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Etiquette of Interviewing

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					Resume Review &
Etiquette of Interviewing
     OAPA Student Professional
     Development Conference

     Saturday, February 19, 2011

     Jay Peterson MSBS, PA-C
1st PA Job Search
Start ~ 3 - 4 months prior to graduation
  – Clinical Rotations
  – PA Program
  – AAPA
  – State Chapter – OAPA
  – PA Journals
  – Specialty PA Organizations
  – General Job Sites
  – Hospital Systems
  – Word-of-mouth
Narrow the Focus

Ideas to Narrow Focus
  – Specialty(ies)
  – Location
  – Hours/Schedule
  – Practice Setting
  – Others
Be Smart & Selective !
The Resume

Alter Resume for each Job
 1st Impression
  – Letter of Interest / Cover Letter
  – Accentuate attributes
  – References
Send Resume
  – Check proper format
  – Wait…verify receipt
Be Patient !
Resume Examples

   Many different styles

   Proof Read !
   Proof Read !
Pre-Interview Preparation
Get more information about the Practice
    – Online
    – Any connections
When Contacted:
 Professional, Friendly & Interested
    – 1st Personal Impression
   Get Practice Contact
    – Name, position, phone, email
Pre-Interview Preparation
Determine Job Details:
   Supervising Physician
   Current & Prior PA History
   Established vs. New Position
   Established vs. New Practice
   Other Clinicians & Staff
Pre-Interview Preparation
Interview Setting
 Phone vs. In-person

 Interview Format
  – Length of interview
  – Names, titles, & pronunciation
  – Location of interview
  – Other elements
     Meal involved
     Observation of practice
The Interview Itself
 PA Program Interview

 Dating / Marriage

   Arrive Early
   Be Yourself
   They are also interviewing for you !
Interview Appearance

Appear Clean
Exude Confidence
1st Face-to-Face Impression

Yes, you are being evaluated on…….
Interview Appearance
 Well kept, groomed

 Clean shaven

 Suit

 Preferably conservative dark-colored
  – Not a bar or wedding reception
Interview Appearance

 Simple, single color long-sleeve

 Button-up shirt

But I want to add some Flair !
 Men = tie

 Women = scarf/accent
Interview Appearance
Socks & Shoes
 Clean

 Men = Matching

 Women = Low or no heel

 Minimal scent

 Minimal jewelry

 Minimal self-expression
Interview Demeanor
Carry Yourself Well
   Confidence
    – Sit upright
    – Eye contact
   Control anxiety / nerves
    – Deep, slow breaths
You are happy to be there!
Interview Demeanor

   Shake Hands
   Speak slowly and loudly
    – Don’t be timid
    – Use your vocabulary

    Relax and think things through
    – Don’t be in a Hurry!
Interview Questions

Be Prepared for the Common Ones:
   Why do you want this PA job?
   What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?
   What would others say about you?
   Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 yrs.?
   What are your interests outside of work?
Things to Find Out

What is the General Schedule?
  – Each day of the week, staffing, etc.
  – Hours of work
  – Patient demographics
How Long is the Orientation?
Previous PA history
  – Employment
  – Responsibilities
Things to Find Out

Who is the Practice Supervisor?
Are the Physician(s) and PA(s) interested
 in teaching you?
Is other Teaching Occurring?
  – Residents, Students, etc.
Need to Know
Salary Range
  – Including payment structure
Production/Bonus Structure
Call Schedule
  – What type, how often, reimbursement?
Health, Dental, Life Insurance
Review Periods & Process
Liability Insurance
Need to Know
Retirement Program Details
Sick Time, Vacation
CME Allotment
  – Amount of money, time off
Business Expenses
  – Cell phone, pager, PDA, etc.
Professional Dues, DEA, Licensure, etc.
Termination/Leave Policy
Things that Can’t be Asked

   Marital Status
   Family Status
    – Pregnancy, Children, Exact Living Situation

   Religious Beliefs
   Sexual Orientation
   Race / Ethnicity
Anything Else

If Interested in the Position:
   Contract

   Employee Rules & Regulations

   Job Shadowing

   Speak with other Employees
Don’t Forget
   Be Yourself
   Specific attributes about yourself
    – May or may not be on resume
   Why you should be hired
    – Toot your own horn!
   Any connection to the area/specialty
    – Friends, family, life experiences, etc.
   Ask Questions
Job Decisions

   Expect Multiple Opportunities

   Look at the BIG PICTURE
    – Salary is not the only thing!

   American Academy of Physician Assistants
   Ballweg, R., et al. Physician Assistant A
    Guide to Clinical Practice. (2008) 4th Edition,
    pages 663-674.
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