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Enter your data in column C. Hover over cells
for help.
Column D will show the results ( number or
federation servers recommended ).
                                                1. Estimate peak load on system:
                                                   During the peak system usage period, I expect this
                                                             percentage of my users to authenticate:
                                                                 within the following period of time:

                                                2. Enter information about applications:
                                                Enter estimated number of internal applications (such
                                                    as SharePoint (2007 or 2010) or claims aware web
                                                 Enter estimated number of online applications (such
                                                  as Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or
                                                                                         Lync Online)

                                                3. Enter user counts by type:

                                                User type
                                                Internal users (AD users authenticating with Windows
                                                                            integrated authentication)

                                                      External users (AD users from your organization
                                                 authenticating with username and password through
                                                      a proxy hosted in a DMZ or perimeter network)
                                                                    with home realm discovery? (y/n)

                                                Users from partner organizations (accessing federated
                                                            applications hosted by your organization)
                                                                    with home realm discovery? (y/n)
                                                             Users from a SAML 2.0 identity provider
                                                  Active Directory users authenticating to a SAML 2.0
                                                                                         relying party
                                                      Total number of federation servers recommended:

                                                For sizing advanced scenarios, see raw data throughput values on t
              60%                       0.60
             1 hour                    3600


               0                          2

                    Number of Federation
          Number of Servers
          Users     Recommended          Example Scenario
                                            AD FS will allow my AD users to authenticate to
                      0                0.00 SharePoint (2007 or 2010), custom (WIF based)
                                            web applications, or Office 365

               y                       0.00
                                               AD FS will allow my partners to authenticate to
                                               SharePoint (2007 or 2010) or custom (WIF
                                               based) web applications hosted by my
               y                       0.00
                                               AD FS will provide interoperability with a
                                               federation product or application that uses the
                                               SAML 2.0 protocol
                      0                0.00
vers recommended:                      0.00

 throughput values on the next sheet
Raw data (throughput in req/s, used in calculations)
                                        Home Realm Discovery     168
                                   WSFederation Forms proxy       71
                                          WSFederation Forms     147
                                       WSFederation Windows      192
                                            SamlP Forms proxy    121
                                                   SamlP Forms   120
                             SamlP Windows (Query) Request       133
                           SamlP Artifact Service + Resolution   130
              WSTrust2005 Username/Password Mixed proxy          242
                                   WSTrust13 Kerberos Mixed      600
                            WSTrust2005 Windows Transport        658
                           WSFederation Federation Provider      227
            WSTrust13 Issued Token Mixed Symmetric SHA256        507

WSFederation Forms (behind proxy)                                 71
WSFederation Federation provider (behind proxy)                  157
How to use the spreadsheet
To use the AD FS 2.0 Capacity Planning Sizing Spreadsheet:
1.   Download and then open the spreadsheet, go to the "ADFS Calculator" tab.

2. In the cells under the label Estimate Peak Load on System, you will enter
characteristics of what you expect the peak load on your AD FS deployment to be. First,
click the cell labeled "During the peak system usage period, I expect this percentage of my
users to authenticate:" and select a percentage of users you would expect to login during a
"peak" timeframe. Next, in the cell labeled "within the following period of time:" select a
duration for that timeframe. For example, you may estimate that 40% of your users will
login within 15 minutes, or that 60% will login within 1 hour. This defines the peak load
profile for which your sizing recommendation will be calculated.

3. In the cells beneath the label Enter information about applications, you will enter the
number of applications for which you expect to provide federated authentication via AD
FS. First, enter the number of applications internal to your organization in numeric form,
for example 1 or 5. Then, enter the number of online (software as a service) applications in
numeric form. For example, if you plan to use SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync Online,
enter 3.

4. In the Number of Users column, type a number on each row that applies to the type
of user and access method. This column should contain the number of defined users, not
the peak users per second. If access attempts made to the application must first go
through the home realm discovery page, type Y. If you are unsure of this selection, type Y.

Result: The total number of recommended federation servers will appear in the lower
right cell. The number of servers required for each scenario will appear at the far right on
the corresponding row.

Configuration environment used during AD FS 2.0 testing
The number of federation servers that this spreadsheet will
recommend is based on the hardware and network specifications
that the AD FS product team used during testing. The team used the
following computer hardware, software and network configuration
to gather performance and scalability data in tests of the federation
            Dual Quad Core 2.27GHz (8 cores)
            16GB RAM **
            Windows Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Edition
         Gigabit Network
The product team used the following configuration to gather performance and scalability data for the federation server proxy
         Quad Core 2.24GHz (4 cores)
         4GB RAM
         Windows Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Edition
         Gigabit Network

Capacity recommendations for AD FS 2.0 servers can vary considerably, depending on the
specifications you choose for the hardware and network configuration used in a given
environment. As a point of reference, the sizing guidance provided in this content is based
on a utilization target of 80% on the computers specified above.

** Memory and disk space requirements for federation servers are modest, and they are
not likely to be a driving factor in hardware decisions. The estimates contained in the AD
FS capacity planning sizing spreadsheet can be used to estimate the recommended
number of federation servers with more moderate memory specifications, such as 4 GB.
ata for the federation server proxy.

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