Annual Employee Performance Review

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					                                   Lebanon Valley College
                                 Annual Employee Performance Review
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                                  Part I - Performance Factors and Evaluation

Job Knowledge / Application to Position
☐ Exceptional job knowledge is consistently applied to own position and beyond scope of position requirements.
☐ Above average job knowledge; relates knowledge well to own responsibilities and often applies it beyond scope
   of position requirements.
☐ Solid job knowledge; uses it well in performing work.
☐ Job knowledge is marginal and is inconsistent in applying it to tasks.
Reviewers Comments:

Quality of Work
☐Quality, accuracy and completeness of work is exceptional and beyond expectations.
☐ Quality, accuracy and completeness of work is frequently above standards expected for position.
☐ Quality, accuracy and completeness of work is at the expected standards for position.
☐ Work is inconsistent and unacceptable in quality, accuracy and completeness.
Reviewers Comments:

Quantity of Work Accomplished
☐Frequently accomplishes an exceptional amount of work on a consistent basis.
☐ Very efficient; accomplishes an above average amount of work on a consistent basis
☐ Good work production and efficiency; accomplishes an expected amount of work on a consistent basis.
☐ Expectations of the amount of work performed are rarely attained. Amount of work accomplished is
Reviewers Comments:
                                                                                                       P age |2

Ability to Work Independently
☐ Is exceptional at working independently; anticipates issues often and self directs work.
☐ Performs job with minimal supervision; works well independently and frequently exercises appropriate self
☐ Work assignments require normal review and guidance by supervisor; supervisory time is expected and
☐ Close guidance is frequently required by supervisor; has difficulty working independently.
Reviewers Comments:

Work Effectiveness (Organization and Timeliness)
☐ Work effectiveness is exceptional; excellent organizational and time management skills; frequently finishes work
  before expected due dates.
☐ Work effectiveness, organization and time management skills are above average; meets and often precedes
☐ Work is accomplished with expected and appropriate amount of time and effort; work reflects organized
☐ Employee's work effectiveness is inconsistent; work assignments tend to be late and incomplete.
Reviewers Comments:

Utilization of College's Equipment / Resources
☐ Is exceptional in utilizing the college's equipment and resources on a consistent basis.
☐ Is above average in utilizing the college's resources and equipment on a consistent basis.
☐ Meets expectations in regards to utilizing college resources and equipment.
☐ Infrequently utilizes the college’s equipment and resources appropriately.
Reviewers Comments:

Relationship Skills
☐ Works exceptionally well with others at all levels throughout campus. Is highly influential among co-workers
  and colleagues campus wide.
☐ Works very well with others and demonstrates above average cooperation among co-workers and colleagues
  campus wide.
☐ Performs at expected level of cooperation with co-workers and colleagues.
☐ Has occasional issues with co-workers; may have negative influence on work of others; does not often contribute
  to a team environment. Demonstrates poor relationship skills.
Reviewers Comments:
                                                                                                           P age |3

Student and College Community Interactions and Service
☐ Does an exceptional job in interacting with students and the greater college community on a consistent basis;
   always demonstrates an exceptional level of service.
☐ Rises above expectations when interacting with students and the greater college community; always
   demonstrates a high level of service.
☐ Has positive interactions with students and the greater college community; demonstrates an expected level of
☐ Is inconsistent and ineffective in demonstrating an expected level of service to students and the greater college
   community college.
Reviewers Comments:

Innovation and Initiative
☐ Is exceptionally innovative and creative in work performance; is highly motivated.
☐ Demonstrates an above average ability to be innovative and creative in work performance; is a self starter.
☐ Is innovative and creative and performs at an expected level.
☐ Is not typically innovative or creative in work performance; performs below expectations.
Reviewers Comments:

Communication - Oral and Written
☐ Exceptional communication skills; written and oral delivery are consistently outstanding.
☐ Demonstrates above average communication skills, both oral and in written form.
☐ Is an effective communicator (orally and in written form); presents information well.
☐ Communication is inconsistent and/or incomplete; poor oral and written communication hinders effective
Reviewers Comments:

Adaptability and Versatility
☐ Extremely diversified; depth is reflected in ability to perform many functions in an effective manner.
☐ Above average skill in performing multiple and varied work assignments.
☐ Has flexibility and adaptability in work performance; meets expectations in this area.
☐ Infrequently able to accept new assignments and make expected changes to work processes; often inflexible.
Reviewers Comments:
                                                                                                      P age |4

Personal Appearance
☐ Consistently presents a neat, professional appearance.
☐ Generally neat and appropriately dressed.
☐ Does not dress appropriately; often presents a poor appearance.
Reviewers Comments:

☐ Always regular and prompt; conscientious in attendance and punctuality.
☐ Usually present and on time.
☐ Often absent and/or frequently late to work.
Reviewers Comments:

Supervisory Skills (If applicable)
☐ Functional area is very well managed; employees understand the supervisor’s expectations and are motivated to
   grow and excel. Supervisory skill set is excellent.
☐ Solid supervisory skills are utilized in managing functional area; employees work effectively.
☐ Supervisory skills need improvement and are unacceptable. Functional area is not well managed.
Reviewers Comments:
                                                                                                  P age |5

                                     Overall Performance Evaluation Summary

☐ Performance is outstanding within position requirements and expectations are exceeded very
   consistently at a high level.

☐ Performance is very strong within position requirements and expectations are often exceeded.
☐ Performance is solid; position expectations are met consistently.

☐ Position requirements and responsibilities are not being performed at a level which meets the
   standards for the position.

                                    Part II - Performance Summary and Review

If applicable, review of prior year’s objectives:

Accomplishments or new abilities demonstrated since last review:

Specific areas of needed improvement:

Recommendation for Professional Development (seminars, training programs, etc.):
                                                                                                        P age |6

Establish individual goals for 2012-13. Please identify how your individual goals contribute to your departmental
goals if appropriate.

Individual Goal                                      Department Goal with which Individual Goal
                                                     Aligns (if appropriate)
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                                          Part III - Employee Input

Comments regarding your review:

Please share improvements or suggestions that could help you more effectively perform your job.
                                                                                                            P age |7

Please list any ideas or suggestions that will contribute to the college's ongoing success.

   I acknowledge that this evaluation has been reviewed with me.

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