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                                                             Reference 7 NMAC 11.2, 28.1.3, Fire and

    Center for Development and Disability
             Clinical Operations

             BOMB THREAT CDD - 1000

1    POLICY:

     1.1 It is the policy of the University of New Mexico, Center for Development & Disability to
         respond to a bomb threat or bomb emergency situation in accordance with the following


     2.1 To provide personnel the procedure & guidelines to ensure the safety of patients/clients,
         personnel, and visitors in the response and deployment, and handling of bomb threat.
     2.2 This policy will be distributed to all personnel.
     2.3 Advance familiarization with basic principles is necessary, as no time will be available to look
         up such a procedure in the event of a “bomb threat.”
     2.4 The Director for the CDD or his/her representative will monitor all publicity. Only key
         personnel listed in this policy will be informed when a “bomb threat” is received.

3   PROCEDURE when bomb threat is phoned in:

    4.1 Notification of “bomb threat”:
    4.2 Pretend difficulty with hearing.
    4.3 Keep caller talking as long as possible.
    4.4 If the designated building is occupied, inform the caller that detonation could cause injury or
    4.5 Did the caller appear familiar with the building or area in describing the bomb location?
    4.6 If caller seems agreeable to further conversation, ask questions similar to the following:
        4.6.1 When is the bomb going to explode?
        4.6.2 Where is it?
        4.6.3 What does it look like?
        4.6.4 What will cause it to explode?
        4.6.5 Did you place the bomb?
        4.6.6 Why?
        4.6.7 Where are you?
        4.6.8 What is your name?

        4.6.9 What is your phone number?
        4.6.10 Are you calling from a pay phone?
    4.7 Write down the exact wording of the threat in its entirely and any other comments, including:
        4.7.1 Number at which call is received
        4.7.2 Time call received
        4.7.3 Time call ended
        4.7.4 Date of call
        4.7.5 Length of call.
    4.8 DO NOT hang up after the caller does. Push “Transfer” on your phone if you can (to help
        trace the call).
    4.9 DO NOT use cell phones or transmitting devices (they may trigger the bomb).

5   The individual receiving the call will use another phone line and immediately notify 911, and give
    name, department, and all pertinent information related to the “bomb threat”, such as location of
    device, if given, detonation time, etc.
    5.1 The individual receiving the call will note the name of the officer whom the bomb threat is
        reported to.

6   APD – When Summoned:
    6.1 Will take charge of operation.
    6.2 Will be responsible for initiating the “bomb” search.
    6.3 APD will be responsible for notifying the Explosive Disposal Unit and the Albuquerque Fire
        Department (AFD).

7   Maintenance Personnel – APD will work with Mountain Run Partners:
    7.1 Will be responsible for searching electric panel rooms, and any other area pertaining to the
        mechanical makeup of the Midtown Center..
    7.2 Will plan for the possible immediate shut-off of all power lines, electrical lines, water lines,
        etc., that would add fuel to flames or create an additional hazard, should an explosive device
    7.3 Will maintain close liaison with the Director or his/her designee.

8   Director of his/her designee:
    8.1 Will initiate full or partial evacuation order should an explosive device be discovered or if
        deemed necessary, on advice of Law Enforcement Officials.
    8.2 NOTE: If an emergency situation exists, the individual coordinating the "bomb search" can
        give an evacuation order. The Director or his/her designee should be notified of this decision
        so that appropriate support can be approved.
    8.3 Will, if necessary, instruct the Public Affairs Officer as to what is occurring, or what has
        occurred, for news media information in order to avoid a panic situation.
    8.4 At NO time will an employee offer information to the news media. All queries will be referred
        to the Director and/or his/her designee.

9   Discovery of Suspicious Objects:
    9.1 DO NOT TOUCH IT!
    9.2 Immediately notify APD and Mountain Run Partners, Ltd.
        9.2.1 APD will immediately notify the Explosives Disposal Unit and AFD for standby duty in
               the event of an explosion and/or resulting fire.
        9.2.2 APD will notify the Director to give or obtain an evacuation order.
        9.2.3 Mountain Run Maintenance will establish the “danger area,” a perimeter of 300 feet
               from the suspected area. The area on the floor directly above and the area on the
               floor directly below will also be designated as the “danger area” perimeter.
    9.3 Close all Fire Doors.
    9.4 Open all other doors and windows as directed by the Explosives Disposal Unit.
    9.5 Evacuate all patients/clients, visitors, and personnel from the “danger area.”

   9.6 NOTE: In the event of an explosion, APD will determine appropriate plan.

10 Resumption of Normal Operations:
   10.1     Once the APD gives the "all clear", the Director will give the “all clear” call to
            evacuated staff.
   10.2     After statements, reports, etc. are completed, all key personnel who were involved will
            meet the Director and/or designee to review and critique the operation.
   10.3     Review procedure and update plans as necessary. Additional recommendations from
            APD or AFD may be beneficial at this time.
   10.4     Arrange to reassure all patients/clients, employees, and anxious visitors that there is
            no longer any danger.
   10.5     Determine public information release, if any. Consider that public information
            concerning “bomb threats” tend to create further threats.

11 Bomb Threats by Mail:
   11.1     Upon receipt of a “bomb threat” by mail or printed message:
   11.2     Remain calm
   11.3     Immediately notify 911.
   11.4     Protect the letter or printed message as much as possible. Retain the letter,
            envelope, and anything accompanying it for later use as evidence.
   11.5     Do not discuss the incident anymore than is absolutely necessary.

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