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									                                                                                      HIGH…. Degree of Sat
S.No. Dimensions
                                                                                                  (Enter 1
  1   All my vital organs are working perfectly all right.
  2   My weight is in proportion to my height.
  3   I am not suffering from any body ailment.
  4   I don't have any permanent mental illness.
  5   I feel all right most of the day and sleep well at night.
  6   I feel all my emotions.
  7   I know my purpose of life and I can feel the universal power within me.
  8   I have a family to belong to.
  9   I have good relationship with all the family members.
 10   I get all the support and love I want from my family.
 11   I am able to support my family and fulfill my duties well.
 12   I have friends to belong to.
 13   I have good relationship with my friends.
 14   I have a love partner.
 15   I have a nice relation with my love partner.
 16   I have a job or running occupation.
 17   I have the education and skills to get the job I want.
 18   I feel happy with the work I do.
 19   I am happy with the salary I get.
 20   I am happy with the people I work with.
 21   I have money to sustain for another three months.
 22   I have a source of income.
 23   I have savings in the bank for my future.
 24   I am a member of a social group.
 25   I take active part in social activities.
 26   I enjoy my spare time.
 27   I have a hobby that I pursue.
 28   I am able to spend time on my physical health.
 29   I am able to spend time on enhancing my knowledge and skills.
 30   I am able to pursue activities that help me grow emotionally and spiritually.
HIGH…. Degree of Satisfaction….LOW
            (Enter 1)

                                       Rate your degree of
                                     satisfaction against each
                                       dimension and know
                                      your Happiness Score
                                        on the next sheet!
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