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									                                 BRITISH COLUMBIA AVIATION COUNCIL
                                                     2009 NOMINATIONS FOR
                                               COMMERCIAL PILOT - FLIGHT TRAINING
                                            AL MICHAUD MEMORIAL BURSARY – $1,000.00
                                                                  (TWO TO BE AWARDED—ONLY ONE NOMINATION PER STUDENT MAY BE SUBMITTED)

I, ___________________________________, ____________________________, ____________________________________________
            (Name)                     (Title)                         (BCAC *Member Company or Organization)

_____________________________________________________, ______________________________, _________________________
     (Address)                                        (City)                            (Postal Code)

_________________________________, _____________________________, _____________________________________________
    (Telephone)                           (Fax)                            (Email)

Hereby submit the following nomination for a 2009 Bursary:

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________ Tel No:__________________________________

School: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Note: Nominator must attach a detailed narrative summary of the achievements and qualifications of the nominee for the award
(200 – 400 words). Provide as much information as you can so the selection committee is better able to render its final decision. The better
your presentation the better opportunity your nominee will have.

Basic Nominating Criteria:
          High academic standing? Mark(s) including PPL ___________(Include mark transcripts – copy ok)
Include remarks on the following items in an attached narrative:
          Superior flying skills.
          Excellence in airmanship.
          Actively engaged in commercial pilot training.
          Needs financial assistance to continue training.
          Has demonstrated a commitment to continue with commercial pilot training to obtain license.
Note: A supporting narrative from the student nominee indicating her/his responses to these criteria would be appreciated.

Note: Bursary to be paid to the Bursary Recipient.

Signature of nominating member: ______________________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Note: Nomination should be returned to the BCAC office by September 18, 2009. *Only persons or organizations that are members of the BC
Aviation Council may submit a nomination; the nominee must also be a BCAC member.

Return nomination form by September 18 via email, fax or mail to:

                     BC AVIATION COUNCIL, c/o Abbotsford Airshow, Unit 4, 1276 Tower St., Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H5
                      Tel: 604-278-9330; Fax: 604-278-8210;;

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