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									       The Last Emperor
       Puyi of the Qing Dynasty

Sun Yatsen

The Republic of

 Reality: rule by
  War Lords
  Sun Yatsen
and Jiang Jieshu

Leaders of the

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Early Years of Republic

  May 4 Movement (1917): student-led;
        frustration with Japan;
    disappointment with Versailles

 Guomindang works closely with USSR
 Jiang Jieshi
Chiang Kai-shek
          Civil War between
     Nationalists and Communists

 In addition, the Japanese are making
           inroads into China
The Long March 1934-35
Late 1930’s - 1945: A
  Common Enemy:
Mao and Jiang Jieshi
     “join forces”

  Communists (CCP)
happy to let Nationalists
   do the real fighting
Supreme Leader: 1949
Nationalists are left with Taiwan
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 The Great Leap Forward: 1958

  In the end: up to 38 million died of
       starvation and relocation

“Production first: Life takes second place.”
Mao on the Great Leap Forward:

      On peasants: “Educate peasants to eat
          less, and have more thin gruel.”

 On the 38 million deaths: “Deaths have benefits. They can
  fertilize the ground.” (or) We are prepared to sacrifice 300
 million Chinese for the victory of the world revolution. Don’t
 make a fuss (over this). At most - people die’s best if half
                      the population is left.”
       On loyalty:

“My farts are socialist farts, they have
           to be fragrant.”
Out with the Old: “Growing flowers is a hangover from the
old society, a pastime for the scholar class, bourgeois class,
 and other layabouts. We must change it now. Get rid of
                      most gardeners.”

  Anti-Intellectual: “The more books you
read, the more stupid you become. Reading
            too much ruins you.”
The Cultural Revolution 1966-1976

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             “Poisonous Weeds”:
            Opera        dance
      Really, really bad: any
            Theater     cinema
         kind of westernStory telling
              Folk Art
    all music, except songs praising CCP and
    traditional architecture
The Red Guard
Humiliation to all “opponents”.
          Or: death
Mao and Nixon
Mao: to this day - a much beloved figure in

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