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									                                      CLUB DISABILITY INFORMATION 2012

Name of Club                                Catalans Dragons

Name of Stadium                             Stade Gilbert Brutus

Stadium Address including postcode          Stade Gilbert Brutus
                                            Avenue de l’aérodrome
                                            66000 Perpignan
Contact telephone numbers         

Disabled Supporters Liaison Officer         Richet Lise
(Name and contact details)

                                                  Purchasing tickets
How are tickets purchased and distributed to home          Home
and away disabled supporters eg                            Ticket Office collection
(credit card, Email, postal, telephone, ticket office
collection)                                                Away
                                                           Ticket Office collection

                                                Accessible parking
Number of accessible parking spaces – home and           Home (none)                     Away (none)
away supporters
Proximity of parking area to accessible seating area     100m.

Policy for allocation of parking spaces for home and       We don’t have any private parking for disabled people
away supporters (recommended 30% allocated to              but they can park their cars just around the stadium
away supporters)                                           where some car parks are reserved for them all the
                                                           year long.
                                                  Accessible seating
Number of wheelchair spaces – home and away                Home                             Away
supporters                                                 18                               9
Location of wheelchair spaces – home and away              Home                              Away
supporters (are they under cover /are there                Bonzoms stand                     Tribune Ouest stand
unobstructed views?)                                       Undercovered and                  undercovered and
                                                           unobstructed views                unobstructed views
Policy for allocation of accessible seating for home       Disabled or ambulant people will have to prove their
and away supporters(recommendation is 30% for              disability with a card or certificate. If they can prove
away supporters)                                           their disability the admission is free. (0€)
Location of carer seats (adjacent, behind, in front)       Carer seats are located next too disabled people

Number of seats for ambulant disabled home and             Home                        Away
away supporters                                            All ambulant disabled       All ambulant disabled
                                                           people will take a seat     people will take a seat in
                                                           in our stadium              our stadium
Location of ambulant disabled seating                      Gradins stand or Tribune Ouest stand
Can you access refreshment areas from the                Disabled people can access easily to the refreshment
accessible seating areas / do you have alternative       areas
arrangements for provision of refreshments
Indicate Boxes and hospitality areas that are            All hospitality areas are accessible to disabled
accessible to disabled supporters                        supporters.

Location and proximity of accessible toilets to          All toilets are accessible to disabled supporters
accessible seating areas

Do you have an induction loop / text line service for    No
deaf supporters
Do you offer audio commentary                            No
(indicate number of headsets and if location of seats
if fixed)
Do you welcome assistance dogs?                          No

Do you have dedicated disability stewards/               No but all stewards are briefed fully on facilities and
volunteers on match days                                 services for disabled spectators.
Do you offer any other services for disabled             No
(i.e. accessible transport for your fans travelling to
away games, Never Watch Alone, etc)
Do you have a Disabled Supporters Association            No
(please provide their name and contact details)

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