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Academic Fesival Overture
Africa Ceremony
Air for Band
Alamo March
Alien Visitors
All Through the Night
Amber Waves of Grain
American Civil War Fantasy
American Folk Rhapsody no. 1
American Folk Rhapsody no. 2
American Folk Rhapsody no. 4
American Overture
Aztec Firre
An American in Paris
An American in Paris
An American Symphony
American River Songs
Americans We
The American Cup March
Amparito Roca
Ancient Voices
Apartment Song
Appalachian Leagacy
Appalachian Morning
Appalachian Suite
Arthurian Legend
Artistry in Rhythm
Battle Hymn
Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Beatles: Love
Cajun Folk Songs
Capriol Suit
Capricio Espagnol
Bye Bye Birdie
Bugler's Holiday
Buffalo Jump Ritual
Brazil Ary Barroso
Bogoroditse Devo
Blue Ridge Overture
The Black Horse Troop March
Black Cannon of the Gunnison
Big Band Tribute
The Bells of San Miguel
Beguine Festival
Begin the Beguine
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March
The Black Knight
Disney Movie Magic
Concerto in D Major
Colonial Bogey
Coast Guard's March
A Christmas Cannon
Choral Prelude
Choral and Counterpoint
Chorale and Shaker Dance
Selections from Chicago
Concerto for Horn and Band
Concerto no. 1
Concerto for Trumpet
Come, Sweet Death
Country Garden
Copland Portrait
Cowboy Fantasy
Crazy for You
Creatures of Dreams
Dancing Reeds
Danse Bacchanale
Dedicatory Overture
The Desert Song
Dies Irae
Dreams and Proclamations
Dixieland Jamboree
Each Time You Tell Their Story
Effective Performance of Band Music
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral
Emperata Overture (two copies)
English Folk Song Suite
English Suite
The Entertainer
E Pluribus Unum
Exellentia Overture
Faculty Versus Band: The Final Conflict
Fanfare and Hymn: A Mighty Fortress
Fall River Overture
Fanfare and Flourishes
Fanfare and Procession on an Old English Carol
Fanfare and Recessional
Fanfare and Processional
The Gallant Man
A Gaelic Ballad
Fugue N' Swing
Freedom Song
Friend Like Me
Folk Dances
Flourish for Wind Band
Fortress Variations
Florentiner March
Flight of the Pegasus
Flight of the Valor
Firework Music
59 Street Bridge Song
First Suite in Eb
Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof
Festival Prelude
Festival Finale
Jupiter from The Planets
Jackson Lake
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
The Klaxon-March
Komm Süssertod
Krakatoa (Mountain of Fire)
La Fiesta Mexicana
Lake Washington Suite
Lawerence of Arabia
Legendary Air
Lead on King Eternal
Les Miserables
Liberty Bell
Light Cavalry Overture
Lil' Auburn Selections
Loch Lamond
A Longford Legend
Lord Guard and Guide (The Men Who Fly)
Mad Magior
Marche Lorene
March Virtiso
Majesty of the Mountains
Marchi Romaine
March Slav
Mozart Festival
Moulin Rouge!
