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					First & Second

 Master Spelling List

   Colorado Association


    Christian Schools
able       batch       brother
about      battle      brought
across     beach       brown
afraid     beaver      bubble
airplane   bedroom     buggy
almost     beehive     bunch
also       before      bundle
amaze      belong      butter
ambush     below       button
among      bench       cabin
amount     better      candle
angel      between     captain
ankle      birthday    carry
apple      blanket     cartoon
army       blind       catch
around     bloom       cattle
asleep     blow        center
avoid      bluff       chain
await      body        chair
awake      boil        chalk
award      bookstore   chance
away       bottle      chart
axle       braid       cheap
bacon      brain       check
badge      branch      chestnut
balloon    brave       chew
bamboo     bread       chicken
banner     breakfast   children
bark       bright      chime
basin      brisk       chimney
basket     broken      chipmunk
choke     cornstalk   dimple
choose    could       dinner
chubby    count       direct
chunk     country     ditch
church    couple      dizzy
circle    cousin      doctor
circus    cover       does
city      cozy        doghouse
clang     crack       dollar
claw      crank       dolphin
clay      crash       done
clean     crawl       donkey
clear     crayon      downtown
clever    crazy       dozen
click     creek       drank
cliff     cricket     draw
climb     crook       dream
cloak     crown       drench
clock     crumble     dribble
cloth     crunch      dwell
clothes   cuddle      each
cloud     daily       eagle
clown     danger      eardrum
clutter   dark        early
coast     dawn        earmuffs
coil      delay       earn
collect   delight     easy
color     demand      echo
come      desire      eight
cookie    destroy     either
copy      dime        elbow
eleven       flood      glare
empire       flower     glitter
enjoy        flutter    globe
enough       foil       glue
equal        folder
even         follow
evil         forest     goblet
expect       forget     grace
explain      forgive    grain
explore      forty      grape
extra        fought     graze
fable        found      great
face         fourteen   greed
faint        freckle    grew
faith        free
fancy        friend
farmer       fright     ground
father       from       group
feather      front      grow
fence        frosty     guppy
fiddle       frown      gutter
field        frozen     hair
fifteen      fudge      hallway
finish       fumble     handle
firefly      fuzzy
             garden     happen
fish         gather
flashlight              happy
             gentle     harp
flight       giggle     harvest
float        give       hatch
haul        itch      leather
heart       itself    lemon
heavy       jacket    length
hello       jelly     lesson
hero        jewel     letter
highway     jiggle    little
hitch       join      live
hoist       joke      load
holy        jolly     lobster
homemade    judge     loose
honest      juggle    loud
honey       jumble    lunch
hopscotch   jungle    magpie
horseback   kettle    mailman
hotel       kidnap    manger
hound       kingdom   many
huddle      kitchen   marble
huge        knee      march
human       kneel     market
humble      knife     match
idea        knock     matter
inch        labor     meadow
income      lady      melon
insect      lamb      member
inspect     latch     mice
into        laugh     middle
invite      lawn      might
iron        learn     mixture
moist      number    pebble
money      oatmeal   pencil
monkey     obey      penny
month      office    people
moonlit    omit      phone
mother     once      picture
move       only      piece
muggy      open      pillow
mumble     orange    pinch
music      order     pitcher
nail       other     place
napkin     ouch      platform
native     outside   platter
nature     over      play
navy       paid      please
needle     paint     pledge
neither    palace    plow
never      pancake   plumber
nibble     panda     plus
nice       paper     point
nickname   pardon    police
niece      park      polite
nineteen   parrot    popcorn
noise      party     porch
none       patch     pouch
noodle     peach     pound
noon       peanut    pout
north      pearl     power
praise      rapid      scrapbook
pray        rattle     scratch
present     raven      scribble
press       ready      search
pretty      reason     seashore
prize       redwood    season
progress    relish     select
proper      remote     serpent
proud       repeat     serve
provide     report     shape
puddle      reward     shark
pull        riddle     sheep
punch       right      shirt
puppy       river      shock
purple      roast      shone
push        rocket     shook
put         rooster    shore
puzzle      rough      shortstop
quarter     saddle     should
queen       said       shout
question    sandwich   sidewalk
quicksand   saucer     sight
quiet       says       silly
quit        scare      simple
quite       scatter    since
rage        scoop      sister
rainbow     score      skate
ranch       scout      skunk
slipper     stage      temple
slope       stair      thaw
slow        star       they
smash       still      thick
snail       stitch     thimble
snake       story      third
snapshot    straw      thirteen
sneeze      stream     thorn
snowflake   street     thousand
snuggle     strike     thrill
soak        struggle   throne
someone     study      throw
sound       stumble    thumb
soup        suffer     thunder
south       sugar      ticket
space       summer     tickle
splash      supper     tiny
spoil       swamp      toad
spoon       sweep      toast
spout       swing      today
spray       table      tough
spring      tablet     track
sprinkle    tadpole    train
sprout      taffy      trench
square      taken      trouble
squeal      tardy      trout
squish      teacher    true
stable      teamwork   tumble
tune      warm       woman
turkey    water      wonder
turtle    wayside    world
twelve    wealth     woven
twenty    weather    written
twice     welcome    wrong
twinkle   whale      yardstick
ugly      what       yarn
uncle     wheat      year
under     whisper    young
valley    white      your
vanish    whose      youth
velvet    wiggle     zero
verse     window     zigzag
very      winner     zipper
visit     winter     zoom
wagon     wishbone
walrus    within
want      witness

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