Copy of edutyping timed writings newbies

					                                            Eileen Murray

Edutyping Timed Writings
Description                Accuracy   WPM

1 min Twitter Facts

1 min homerow
1 min Lessons 1-5
1 min Lessons 6-9                                          Directions:
1 min Lessons 10-13                         1. Put your name in By line Row 2
1 min Lessons 14-17                         2. Insert current date in row 3
1 min Lessons 18-22                         3. center & merge rows 1 -3
1 min Twitter Facts                         4. Change rows 1 -3 to font size 18
Change                                      5. Change rows 1-3 to font calibri
                                            6. Change rows 1-3 to bold; something other than black
                                            7. Change rows 1-3 to your favorite font color
                                            8. Change row 4 to center, bold, black, font size 14, calibri, italicize
                                            9. Go to Edutyping Timed Writings; Unit 1P partials and record data on chart
                                            9. Select all data including column headings & row headings and chart
                                            10. Use bar chart (2-D) first one, resize it so that it is smaller & move it below the data
                                            11. Choose bar chart colors that you like; under "format" tab
                                            12. Change; calculate difference between 1st timing accuracy & highest one achieved
                                            13. Change; calculate difference between 1st timing wpm & highest one achieved
                                            14. Bold the "change" row
                                            15. Insert header & type your name in center
                                            16. Ensure chart is moved beneath your data
                                            17. Underneath the chart, please insert a couple of sentences about your progress
                                                        this tri. Explain why/why not you have/have not improved.
                                            18. Select all and ensure print set ; Do not select directions to print
                                            19. Ensure that print preview includes horizontal & vertical center, fit to 1 page, portrait
                                            20. Print to keyboarding lab printer 4250/4100
                                            21. Hand in your printed page

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