Mountain Scenes
Movie Adventure
Marriage of Figaro
Military Escort
Marche Les Parachutistes Belges
The Incredibles (Music From)
The Music Man
My Fair Lady
Theme from New Yok
Night Clouds
Night Fall
On the Trail
Nordic Sketches
O Canada
Old Churches
Old Home Days
Onward Ye Peoples
Overture in Bb
On the Mall
Overture for Winds
Overture Jubiloso
Pacific Grandeur
Themes from Walt Disney's Fantasia
The Purple Pageant
Pas Redouble
The Proud and the Noble
Prayer and Proclamation
Premiere for Band
Praise to the Lord (Score Only)
Prelude on an Old English Hymn
Prelude and Fugue in G Minor
Prelude and Fugue in F Minor
Prelude and Fugue in B♭ Major
Prelude and Fugue in F Major
Prelude, Siciliance, Rondo
Porgy and Bess Medley
Porgy and Bess
Pomp and Circumstance
Pomp and Circumstance
Pomp and Circumstance
Pomp and Circumstance
Polonaise for Anna
Pirates of the Caribbean
Peter and the Wolf
The Plainsman
Pipe Dream
The Pines of the Appian Way
The Phantom Regiment
The Phantom of the Opera
Pavanne from Symphonette
Renaissance Suite
Riding the Rails
Rhapsodic Essay no. 37
Rhapsody for Band no 38
Rhapsody in Blue
Rhapsody in Blue
Rondo for Winds and Percussion
The Rifle Regiment March
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Romanian Folk Dances
Saint Thomas
Sacred Air
Safari Overture
Saint Louis Blues
Salvation is Created and Awake
Sandpaper Bullet no. 39
Sea Gate Overture
Sea Songs
Seals and Crofts in Concert
Second Suite in F
Slavonic Dance no. 1
Sleepers, Awake
Serenata no. 40
Summer Resounding
Three Sketches for Band no. 52
Sin Nomine
Dorian Rhapsody
Symphonic Variation on Amazing Grace
Symphony no 1 In Memorian Dresden
Scenes of Wonder
Suite Francaise
The Sting (Music From)
Stephan Foster Revisited
Stars and Stripes Forever
A Symphonic Prelude (two copies)
Symphonic Prelude
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sunset Soliloquey
Summer of '42
Suite of Old American Dances
The Stars and Stripes Forever
Spotlight on the Piano
Theme from Spiderman
Spiritual Rhapsody
South Pacific
The Sound of Music
Selections from The Sound of Music
The Symphonic Gershwin
Summer Holiday
Swing Low Sweet Saxes
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Viennese Sonatina no. 1 (First Movement)
Victory at Sea
Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Ukranian Rhapsody
Two Moods
Trumpets Ole
To Challenge the Skies and Heavens Above
Trumpeter's Lullaby
Trumpet in the Night
The Trombone King
Toccata for Band
Tribute to Basie
Titus Overture
Truuersin Funie
Concert Sound of the Tijuana Brass
The Three B's
Three Scenes
Three Folk Miniatures
Third Suite
Thendera Overture
That's What Friends Are For
Tango for Band
A Wind River Portrait
West Side Story (Four Scenes From)
Ye Banks and Braces
Water Music Suite
Waltzing Clarinets
Wedding Dance
West Side Story
What's Up at the Symphony
Where Eagles Soar
William Byrd Suite
William Tell Overture
Windemere Overture
Wombat Shuffle

Celtic Carol (What Child is This)
Christmas Finale
Coventry Carol and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Festival of Carols
In the Bleak Midwinter
Shiny Stockings (Advanced A♭)
Star of Wonder
BAND                                                    Current
COMPOSER                             ARRANGED BY        Location
Samuel Baber                         Paul Jennings
Mark Williams
Robert W. Smith
Robert Garofalo
Frank Ericson
Kari King
Bob Margolis
Hayden                               Cacaras
Martin Mailman
Alfred Reed
James Carraco
Jerry H. Bilitz
Clare Grundman
Clare Grundman                                          In Rotation
Clare Grundman
Presser                              Jenkina
Jay Bocook
Air James Curneu
Michael Kamen
Pierre LaPlante
Filmore Farrel
Ralph Hultgren
Jaime Texidor
Michael Sweeney
Robert Sheldon
Robert Sheldon
                                 126 John Kinyon
Johann Bach
Joe Wood
Eric Osterling
Darin Jenkins
Peter Wilhousky                      James Nielson
Willim Schoenfeld                    Roy Ringwald
John Lennon and Paul McCartney       Jay Bocook
