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									   ALPS LAKES, TRAILS

Caribou Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.                                                                              PETE ULRICH | petesphotos.com

Multitude of alpine lakes await exploring
Trinity Journal staff                          623-2121 for the latest information or visit              rainbow trout, 12 inches and more.
   The many natural lakes in the Trinity       this Web site: www.fs.usda.gov/stnf.                          2) LOIS LAKE (7,650 ft.) 2.5 acres, 40 ft. depth.
Alps provide a cool and beautiful destina-       Here is a list of Alps lakes, organized                 From Grizzly Meadows, lake is reached after a
tion for hikers and horseback riders using     by trailhead. The numbers correspond to                   stiff two-hour climb up the chimney on south side
trails in the Alps.                            those on the map on page 61.                              of Grizzly Meadows. Few anglers fish this. Brook
   Some of the lake trails are short, while                                                              trout. No campsites available at this small lake.
others are an all-day (or all-weekend) ex-        North Fork of Trinity Trailhead                            3) PAPOOSE LAKE (6,600 ft.) 28 acres, 70 ft.
perience. Visitors are rewarded along the         1) GRIZZLY LAKE (7,100 ft.) 42 acres, 173 ft.          depth. From Hobo Gulch Campground it is about
way with stunning views of granite pin-        depth. Turn right off Highway 299W at Helena, fol-        14 miles up the North Fork and Rattlesnake Creek
nacles and deep crevasses that resemble        low East Fork Road for four miles, turn left on for-      trails to lake. Last mile very overgrown, rocky and
the Swiss Alps, wildlife and wildflower         est road 34N074, driving 12 miles to Hobo Gulch.          steep.
sightings.                                     Beautiful 19-mile hike or ride from Hobo Gulch to
   To ensure a good experience in the Alps,    Grizzly Meadows through virgin stands of Doug-               Canyon Creek Trail
hikers are advised to call the Forest Ser-     las fir and ponderosa pine. Historic Jorstad Cabin            4) BOULDER CREEK LAKES (5,750 ft.) 5
vice to make sure that the dirt access roads   along the trail 8 miles from trailhead. Trail winds       acres, 17 ft. depth. Turn off Hwy 299W at Junction
to trailheads are open and to get more de-     on through granite into Grizzly Meadows, where            City, follow Canyon Creek road 12 miles to Can-
tailed directions. Many of the wilderness      there is a magnificent view of Thompson Peak               yon Creek trailhead. Follow Canyon Creek trail 5.5
trails have minimal signage. Visitors tak-     (over 9,000 ft. high) with a waterfall at its base that   miles to Boulder Creek, then two miles up Boulder
ing cross-country routes are expected to       drops 70 feet from the lip of Grizzly Lake. Mead-         Creek trail to meadow at base of cliff below lake.
carry a map and compass.                       ows can also be reached from the South Fork of            From north side of meadow a trail goes through
   A free permit from the Forest Service is    the Salmon River about 9 miles via the Hunters            dense brush to lake. Stocked with rainbows.
required to enter the Trinity Alps Wilder-     Camp Trail. From the meadows it is about 45 min-             5) CANYON CREEK LAKES
ness Area. Call the Forest Service at 530-     utes of rock climbing to reach the lake. Produces            LOWER CANYON CREEK LAKE (5,600 ft.)
                                                                                                  Trinity County Recreation Guide 2012  Page 61

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