
         their workplace environment.
                                                                        AVERT assisted organisations can use the risk
          A formal “living” policy that is used, reviewed               planning process to indemnify client company
         and implemented at all levels of the organisation              management from overlooking or failing to
         to minimise exposure to risk and potential costs.              address adequate risk identification and
                                                                        treatment schemes and become aware of how to
          A policy driven review of other costs associated              treat and report emerging risk.
         with risk e.g. insurance, contractual litigation, and
         ensure they are correctly implemented and

         Risk Management Education
          Introducing Risk Management awareness to key
         staff members. Comprised of a workshop based
         education and training approach.

          Development of a client Risk Management
         Policy through ‘step by step’, ‘face to face’
         facilitation (skill development workshops, assisted
         policy development and strategic assessment
         and identification).

           Based on ‘tick box’ checklists (easily
         implemented and time resource effective format)
         to ensure identified risk is considered and

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         FACILITATION                                                  Sites containing relevant issues and Information
         Andrew Tatrai, Director possesses the following               concerning risk management for venues and
         qualifications and professional memberships:                  events.

         Professional Memberships                                       NSW Workcover Authority
          Member Australian Institute of Risk
         Management (AIRM)                                              CCH OHS Updates
          Licensed Security Consultant: 2ABD (1C                       http://www.cch.com.au
         Corporate Risk & Major Event Crowd Control)                   Current legislation and Law
          Member International Association of Assembly
         Managers                                                       Australian Legal Information Institute
          Member Venue Management Association                          http://www.austlii.edu.au
          Associate, Australian Marketing Institute
          Member, Australian Customer Service                          CONTACT

         Professional Qualifications                                   Andrew Tatrai: Director

          Graduate Diploma Risk Management (Monash)                    T:      02 96997688
                                                                       F:      02 96997755
          Certificate IV Risk Assessment (Security)
          University of NSW Master of Commerce                         M:      0412 719 126
         (Marketing)                                                   E:      safe@avertrisk.com.au
          International Association of Assembly Managers
          Venue Management School Ogle Bay,
         Wheeling, West Virginia, USA Venue Managers
          University of NSW Bachelor of Applied Science

         Compliance and regulatory information.

          The Association of Risk and Insurance
         Managers of Australasia

          The Australian Institute of Risk Management

          SAI Global

          Emergency Management Australia

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