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					                                       Alternate History Baseball League

Era: Modern
Database: Ankiit’s Normalized
Finances: On
Coaches/Scouts: Off
Minor Lg Options: Off
Injury setting: Normal
Arbitration: Off
Stadiums: All will use League Standard (all ratings at 100)
Team Max cash: None
Salary Cap: None (except initially see Draft rules below)
Roster Limit: 40 thru Majors and all minors

2 leagues of 2 divisions 4 teams to a division. Plan is to expand at same time as major league baseball.
This is mainly due to # of players available each sim. Start year 1901 but remember all players are
normalized to present day level.

Sim Schedule: 3 times a week a month at a time That means a season every 2 weeks with playoffs and off
season to take another week.

Initial Draft will be done via list with a twist. Each team will have $80M to spend. You will “bid” on each
player (maximum 40). Your list cannot total more than 80M and must total at least 65M. See below for an
Example list:

Player A SP 6.5M
Player B 1B 6.0M
Till 40 are listed.

Team with highest bid will get the player. Bids will be made starting with highest player. The first “round” of
the draft will continue until 50 players have been drafted. Teams will then be able to redo their list for the
2nd round which will go until 50 more players are drafted when they can redo their list again. For Round 3
onward each round will last 100 players.

Also, after each round (once you see who you have) you will have the option to “release” up to 3 players.
This is safeguard in case you happen to sign 5 1B!!!!!

Subsequent years drafts (including anybody who went FA) will follow the same concept. Picks will go in
order of worst record till final 4, 4th will be division winner with worst record (unless World Series team then
next etc.), 3rd will be next division winner, 2nd WS loser, 4th WS winner. In the interest of parity teams will be
given $ (for bidding) as follows:
1st thru 4th picks 20M + what comp says you have avail for ext
5th thru 8th 16M + 75% of what comp says avail
9th thru 12th: 12M + 50% of what comp says avail
13th thru 16th 10M + 25% of what comp says avail

Rosters will stil be held to 40 player limit before season starts. You will be allowed to cut players to get
below limit but will still have to buy out their contracts.

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