Frank Ticheli
H. Lane Wilson                       Edgar L. Barrow
Peter Warlock                        Robert Longfield
Nicolai Rinsky-Korsakov              Mark Williams
Charles Srouse                       Calvin Custer
Leroy Anderson                       Michael Edwards
Daniel Bukvich
                                     Peter Ippolito
Rachmaninoff                         Salzman
Maurice Ravel                      Frank Erickson
Frank Erikson
John Philip Sousa
Frank Erickson
Josef Zawinal                      Bob Lowen
John Wasson
John J. Morrisey
Deek Watson and Gene DePaul        Glenn Osser
Cole Porter                        Eric Osterling
K. L. King
Clare Grundman
                                   James Christenson
Alford                             Pennell
Karl King
Michael Green
                                   Ted Ricketts
Charles T. Yeago
Richard Strauss                    John Anderson
J. S. Bach
Percy Granger                      John Philip Sousa
Clare Grundman
Bill Holcombe
George Gerswhin and Ira Gerswhin   Jerry Brubaker
Clarence E. Barber
Thomas C. Duffy
Vaclav Nelhybel
G. E. Holmes
S. D. Eisch
Camille Saint-Saëns
Clifton Williams                                       Out
Romberg                            Harms
Giuseppe Verdi                     Jay Bocook
Vincent Persichetti
Roland Barrett
                                   John Warrington
Samuel R. Hazell
Francis McBeth
Daniel Bukvich
Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner                     Lucien Caillet
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Clare Grundman
Scott Joplin
Erik Morales
Fred Jewell                        David Shaffer
David Shaffer
Del Elliot                      James D. Ployhor
Martin Luther                   Jay Bocook
Robert Sheldon
James Curnow
Robert W. Smith
James D. Ployher
Edward Elgar                    James D. Ployhor
Dmitri Shostakovich             Donald Hunsberger
John Cacabas
Frank Erickson
D. W. Satuffer
George Giroux
Alan Menken and Howard Ashman   Jay Bocook
Dmitri Shostakovich             Robert Reynolds
Vaughan Williams
Tim Waters
Julius Fucik                    Frederick Fennel
David Shaffer
James Swearingen                                    Out
Geo Hangle                      Philip Gordon
Paul Simon                      Bob Lowden
Gustav Holst
Hal Leonard                     Bob Lowden
Jerry Bock                      John Tatgenhorst
Alfred Reed
Jospeh Maddy
Holst                           Owons
Filmore                         Fennell
Maurice Jarre                   Reed
Frank Erickson
Henry Smart                     Ployhor
Johnny Vinson
John Philip Sousa
Franz van Soupe                 Williams
Marser                          Powers
Frank Ticheli
Robert Sheldon
Robert Jagger
Kenneth J Alfred                Fennell
Franz Loraine                   Fennell
D. A. Donatelli                 D. Revelli
Alfred Reed
Charles Goondown                Pressir
Tchaikovsky                     Deann
Knut Hysted
Williams              Sweeny
Robert W. Smith
Bennett               Fennell
Pierre Leemans        Charles A. Wiley
Michael Giachhino     Jay Bocook
Meredith Wilson       Alfred Reed
Frederic Loewe        Alan Jay Lemer
John Kander           Frank D. Cofield
Harry Budka
John J. Morrisey
Ferde Grofé           David Bennett
Pierre LaPlante
James Swearingen
Bill Moffit
Richard Rodgers       John Edmundson
Michael Colgrass
Charles E. Ives       Jonathan Elkes
Jean Sibelius         Richard Goldman
Caesar Giovannini     Wayne Robinson
Edwin Goldman
Charles Carter
Frank Erickson
J. Olivdoti
Vincent Persichetti   Carl Fisher
                      James Currow
Karl L. King          John P. Paynter
Camille Saint-Saëns   Arthur Frackenpohl
Ralph Herman
Bach                  Larry D. Daehn
Leroy Anderson        Philip J. Lang
Walter Skolnik
Jared Spears                               Out
Frank Erickson
Vaclav Nelhybel
Robert Sheldon
Bach                  R. L. Moehlmann
Bach                  R. L. Moehlmann
