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					                                       Competency Based
                                     POSITION DESCRIPTION


AGENCY                     WEST BEACH TRUST




 Responsible for the day to day operations for the Front Office in both the Caravan Park
 and Resort Reception by meeting and exceeding Customer expectations which will ensure
 continued loyalty to Adelaide Shores and excellent Customer Feedback.
 Dealing with Guest special requests, issues and complaints in a pleasant and level
 headed manner
 Developing, Training and Engaging the Customer Service Team to ensure consistently
 high level of Customer Service
 Manage the shift scheduling to meet with operational and budget requirements
 To ensure that correct policy and procedures are in place and being adhered too,
 therefore ensuring effective Guest profiling, Check-in, Check Out and Guest handling and
 total guest experience
 To understand Yield Management principles and work alongside the R M to ensure
 optimisation of all revenue generating opportunities, being aware of budget expectations.
 Being aware of budget and ensuring that the operation of the Customer Service team is
 within the departmental budget.
 Participate in the Manager on Duty roster.


Critical Tasks                    Manages and markets customer service experiences
                                  for increased market share, satisfaction and loyalty
                                   Manage and develop the Customer Service culture
                                     within the Front Office Area
                                   Review, plan and update all Front Office and
                                     Customer Service policy and procedures, ensure

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                                            that the FO team are aware and adhere to PP in
                                           Ensure that staff act in a professional manner in all
                                            customer interactions
                                           Take a hands on and lead the team by example
                                            approach when attending to all areas of Front Office
                                            and Customer Service
                                           Monitor, analyse and provide feedback to relevant
                                            departments regarding customer feedback and
                                            comments, identify trends and take proactive action
                                           Resolving guest complaints, in a timely manner to
                                            level of authority
                                           Be aware of procedures for the rectification,
                                            assistance and support of any breakdown or issue
                                            with Front Office/Customer Service equipment such
                                            as Telephone System
                                           Plan and coordinate the provision of additional
                                            customer services such as Kids Activities over
                                            School Holiday periods
                                           Plan and coordinate monthly ‘in-house’ promotional
                                            activities at both properties
                                           Build stakeholder relationships that will assist with
                                            the promotion of Adelaide Shores
                                           Maintain a high level of product and service
                                            knowledge in order to explain and sell services and
                                            facilities to guests
                                           Work effectively with customers and colleagues from
                                            different viewpoints, cultures and countries

Measures                                    Customer satisfaction via feedback received
                                            Excellent customer service provided evident within
Critical Tasks                              Recruit, induct, train and develop Customer Service
                                             team members to maximise performance, aid
                                             retention, reduce turnover and set succession plans
                                            Appraise Team performance, ensure that frontline
                                             performance reviews are conducted
                                            Set KPI’s and monitor team members performance
                                            Develop the Staff Moral of the team and report back
                                             to RM on issues which may be having an impact on
                                             the team.
                                            Demonstrate cooperation and trust with colleagues,
                                             supervisors, teams and across departments
                                            Ensure that team are aware of all policy and
                                             procedures relating to them and that these are
                                             adhered to
                                            Ensure appropriate rostering in line with budget and

Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                        Adelaide Shores      2
                                            Assist with the implementing Human Resource
                                             plans, strategies and policies
                                            Maintain excellent grooming standards and manage
                                             uniform policy on a daily basis
                                            Take responsibility for your own performance,
                                             clarifies job responsibilities and looks for
                                             opportunities that will develop knowledge and skills
                                            Develop / update skills and knowledge (internally or
                                             externally) to reflect changed technology or
                                             changed work requirements
                                            Work effectively with customers and colleagues
                                             from different viewpoints, cultures and countries
Measures                                   Demonstrated leadership
                                           Effective use of performance development program.
                                           Team and individual goals are achievable and
Critical Tasks                              Ensure that shift (daily) reports are completed,
                                             action taken and information relating to other
                                             departments is communicated effectively
                                            Ensure that the RM is updated on any business,
                                             customer or revenue issues
                                            Provide accurate feedback and reporting as
                                             requested by RM
                                            In conjunction with RM have quarterly full team
                                            Have weekly 1:1 meetings with direct reports
                                            Update RM on weekly 1:1 meetings with RM
                                            Interact with all departments within Adelaide Shores
                                             in a professional and positive manner to foster a
                                             good rapport, promote team spirit and effective two
                                             way communication
Measures                                    Effective written and verbal communication
                                            Accurate reporting demonstrated
                                            Active participation in all team meetings
Critical Tasks                           Assist RM in the development of guest profiling, call
                                          answering and reservations policy and procedures
                                         Utilise effective diary management to optimise
                                          revenues and occupancy
                                         Ensure that all RMS protocols are in place, be aware
                                          of updates and changes in RMS are acted upon and
                                          Customer Service team are fully briefed
                                         To assist the RM in development of Budgets
                                         Assist with providing statistical reports relating to
                                          customers to the RM
                                         Being the representative of the RM in their absence
Measures                                 Contribute to the weekly accommodation

Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                        Adelaide Shores     3
                                            forecasting report
Critical Tasks                           Is able to effectively interpret financial results in
                                          regards to revenues, payroll, costs and expenses
                                         Ensure a system is in place to monitor cost and
                                          expenses to ensure that department meets with
                                          budgeted operational results
                                         Manages the daily balance to ensure banking, credit
                                          card payments and details balance reports any
                                          issues immediately.
                                         Manage departmental Petty Cash allowance
Measures                                 Demonstrated financial management
                                         Budget expectations achieved
                                         Accurate and timely reports
6. OWHandW
Critical Tasks                             OHSandW representation
                                           Provide assistance, first aid or service recovery in
                                            the event of a critical or emergency situation
Measures                                   Effectively interprets needs to develop action plans
                                            and recommendations
                                           Employees carrying out duties in compliance with
                                            policies, procedures and systems
                                           Reduction in WorkCover claims

Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                       Adelaide Shores     4

The competencies below are an overview of the traits and behaviours required to be
successful in the position.

Competency Area                                      Typical Behaviours
Achievement Orientation                              Sets high performance standards.
                                                     Sets priorities.
                                                     Enphasises high standards to others.
                                                     Shows pride when standards are met.
                                                     Shows dissatisfaction with substandard
                                                     performance achieved.
                                                     Adheres to timetables, rosters and agreed
Customer Service                                     Acknowledges the customer.
                                                     Clarifies customer’s needs.
                                                     Gives priority to customer satisfaction.
                                                     Confirms satisfaction of service with the
                                                     Listens and empathises.
                                                     Takes responsibility for actions.
Ethics and Accountability                            Acts in a manner consistent with
                                                     organisational values.
                                                     Maintains confidentiality.
                                                     Does what he/she says he/she will do.
                                                     Is open and honest with information.
                                                     Declares conflict of interest.
                                                     Follows organisation’s policies.
                                                     Respect decisions of the organisation.
Commitment to Safety and Environment                 Committed to the philosophies of workplace
                                                     health and safety and protection of the
                                                     Identifies relevant issues and hazards in
                                                     own work area.
                                                     Keeps up-to-date on organisational OHS
                                                     and environmental policies and procedures
                                                     and follows these.
                                                     Takes action as appropriate to his/her level
                                                     of responsibility.
                                                     Reports on hazards and/or accidents and
                                                     Monitors the situation to ensure that agreed
                                                     corrective action is taken.
Teamwork                                             Builds relationships with others.
                                                     Is open and honest.
                                                     Exchanges information freely.
                                                     Volunteers ideas freely.
                                                     Supports others’ ideas.
                                                     Supports group decisions.

Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                       Adelaide Shores     5
                                                     Puts     broader    objectives    ahead    of
                                                     individual/own needs and objectives.
Continuous Improvement                               Identifies opportunities for process, system
                                                     and work area improvement.
                                                     Systematically monitors own and others’
                                                     Actively seeks and uses ideas, asks
                                                     questions and challenges assumptions.
                                                     Shows attention to detail.
                                                     Celebrates     new      ideas    implemented
                                                     Makes changes readily when implemented
                                                     ideas don’t work out.
                                                     Reviews and follows up on completed tasks.
                                                     Establishes proactive processes rather than


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
   At    least    3     years  successful     Computerised booking system
    experience in:                             Knowledge        of      accommodation
  - Tourism, service and/or hospitality          standards including star ratings
    industry in a supervisory capacity         Ability to enhance and maintain a
  - Team leadership of diverse functions         brand image
   Proven       ability     to   develop      Extensive experience in implementing
    rapport/relationships, and consistently      service    cultures      including     in
    deliver        pleasurable/memorable         tourism/hospitality industry
    service experiences for a diverse          Advanced working knowledge of
    range of customers.                          computerised                 reservation
   Well developed interpersonal and             management systems
    communication skills                       Experience in implementing quality
   Proven ability to manage teams,              management           systems        and
    assess performance and coach                 continuous improvement cultures
    development                                Managing preventative maintenance
   Well developed planning, analysis            programs for facilities and grounds
    and problem solving skills                 Basic First Aid certificate
                                               RSA
                                               Pool Operators License


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
 Certificate IV in Frontline Management or
  similar qualification within business,
  tourism or hospitality with subsequent
  related work experience
 Police clearance
 Drivers Licence

Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                       Adelaide Shores      6

Staff Reports:         Full time, part time and casual Customer Service Officers
                       2 x Full time Senior Customer Service Officers


       Work within a 5 over 7 day roster which includes evening and weekend work.
       Work alternate weekends as Manager on Duty.
       Some intra and interstate travel may be required.

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Position Description – Customer Service Supervisor                    Adelaide Shores   7

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