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March 2008 ACARP Workshop


									 Research Update
 Automated Bolting
and Meshing Project
Project Outline

 Summary of the Project
•    This project aims to help contribute to ACARP and the Australian’s
     underground coal industry’s CM2010 initiative in achieving production rates
     from a continuous miner of at least 10 metres per operating hour and 20 hours
     per day utilisation by 2010.

•    We aim to do this by developing a system integrated into a continuous miner
     platform that will fully automate the process of self loading and installing:

       1. rib and roof SDB bolts, and associated plates, washers etc.,
       2. steel roof and rib mesh or other alternative roof confinement material,
       3. materials handling systems needed to efficiently supply consumables at
          the expected rates of use.


      Direct Industry                     ACARP Funded
    Funded Pilot Study                    Project C17018

      2007 / 08          2008                  2009                      2010
Project Outcomes

 The expected major benefits of this project will be:
   •   an overall decrease in roof and rib support installation cycle times that will directly
       increase roadway development production rates;

   •   the reduced exposure of personnel to unsupported roof, dust, noise, water, moving
       equipment and outburst conditions.
        –   For LTI frequency of hand/finger injuries by employer activity, roof/rib bolting had the
            highest incidence at 26% followed by materials handling at 16%. For injuries causing
            death, there have been 107 fatalities for NSW coal mine in the past 25 years with 61%
            occurring at the development face and 57% related to rock falls;

   •   reduced manual handling injuries by improving the logistics and storage method for
       the loading and transportation of roof support consumables to and then within the
       development area and finally onto a continuous miner.

   •   the removal of remedial and repetitive manual tasks that allows for better utilisation
       of mine operators elsewhere in the production process.
Project Outcomes
To date:
    •   Preliminary study (Aug 07 – March 08) to identify technical risk, likely hood of
        success and to formulate preliminary concepts for industry consideration.
                                                                                   Miners        Strata
              Colliery         Company            Location           Entry
                                                                                  Observed      Condition
            Dendrobium         BHP Billiton    Mt Kembla, NSW       highwall       ABM20         moderate
             West Cliff        BHP Billiton      Appin, NSW         trolley car   12CM30
                                                                                                 with gas
                                                                                              moderate with
             Appin West        BHP Billiton   Douglas Park, NSW    shaft & cage   12CM12
                                                                                              very high gas
               Beltana           XStrata      Hunter Valley, NSW    highwall      12CM12        very good

               Austar            Yancoal       Cessnock, NSW        trolley car                  very poor

            Angus Place         Centennial      Lithgow, NSW        trolley car   12CM30           poor

             Springvale         Centennial      Lithgow, NSW           drift      12CM30           poor
               Crinum             BMA            Emerald, QL        highwall                    very good
                               Anglo Coal
              Grasstree                        Middlemount, QL     shaft & cage   12CM32     good to very good
           North Goonyella       Peabody      Nth Goonyella, QL        drift                       good
        Northern Underground     XStrata        Newlands, QL        highwall      12CM12        very good
Major Observations

 • Although roadway development when simply broken down is “cut, bolt, convey”, there is
   an amazing amount of variance in the process that makes it difficult to automate.

                           Physical Variance
              • Geotechnical conditions      • Machinery preferences

              • Bolt pattern density         • Cutting cycles

              • Seam height                  • Logistics

                           Intangible Variance
                             • Work force culture

                             • Management standards

            “variation is Automation’s worst enemy”
Can Lean Automation be the solution for bolt
and mesh handling?
Lean Automation

 •   In general terms, Lean Automation is an alternative to rigid and inflexible
     dedicated automation machinery with light weight multipurpose
     reconfigurable flexible robotics.

 •   This flexibility allows them to be used for multipurpose operations (like bolt,
     plate, washer and mesh handling) by using multitasking end effectors.
Managing Variance in Automation

  •   Difficult to make a ‘one-fits-all’ automation device that will load bolts, plates,
      washers and mesh.

  •   Lean Automation provides the needed flexibility at minimal capital costs,
      while maintaining the typical automation benefits of increased control and

  •   Also allows for easy reconfiguration for various CM machine layouts and
      different mine roadway dimensions.

      Reprogrammable manipulators                            Intelligent sensing
Managing Variance in Automation
Managing Variance in Automation
Industrial Manipulators

                                                          Multifunctional end effector

Mesh dispensing unit

                                                              Two cooperating robots with
                                                              additional linear motion
                          Bolt, nut and plate presenter
Mesh Handling
Mesh Handling
Delmia V5.
Future Automation Tools

                          Logic control integration

                          3D CAD integration
                          Computer Aided Three
                          Dimensional Interactive

             V5.          Application (CATIA)

                          Abaqus suite of FEA
                          and CFD

                          Product Lifecycle
                          Management (PLM)

                          Digital manufacturing
                          and robot interfacing
RD Simulation
RD Process
RD Simulation

CSIRO Mine Mapping
Where to from here

  Year one
     • Determine how the SDB will be combined onto a continuous miner.
     • Building a prototype materials supply delivery system for bolts, plates,
        washers etc. in the laboratory and demonstrating the automatic
        loading of SDB into mock up drilling rigs.

  Year two
     • Building a prototype materials supply delivery system for mesh and
        demonstrating the automatic placement of the mesh into a fixing
     • Interact the bolt and mesh cycles together for fully automatic cycle.
     • Design and simulate various configurations to suit the variation
        outlined earlier.
     • Determine and design a material supply chain to the machine at the
        expected tonnage rates.

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