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									The World Wide Web: Evolution and Opportunity

        1. Web site evolution - a general framework

                    2. The web@york

                        Bob Gagné
                      York University
        Executive Director - Information Technology
       Web Evolution - a general framework

Web Site Evolution

          Beginning - the mass communication model
                      - transfer experience from print, radio, TV ...

          Creator                                     Audience
            Web Evolution - a general framework
The web is not like other communication mediums

Print/TV/Radio - it’s broadcast so everyone has to see the same thing.
Web - every user gets their own copy of the web page.

            Web Evolution - a general framework
The web goes both ways … transactions and transactive content

Print/TV/Radio - broadcast
Web - users can receive information but they can also send it.

           Web Evolution - a general framework
Users can talk to each other - really a web

          From information provider to community hub

              community hub
             Web Evolution - a general framework
Some common traps in beginning -
• Business Model: treating the Web as a marketing brochure and not as a fundamental
shift in the way we do business in the network economy.
• Project management: multiple developers without coordination.
• Information architecture: structuring the site like the company’s own org chart instead
of reflecting the user’s view of the service.
• Page layout: using heavy graphics (that look good on a large monitor and load
quickly on a direct network connection).
• Content authoring: writers don’t realize the need to cut their copy in half for online
readers. Nor do they modularize the text into multiple hypertext nodes.
• Linking: banning external links in an attempt to imprison the user on your own site

                                                 Jakob Neilsen - Author on Web Site Usability
                       The WWW Opportunity

Focusing on the Audience, Customers, Services -

     • “Customer Orientation”
     • driven by utility - Why do they visit? What do they want to do?
     • ultimately “the audience of one”.
     • what do we do for “customers”?
     • how could we do it on the web and make it better?
     • Constraints of time and place vanish.
     • Beyond services to experiences.
                      The WWW Opportunity

The Future web@york

    Lessons from the internet industry - portals and “home bases”
     Portals - Yahoo, Excite,, Lycos,

           • pass you through to other destinations
           • based on searching and web directories
           • you go there to go somewhere else...

      Home Bases - My Netcenter, My Yahoo, PlanetAll

           • where you keep your “stuff”
           • start and return here between forays
           • lots of services, deep personalization
Northwestern Portal
Northwestern Home
                       The WWW Opportunity

The Future web@york -

    The “web campus”
    •   home base for students, staff, faculty, alumni.
    •   Personalized integrated services and features
    •   on line learning, email, schedules, applications, personal sites.
    •   parking stickers, bill payment, registration
    •   how can we do what we do on the web and make it better?
    Need an architecture and attention to usability and accessibility.
Villanova/Campus Pipeline
                      The WWW Opportunity

The Future web@york -

    Need for new approach -
    •   too big to do by ourselves.
    •   Leverage tools - publishing, authoring, application development.
    •   A web platform with personalization and utilities built in.
    •   Partnership opportunities abound.
    •   E-commerce potential.
    •   Coordinated approach
…first steps

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