Bach                  R. L. Moehlmann
Bach                  R. L. Moehlmann
Malcom Arnold         John P. Paynter
Bernie Wayne          Paul Yoder
George Gerswhin       Bob Lowden
                      Calvin Custer
Edward Elgar          Charles Woodhouse
Edward Elgar          Clare Grundman
Edward Elgar          Robert Schafer
Edward Elgar          Merle Isaac
Todd Stalter
Klaus Badelt                               Ted Ricketts
Sergei Prokofiev                           Jim Curnow
George McKay
Clare Grundman
Ottorino Respighi                          Antonio d'Elia and Erik Leidzen
Douglas Akey
Leroy Anderson
Andrew Lloyd Webber                        Warren Barker
Ed Huckeby
Morton Gould
Tielman                                    Jim Curnow
William E. Rhoads
Jan Vander Roost
John Cacauas
John Cacauas
George Gershwin                            Ferde Grofe
George Gerswhin                            Frank Campell-Walson
John Edmondson
John Philip Sousa
Michael Kamer
Bela Bartok                                Deborah Baker Monday
Sonny Rollings                             Larry Kerchner
J. W. Frank                                Philip Gordon
G. E. Holmes
W. C. Handy                                Jerry Gray
Tschesnokoff                               Bruce H. Houseknecht
Leroy Anderson
James Swearingen
Ralph Vaughan Williams
James Seals and Dash Crofts                George Cole
Gustav Holst
Antonin Duerak                             Robert Longfield
Bach                                       Alfred Reed
Leroy Anderson
John Morissey
Jan Vander Roost
Ralf Vaughan Williams and Earl Rosenberg   Bruce H. House Knecht
Elliot Del Borgo
                                           Claude T. Smith
Daniel Bukvich
Mark Williams
Frank Mantooth
Darius Milhald
                                           John Cararas
Bill Holcombe
John Philip Sousa                          Harold R. Gore
Alfred Reed
Sergei Rachmaninoff                        John Cararas
Caesar Giovannini                          Bill Holcombe
                                            Michael Sweeney
Harold L. Walters
Eric Osterling
Michel Legrand                              Eric Osterling
Robert Russell Bennett
John Philip Sousa                           William D. Revelli
David Bennett
Robert J. Harris and Paul Francis Webster   Jay Bocook
Harold L. Walters
Richard Rodgers
Richard Rodgers                             Robert Russell Bennett
Richard Rodgers                             Jim Christensen
George Gershwin                             Warren Barker
Frank Ericson
Acton Ostling
Byron D. Stokes                             Paul Yoder
Mozart                                      Jerry Nowak
Richard Rodgers                             Robert Russell Bennett
Franz Lehar                                 Leonard B. Smith
John Barnes Chance
Frances Cesarini
Clare Grundman
Frank Cofield
Robert W. Smith
Leroy Anderson                              Phillip Long
Harry Simeone
Karl L. King                                John P. Paynter
Frank Cofield
Frank Erickson
John Muss
Mozart                                      R. L. Moehlmann
Richard Wagner                              Erik Leidzen
Herb Albert                                 William Russel
Erik Morales
Eric Osterling
Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven                 Frank Erickson
Harold L. Walters
Andre Jutras
Robert Jagger
Maurice C. Whitney
Les Taylor
Glenn Osser
Jared Spears
Ian Polstar
Percy Grainger
John Morissey
Jaques Press
Ted Ingram
                                            Jerry Brubaker
Steven Reineke
Gordon Jacob
Antonio Rossini
J. D. Polyhar
Roger Perrin

                       Robert W. Smith
                       Joyce Eilers and Paul Jennings
J.S. Bach              Calvin Custer
                       Douglas E. Wagner
Gustav Holst           Robert W. Smith
Frank B. Foster        Sammy Nestico
                       James Swearingen
Festival ballad

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