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August 12, 2012 By Joseph Mai Leave a Comment (Edit)

Dear Warriors,

First let me start off by saying I am NOT an ‘Internet Marketer’. The system were about to learn
about was not developed for ‘Internet marketing or by an Internet marketer’. It was developed to
generate massive amounts of revenue in one of the hardest businesses in the world — the
financial industry.

6 months ago the company I had worked for since High School closed its doors. I was a
stockbroker and without bragging — I was a damn good one. The system you’re about to learn
was something I developed in my first year in the business.

Throughout my 9 years in the business, the only year I didn’t make 7 figures was my first. What
you are about to learn is the exact system that allowed me to generate that type of income.

                                     This is How I Did It

When my company closed, it was a scary time. Sure I had saved a lot of money and could live
for quite a long time without having to worry about money. But when you make that kind of
money and then it suddenly stops, you feel the need to replace it quickly. So that’s what I did.
I figured if the system I created worked so well in the stock business it would work well in any
niche. I also figured if it worked in the offline world, it would work online as well. Not only was
I right, but it actually worked better online!
When my company closed, the only ‘experience’ I had in the internet marketing world was
reading a few posts on the warrior forum here and there. That’s it.
On my first day as an official member of the 8.3% unemployed, I figured I’d just continue what I
was doing. I have to be honest, it didn’t go so well from the start. I had to tweak the system to
make it work, but once I did I saw instant results!

This is all done with…:

+ No Articles

+ No List Of My Own

+ No Websites

+ No Product Of My Own

+ No SEO + No YouTube

+ No WSOs

+ No Facebook

+ No Paid Traffic!

+ Any experience…

                              All you need is an hour or two per day!

That’s it! So the question is this -

    o   Are you going to continue to jump from Guru software to Guru Software?
    o   From Google Loophole To Article ‘Crusher’?
    o   From Facebook ‘Magic To Twitter ‘Formula’?
    o   From Hyped Up Pintrest System To ‘Secret’ Youtube Method?

With this system you will get:
     My Entire Plan – A To Z
     The Step By Step Process I Use To Create Massive Results Instantly
     My Templates And Email Scripts
     My Checklist Unlimited Technical Support
     And MORE!

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