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                                      Lavour Lewis
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  Overcoming Objections

We will be covering some objections that you
may come across when promoting JustBeenPaid!

Learning how to overcome these objections can
help save you from losing an interested prospect.
     I don't have any money

No problem because it's FREE to join.

Plus, JustBeenPaid will actually give you
$10 to help you get started.
I don't know anybody to promote
          the business to

 That's OK because you are not required
 to sponsor or recruit anyone in order to
 get paid.
 I don't want to sell anything

Me neither, that's why I love
JustBeenPaid because you are not
required to sell anything in order to get
I don't feel comfortable giving up all of
             my information

 I completely understand, but all that is
 required to be a member of JustBeenPaid is
 your full name and email address. That's it!
I don't have any time to work the

Well then you'll be happy to know that it
literally takes less than 5 minutes per day to
work the business.
Matter of fact, even if you don't login all day
you can still earn money with JustBeenPaid.
      I don't have a computer

That's fine, does your cell phone have internet
access? If they say yes, then tell them that they
can work their JustBeenPaid business right
through their cell phone. If they say no, then
tell them that you know of people who go to
the library to use the computers for FREE to
work their JustBeenPaid business.
How old do you have to be to join

There is no age limit for being a member of
JustBeenPaid, but in order to access your
money you will have to setup an account with a
payment processor or money exchanger.
Most payment processors and exchangers
require you to be at least 18 years old.
However, if you are between the ages of 13-17
years old you can open an account with
SolidTrust Pay having limited access.
 Is the company a ponzi scheme?

No, even though JustBeenPaid has similar traits
to other HYIP's (High Yield Investment Program)
due to the 2 umbrella programs (JSS Traffic
Exchange & JSS Tripler) along with the Restart
Feature it allows JustBeenPaid to be Indefinitely
What is the legitimacy of the company?

  JustBeenPaid has a US patent for all of their
  programs. Their products are E-Books that focus
  on Success Training. There are many reviews
  and testimonials from members who have
  claimed that they have been paid by
  Can I only work the business in
         certain locations?

Well you don't have to worry about that
because JustBeenPaid is an international
company with worldwide access so as long as
you can get online, you can work the business.

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