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					           Language Arts Quarter 4 Project Directions: Pourquoi Story
Directions: Read over the list of story possibilities below. Choose one and write a story
telling how things came to be for that animal. You can also make up your own idea, but be
sure it follows the pattern of a pourquoi story. This pattern starts out before the animal was
that way, then introduces a conflict and resolution. Somewhere during the conflict and
resolution the animal takes on its new characteristic. The problem and solution will also
contain a lesson that works as the theme for the story.

*Your story needs to be AT LEAST four pages long. If you type the project it needs to be
14 point font and double spaced. Handwritten projects should not be double spaced.

*Your story must include a main character, a specific setting, at least 2 minor characters, a
conflict, a resolution, and a clear theme. Dialogue is optional this time.

*You will also need a title page and at least one color illustration done by hand.

Due dates:

   Outline (10 points):____Friday, May 4___________

   Finished story (40 points): _____Friday, May 25________

                                         Story Ideas
                                      (suggestions only)

   1. Why cobras have hoods
   2. Why rats have no hair on their tails
   3. Why zebras have stripes
   4. Why monkeys can’t talk
   5. Why snails have shells
   6. Why camels have humps
   7. Why rattlesnakes have rattles
   8. Why owls are nocturnal
   9. Why eagles can fly
   10.         Why whales are so big
   11.         Why bees sting
   12.         Why raccoons have masks

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