Canoe by hedongchenchen


									                            Wilderness Welcome Canoe
   August 21st – August 25th

Tuesday Aug. 21
10am     Meet in the Outdoor Adventures office and do pre-trip meeting
         Bring the gear you plan to use on the trip
12pm     Orientation activities
10pm     Sleep in your dorm room or personal off-campus housing
Wednesday Aug. 22
8am      Meet in the Outdoor Adventures office, gear up, and depart
12pm     Arrive at Tangle Lakes, eat lunch and begin to paddle
8pm      Set up camp and eat
Thursday Aug. 23
8am      Wake up, eat breakfast, and break down camp
9am      Paddle and enjoy the lake
8pm      Set up camp and eat
Friday Aug. 24
8am      Wake up, eat breakfast, and break down camp
9am      Scenery, wildlife and fun await on the lake!
8pm      Set up camp and eat
Saturday Aug. 25
8am      Wake up, eat breakfast, and break down camp
1pm      Return to truck, load up & head back
6pm      Arrive at UAF Wood Center and unpack then Group BBQ

Trip description:
Join us as we canoe the Tangle Lake system nestled in the Delta Mountains. Incredible scenery and fantastic wildlife
viewing are inevitable on this trip. Paddle during the day and enjoy dinner cooked on backpacking stoves and camping in
the evenings. Learn new canoe paddling skills or practice the ones you know and build new friendships that will make
your UAF experience even better! The weather can change quickly in this part of the state which makes proper clothing
and gear very important, so please follow our gear packing list closely. Trip costs include transportation, gas, food, trip
leaders, and equipment. *Itinerary subject to change*

Safety and Risk Tolerance:
Due to the nature of outdoor travel there are inherent risks in all of Outdoor Adventure’s trips. Acceptable risk include
paddling through lakes and rivers with swift water in a canoe equipped with a paddle and personal floatation device.
Weather conditions may include wind and rain. Driving risks may include poor visibility and wildlife. Participants should
be aware that they will get wet during this trip, appropriate clothing and foot wear will be reviewed in detail at the pre-trip
meeting. It is important to recognize that you are voluntarily participating in this activity. There are risks inherent in
outdoor pursuits, by choosing to participate, you agree that you appreciate and accept responsibility for these risks. We
do the best we can to create a safe environment, but Alaska is a wild place - you need to take ultimate responsibility for
your own safety as only you can. For your protection we require you to carry health insurance. You can purchase
insurance for $2.60/day from the University (ask for details). All info is subject to change due to safety, weather, current
conditions, etc.!
                  If you have any questions please contact us or visit our office in the Wood Center


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